John Wrigley , KES Master 1964-67

From KES Magazine Autumn 1967


(Messrs. J. Wrigley, E. L. Vernon; Mrs. J. M. White;
Messrs. W. D. L. Scobie, T. Nuttall)

Mr. Wrigley joined us in September 1964, and has taught French and German. Apart from his work in the classroom, his genial and conversational presence will be especially missed by his colleagues in the staff-room, by members of the Christian Forum, and on the cricket field, where he acquired a certain reputation for unorthodoxy as a coach and umpire of the Second Xl. He found further scope for his energies in various organizing activities, notably the arrangements for visits under the "Yorkshire-Lille exchange" scheme and a profitable term of office as Treasurer of the School Magazine. For all these services we are duly grateful, and wish him every success in his new post in charge of Modern Languages at the Hulme Grammar School, Oldham.