Kenneth Arnold (KES 1922-1931)

Ken Arnold (S K Arnold), who served as the Lord Mayor of Sheffield from 1973-74, passed away on 11th March 2011.

He was born on 10th June 1913 in Sheffield, and was coming up to his 98th birthday this year.

Ken was a very keen member of our association (SYCCA) and entertained us several times at the Manor in Greenhill.

He was a member of SYCC throughout its existence from 1973-86 and before that he was a long serving Alderman and Councillor on Sheffield City Council.

Ken attended King Edward VII School in the 1920s and was a well known solicitor in Sheffield.

During World War Two he served as a junior officer in the York and Lancs Regt. (South Yorkshire's own), eventually rising to the rank of Major in the Judge Advocate's Dept.

He was one of only two surviving S.C.C. Aldermen (the other being Jock Sturrock).

John Cornwell, 7 June 2011

There are a few mentions of Arnold in the magazines: the marriage of "S. K. ARNOLD (1922-1931) to Miss Mary Murray, of Sheffield" is recorded in the Dec 1939 magazine.