Eric Wilfrid Sivil

E W Sivil, KES 1928-1936; died Jan 2006 aged 86

I visited Eric Sivil several times in 2005 in his flat off the bottom of Manchester Rd. He said that he had stopped attending the OEA dinners around 1997 as his hearing had deteriorated. He also had difficulty walking and had an impressive collection of medications on his coffee table. He lent me 6 large photos of sports teams (see below) and also his reports for 1927-36 (he described himself as 'very dull' as a scholar).

He gave me an account of dismantling a V2 rocket (for which he was awarded the GM - George Medal) which had fallen upon an orchard in Kent; and he showed me a small commemorative carving made by the locals from the wood of one of the fallen apple trees.

The magazines record him being Secretary of the OE's Football Club from Dec 38 (39 Canterbury Avenue, Sheffield) until war intervened; Secretary of the Old Edwardians' Association from July 1950 (at 142 Crimicar Lane) until Summer 1958 (by then at 67 Slayleigh Lane). He was replaced as Secretary by R P Earp at the end of 1959 whereupon he became OEA President for 3 years until the AGM of 3rd of May, 1963, when he stepped down to Vice-President and Stanley Credland (1923-28) became President.

8 years as Secretary is in itself a monumental contribution to the OEA, crowned by an immaculate membership list put together by Eric and his wife in 1956.

He also played cricket and football for the OEs throughout the 40s and 50s.

Don Nicolson, OEA Secretary 2004 - ?
Mentions in KES Magazines

Eric Sivil's Reports 1927-36