Ted Wragg

Edward 'Ted' Conrad Wragg, educationist, KES 1949-1956, born June 26 1938; died November 10 2005

Teachers TV has made a programme entitled 'A Lesson to us all' about Ted Wragg (who made several programmes for them in the series 'Ted Wragg meets ...'), shown on 4 Feb at 21:30. See www.teachersmedia.co.uk, which also has online videos of 'Ted Wragg meets ...' These videos are also available via the TES.

There is a host of marvellous tributes to Ted Wragg on a webpage at Exeter University and also on a BBC page.

Ted in the Peace Gardens - 23rd Feb 53
Both photos courtesy of Chris Vere

Ted on the boating lake at Millhouses Park in
a hand pedalled boat -16th April 1953 at 4.45pm.