David Anderson

D. Anderson, KES 1948-1955; Head of Economics at KES 1967-95;
died 11 Aug 2008

It is with great sadness that I am writing to inform you of the passing away of my father and Old Edwardian David Anderson on 11th August 2008. Dad died after suffering from complications related to fibrosis of the lungs, a condition he had for some time but had not affected him to any great extent until recent months. Despite this, in his own inimitable style, it didn't stop him playing golf until less than two weeks before his passing. It has come as a shock to us all.

The funeral will be at Hutcliffe Wood Crematorium at 11.30am on Thursday August 21st. Family flowers only please. I would appreciate it very much you could distribute this information to all Old Edwardians who may have known my father.

Thank you

Richard Anderson (KES 1983-1989); 13 Aug 2008

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Email from Philip Hall

Sent: 15 August 2008 12:02
Subject: David Anderson

I am so sorry to hear of the death of David Anderson.

When I was invalided from the Diplomatic Service it was very much down to David that I was able to get back on my feet again so quickly as a teacher. He was an exceptionally supportive Head of Department from whom I learned a great deal about the profession, but much more than that he was a true friend. His encouragement helped me in my turn to become a Head of Department in Edinburgh in 1979. My last memory of him was when the two of us sang the old Latin school song as a duet on the occasion of Russell Sharrock's retirement party. David, with a typical sense of fun, wore a school cap retrieved from the grammar school era and belted out the words as though we were back in the old school assembly.

Qualis est qui cuique nostrum semper aemulandus est? Exemplum optimum ille David Anderson erat.

Please convey my condolences to his family.

Philip Hall (KES 1958-65 and teacher at KES 1975-9)

Email from Katherine Ferguson

Sent: 15 August 2008 09:36
To: Membership

Hi, I see from the web page that it is family flowers only for David Anderson's funeral. Do you know if the family have e.g. any charities that I could donate to in his memory? I have fond memories of Economics and Young Enterprise with him - please pass my best wishes to the family if you think they would appreciate them.

Thanks, Katherine Ferguson (KES 89-95)

Email from Simon Dyal

Sent: 15 August 2008 08:17
To: Membership

Good morning, I tried to find contact details for Richard Anderson to express my condolences and to say what a great teacher I thought his father was. It was in no small way what I learned in A level Economics which has resulted in me working for an investment bank for the last 17 years. Kind regards,

Simon G J Dyal, Managing Director, Morgan Stanley

Email from John Rawling

Sent: 15 August 2008 15:58
To: Webmaster

May I join those wishing to express their condolences to Dave's family.

He was an excellent teacher, and a genuinely amusing man who made economics lessons something to enjoy. His quick wit and banter helped keep us interested, and - in my case - get the grade necessary to continue to university.

Dave loved his sport and always seemed to enjoy a good laugh. Those of us who remember the flour bomb incident will recall access to the roof space above the stage was gained through his room. Is it too mischievous to suggest that he might have an inkling that something was afoot and that he chose to stay quiet? It would be vaguely in keeping with my memories of Dave to think that might have been the case.

To Dave's relatives, I wish to make a belated apology. I believe there may still have been a couple of essays outstanding from 1974 which, I have to confess, I have never completed.

John Rawling (ITV, Setanta Sports and The Guardian....... KES 1968-1974)

Email from Richard Crooks

Sent: 15 August 2008 21:49
To: membership

Really saddened to learn of the passing of Dave Anderson and my sincere condolences to all his family.

My memories of Dave are as an inspirational teacher, passionate about his subject, warm and engaging with his students. I learnt a lot from him - thirty years and more ago it may have been, no matter it seems like the proverbial yesterday listening and learning from him and always in the context of the practical environment, the world around us. He will be greatly missed.

Richard Crooks (KES 1967-74)

Email from Rachel Blackwell

Sent: 15 August 2008 21:28
To: Membership

Really sorry to hear of David Anderson's passing. He is definitely a teacher I have fond memories of. I did GCSE Economics (1994) with him and remember his exchange with a South Carolina teacher. The economics of a Mars bar was a highlight in our year.

Rachel Weir (née Blackwell) (KES 1990-96)

Email from Mark Hudson

Sent: 17 August 2008 13:46
To: membership

Greatly saddened to learn of the loss of David Anderson. Definitely a life well lived - how many people have been inspired by his teaching and high standards, as well as experiencing his generosity and good company.

He got me started on things I'm still enjoying, and I valued his friendship and many kindnesses for more than 35 years. Thanks for everything, David.

Mark Hudson KES 1965-72

Email from Ian Collins

Sent: 18 August 2008 12:10
To: membership

I am shocked to learn of DA's demise.

He was a splendid fellow and a credit to all OE's.

Regrettably I am out of town on Thursday and unable to attend but would appreciate my apologies being given.

Ian R Collins (1947-1952)

Email from Dr Bernard Knowles

Sent: 18 August 2008 19:21
To: Membership

I was so sorry to hear of the death of David Anderson. We overlapped briefly as teachers at KES but of course I met him frequently though the OEs and realised how much work he did for them.

I will not be able to attend his funeral but I would be grateful if you could add my name to the list of those wishing to send condolences to his family.

Bernard Knowles (Physics staff, 1960-68)

Email from Angus MacKay

Sent: 15 September 2008 21:05
To: webmaster

I have just read my e-mails and found out the sad news of Mr Anderson's passing. He was the greatest teacher I was ever taught by in all of my education and since. He gave me a love of economics and my best A-level grade. I will always remember Mr Anderson, stood at the front of the class talking and writing pages of Supply and demand graphs. He had a passion for teaching which I never saw in any other teacher I have ever met, he was a very special man, I will always have very deep respect for Mr Anderson. Rest in peace.

Please post this on the website and if possible pass onto his family.

Angus MacKay (1985-1991)