Entry of 1959 - 7th/8th/9th October 2005

In conjunction with the centenary weekend of 7th/8th/9th October 2005, several of those who congregated at the foot of the granite steps in early Sept 1959 (and some who joined them later) met up beforehand. Photo

Friday 7th Oct - Cross Scythes in Totley

Those present included: Bill Bailey, Tony Heathcote, David Broughton, John Hempshall, Peter Kippax, Trev Laundy, Rowan Moorwood, Don Nicolson, John Pilling, Robert Platts, Richard Price, Philip Robinson, John Scholey, Christopher Vardey, Paul Willner, Peter Reed and Jim Mould (57-entry, known to many via scouts).

Saturday 8th Oct - Lunch at the Fat Cat in Kelham Island

Invitations were extended to those who had taken Science in 5th form. Those present included:

Dr Bernard Knowles, who taught us Physics for 4 consecutive years (and we all took Physics A-Level); Bill Manville, Chris Brown, Bill Bailey, Peter Freeman, Tony Heathcote, David Broughton, Don Nicolson, Robert Platts, John Scholey, Paul Willner, and Bill Bailey has provided a photo.

Dr Knowles was in excellent form and seemed delighted to meet us all after an interval of 40 years.

There were also several spouses, who demonstrated remarkable patience and forbearance in the midst of an unremitting barrage of reminiscences of events 40-odd years ago.

Both venues seemed ideal for the respective occasions, although a few hints on getting to the Fat Cat - surrounded by one way streets and devastation as a new arc for the inner ring road is being constructed - would have been welcomed.

In addition Howard Adams, Alistair Clark, Adrian Holden, Stephen Paramore, Richard Peterkin and Alan Morris were present at the school on the Saturday evening. Masters present included Arthur Jackson, Russell Sharrock, Keith Robinson (TKR), Arthur Jones (AGJ), 'Shorty' Burns (FDAB), Brian Lockett and Gordon Adam.

Bill Manville, Paul Willner, Philip Robinson, Patrick Burns and Don Nicolson also attended the OEA lunch on Sunday 9th.

Apologies came from Andrew Smith, Irving Smith, John Trythall, Alan Knox, Alan Rogers, Dave Barraclough, Tony Bramwell, John Everatt, Mark Fielding, Peter Groom and Paul Jeffries.

(And apologies from me for any omissions.)

Don Nicolson