Leslie Youle

KES 1949-1956

My father Leslie Youle passed away earlier this year, aged 79. He often used to recall his sporting exploits at KES (pretty often actually!). I was really pleased to find the old Kesmags on line and to be able to show them to my father a couple of years ago. He annotated the paper copies carefully, full of praise for his old team mates. So thank you for that and those who posted them.

Looking back at the old school magazines it is clear he left a strong mark on the school's sporting life. From 1954 'Youle has shared the new ball with Milne. This was rather a gamble but with a startling 8 for 11 at Rotherham, he made his place secure' (Cricket First XI). He also played for the football First XI - 'YOULE (left half) Undoubtedly a very good footballer but inclined somewhat to hold the ball too long and wonder. If he could remedy this his play would become outstanding ...' My father strongly disagreed with this analysis, noting that 'not much individualism was allowed'!

He went on to Durham to study classics and then worked as a teacher.

Jeremy Youle (KES 1975-81), Sept 2017

Photos of Leslie at school