John Warwick Buckler [KES 38-45]

Former head of medical sciences research department of Boots plc (b 1927; q Sheffield 1951), d 6 February 2001. After working in clinical medicine for seven years, he joined Boots as medical adviser in the research department. He rose through the ranks to head of medical sciences in 1970 and director of Boots International Ltd from 1977 to retirement in 1987. His highly successful team was involved in the development of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and their worldwide acceptance and licensing. He maintained his clinical interest as a clinical assistant in medicine at the City Hospital, Nottingham, a job he continued after retirement from Boots. Although passionate about his work he had many interests, enjoying cricket, walking in the hills, the history of canals and railways, Italian opera, and fine wine. He leaves a wife, Margaret, a doctor; three children, all doctors, all married within the profession; and five grandchildren. [David Buckler ]