David Anderson

D. Anderson, KES 1948-1955; Head of Economics at KES 1967-95;
died 11 Aug 2008
  1. Funeral arrangements and messages from OEs;
  2. David's 2 articles in "Tha'll never gerr in theer ..." : The Boy, and The Man;
  3. David at KES 1948-55.

David Anderson at KES 1948-55

David was a keen sportsman at KES, playing football and tennis for the first teams. He was a prefect and went on to Leicester University where he played for the 1st XI at football.

He was in 6MSII, in the prefects 54-55, Tennis First VI 1954/55, KES Soccer First XI 1954/55, KES Masters Soccer 1967/68, Staff Rugby Team 73/4, Centenary book launch (2005).

His first teaching post was at Henry Fanshawe School, Dronfield. He was appointed as Head of Economics at KES in 1967, to replace Trevor Nuttall (he also took over from TN as tennis coach, and bought his house). (Both Trevor Nuttall and David Anderson attended Paul Collier's lecture in 2006 and were captured on camera, as was Russell Sharrock.)