Prefects' Log 1943 - 1961

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This is a hand-written exercise book containing reports from Head Prefects and Treasurers on the incoming and outgoing funds from the Prefects' Fund, remarks upon the Prefects' Dance (usually held in December) and Prefects' Dinner (usually in July).

There has been a attempt, partially successful, to restrict the financial accounts to one end of the book (pages denoted by 1, 2, ...), and the literary contributions to the other (pages B1, B2, ...).

1937-44 Alterations to the Prefects' Room (1937-8, G D Bolsover; 1940-41; 1943-44)

1943-44 Accounts

1944-45 Accounts

1945-46 Accounts [EHW/IDBC]
1945-46 More Alterations to the Prefects' Room + Prefects' Dance [E H Webber]
July 1946 Prefects' Dinner [Ian D B Corner]

1946-47 Accounts

1947-48 Accounts

1948-49 Accounts

1949-50 Accounts [Norman Adsetts]

1950-51 Prefects' Dance [P K Fletcher]
1950-51 Accounts [PKF/MacBeth]

1951-52 Accounts [D A Charles]

1952-53 Accounts [I H Jones]

1953-54 Accounts [Ian A Mottershaw]
1953-54 Prefects' Dance + Prefects' Dinner [Ian A Mottershaw]

1954-55 [David Parfitt]

1955-56 [Nick Wellings]

1956-57 [John Ratcliffe]

1957-58 [M B Hill]

1958-59 [M B Hill/David Cartwright]

1959-60 [Michael Lodge]

1960-61 [Barrie Cheetham]

1961-62 Philip Hetherington, finding the Log Book already full, produced 2 copious reports (alluding to further reams of material): The First Half (26 Feb 1962) and The Prefects 1961-2 (24 Aug 62).