R V Townsend

Bob Townsend (1923-2006, KES 1935-1942)

Bob Townsend attended King Edward VII School, Sheffield, where he became Head Prefect in 1941-42.

He went on to Sheffield University but as war had broken out was called up and sent to work at Bletchley. Because of his aptitude for languages he was sent to the London School of Oriental Languages to learn to be a translator of Japanese. He was then transferred to Bletchley's operations in India, involved in the SE Asia Centre doing similar work to that of the codebreakers in Bucks.

After the war he became sub-editor of the Manchester Guardian and eventually moved into work in press and public relations, becoming Chief Public Relations Officer of Southern Region British Rail. He was also very much involved in the community as a parish councillor.

Katherine Townsend

Bob was also athletics captain at KES - for various mentions of him in the records see list.