Staff of KES from 1905

(a) From 1905-1955

(b) From 1947-1968

The Staff, 1905-1955 [KES Magazine, Summer 55]

THE following are the names of the men and women who were members of the Staff for three or more years. Many long records will be noticed, and only considerations of space have necessitated the omission of several short-stayers, whose services (especially during the abnormal conditions of the war periods) will be none the less gratefully remembered by the particular generations of Edwardians whom they taught. The list does not include members still present on the Staff [in Summer 55].

J. H. HICHENS (H.M.) 1905-26 J. C. SCOTT 1908-14 D. GREEN 1918-34 N. P. JONES, Miss 1923-37
F. E. BROWN 1905-11 R. G. PROCTER 1908-21 F. E. JELLY 1918-34 A. J. STOREY 1924-28
B. CAUDWELL 1905-26 C. E. LUTLEY 1909-27 T. ELMER 1918-22 E. A. S. WHITE 1924-27
H. J. CHAYTOR 1905-08 H. L. WHITE 1909-15 J. J. H. CLAY 1918-43 J. ORTON 1925-28
G. F. FOSTER 1905-18 J. COSTELLO 1909-26 W. H. ELGAR 1918-37 L. BRADLEY 1925-28
J. H. HODGETTS 1905-25 J. S. NICHOLAS 1911-47 W. B. THOMPSON 1918-21 W. C. NORVILL 1925-30
R. JOHNSON 1905-23 J. B. D. GODFREY 1911-18 H. A. SCUTT 1918-47 W. H. SAVAGE 1926-40
Oswald H. Lace, b. 1876-77,
son of the vicar of Pill in Somerset
1905-17 A. M. DELL 1913-26 W. GRANGER 1918-29 C. A. G. WILLIAMS 1926-32
W. A. L. MEASE 1905-32 T. B. BARRON 1913-19 G. H. LANCASTER, Miss1919-22 S. W. WHITEHOUSE1926-31
F. T. SAVILLE 1905-40W. H. MAINPRIZE1914-20 J. HUNTER 1919-39 S. R. K. GURNER (H.M.)1926-27
H. V. S. SHORTER1905-34 A. PRIOR 1915-19 I. A. ROSE, Miss 1920-30 R. J. KING 1927-35
H. J. SNAPE 1905-11 J. B. LOCK 1915-19 F. J. CHAMBERS 1921-39 W. L. SUMNER 1927-30
A. THOMPSON 1906-36 H. A. ALLCOCK 1916-20 N. LEE 1921-44 R. B. GRAHAM (H.M.)1928-38
H. B. WATKINS 1906-34 S. T. LEWIS 1916-21 R. J. MARSH 1921-28 E. G. SIMM 1928-36
G. LLOYD DAVIES1907-26C. W. SWANN1917-23 D. W. DOBBIE 1921-24 A. H. RODGERS 1928-32
S. B. LUCAS 1907-18 J. E. LEWIS 1917-20 L. TURNER, Miss 1922-47 P. L. BAYLIS 1929-46
E. G. LANGDALE 1908-12 A. W. GASKIN 1917-46 H. E. WIGGLESWORTH1922-25 S. T. REYNER 1929-33
C. J. MAGRATH 1908-49 J. W. M. COPLEY, Miss1918-47 C. S. WRIGHT 1923-46 J. H. WHITFIELD 1930-36

R. G. EXTON 1930-36 H. BREARLEY 1937-46 E. PANETH, Miss 1941-44 E. C. CUMMING 1947-53
C. L. UNSWORTH 1930-38 J. H. ATKINS 1937-48 B. H. STEWARD, Miss1941-45 P. J. WALLIS 1947-53
H. S. SMITH 1932-38A. A. WATERHOUSE 1937-46 F. J. WILLIAMS, Miss1941-45 K. P. BARNETT 1948-52
K. S. MCKAY 1932-42 R. WARD 1937-45 S. C. PARKE, Miss 1942-46 W. O. CLARKE 1948-54
E. W. THOMAS 1933-39 C. S. AXON 1938-46 R. A. BOWMAN 1942-45 W. R. FRASER 1949-52
W. E. GLISTER 1933-37 D. C. G. SIBLEY 1938-44 M. BUCKATZSCH, Mrs.1942-45 J. R. WRIGHT 1950-54
G. N. G. SMITH 1933-46 E. WHITELEY 1938-47 M. E. C. BLACK, Mrs.1942-47 C. S. AUGER 1951-54
C. A. L. PRINS 1933-36A. W. BARTON (H.M.) 1939-50 E. M. SMITH, Mrs. 1942-46 M. F. W. LACK 1952-55
J. K. MICHELL 1933-37 B. C. HARVEY 1939-53 C. P. READ 1943-47 J. D. SMITH 1952-55
E. H. C. HICKOX 1934-42 H. G. LEE UFF 1939-47 E. M. KNIGHT, Miss1943-52   
P. F. TITCHMARSH1934-40 R. R.SANDFORD 1940-45 J. M. MANNERS, Miss1944-51   
E. D. TAPPE 1936-48 A. C. BAKER 1940-45 W. L. E. WOODAGE1945-51   
G. S. V. PETTER 1936-41 A. P. GRAHAM 1940-50 I. R. DAVIES 1945-48  
A. V. FLETCHER 1936-48 A. C. HORNER, Miss1941-46 V. J. WRIGLEY 1946-53  
W. F. WHEELER 1936-42 F. E. DAFT, Miss 1941-45 W. D. H. MOORE 1946-50  
G. J. CUMMING 1937-53 V. W. RICHARDS 1941-43 C. H. HARPER 1946-54  
H. A. BRADLEY 1937-46 A. ROSS 1941-45 H. J. S. WILSON 1946-49  
W. MOLES 1937-42 M. NOTT, Mrs. 1941-46 W. D. HARGREAVES1947-50   

The Staff, 1947-1968





* denotes info from

Adam, G. Y.
 Sept 59, from Bablake School, Coventry  
Adey L.
BA BirmSpring 50July 52 
Allen, J. C. LeedsSept 64  
Anderson, D.
BSc LondAut 67, from Henry Fanshawe School, Dronfield, to be HOD OE (48-55) First XI Soccer + Tennis Capt
Anderson, J. S.
  Jan 1962 from Wolverhampton G.S. July 1966, to be senior History master at Queen Mary’s Grammar School, Walsall 
Arculus, P. D.
B.Sc. (Nott) Sept 1954July 59, to Solihull School 
Arnold, H. W.    
Arthur, B. C.
MA OxonSept 1954July 59, to Dunstable G S 
Auger, C. S.B.Sc., BristolSept 51July 54, to Cheltenham College. 
Axford, M. T. J.
  Lent term 1964 Dec 1970, to join H.M. Inspectorate in Scotland 
Ayres, D. A.MA CantabSept 64  
Baker, C. H.
BA Leeds Sept 1963   
Baldwin, P.
 Sept 59, from Skinners' School, Tunbridge Wells July 1962 
Barnes, N. J.
MA Oxon Sept 1947, as Director of Music 1976 BARNES, Norman John: Born 29 March 1916, died April 2000 in Sheffield*; MBE 1977
Barnett, K. P.
MA OxonSept 48Easter 52; Classics Master at the Worcester Cathedral King's School 
Barton, Dr A. W.
headmaster [physics]
MA Cantab, PhD Lond 1938; previously head of Physics at Repton 1950, to become headmaster of the City of London School Guest of honour at Nov 1968 speech day
Baylis, P. L.L.R.C.M.1930, as Director of Music, from King’s School, Canterbury.1947, music lecturer at Eastbourne Emergency Training Collegeb. 1896, d. 1986
Birkinshaw, W.
B.Sc. (Leeds) Sept 1953 as senior Maths master, from Boteler Grammar School, Warrington, NLC's previous school Dec 1970 (retired)Walter Birkinshaw, born 8 March 1909, died Oct.-Dec. 1974 (Barnsley district)*
Blackshaw E. M.A. Cantab.Sept 46  
Booth, J. R. MA CantabSept 64  
 Easter 1960July 1960  
Bramhall, E. V.MA Cantab Sept 1947 as senior modern languages master   
Braunholtz, R. A.
MA Oxon
New College + LSE
Sept 1961 July 1968 
Bray, J. A.
Sheff Training Coll Summer 1956July 59 
Bridgwater, K.
Maths, physics, chem
BSc Edin Sept 1957 Dec 1966, for Churcher’s College, Petersfield 
Burke, D.
BA (LSE)Summer 1956 July 1961, for Dudley Training College 
Burns, F. D. A.
MA Oxon
Summer 1956 July 1962Now Dr Francis Burns
Burridge, J. B. A.
History and English.
B.A., B.Litt., Oxon (Keble) Jan 53Aut 57 as Senior History Master to Bradfield College 
C. H. HarperB.Sc., SheffSept 46  
Canning, B. R.  Summer 1967 July 1969, to be head of English at Wisewood high School 
Carter, S. V.
Maths, physics, chem
  1921 July 1958 (retired) appointed Second Master 1947
Chalmers, R. B.
MA Oxon
Summer 55, from Glasgow Academy July 1961, to be senior Classics master at Bromsgrove County High School 
Maths, Science
BSc(Sheff)Sept 65  
Chapman, K.
History, English
BA Lond Sept 1966   
Clapton, N. L.
headmaster [Maths]
MA Oxon
Nov 1, 1950, from Boteler Grammar School, Warrington Aug 31, 1965 (retired) Previously senior Maths master at Watford Grammar School and at Glasgow Academy, then headmaster of Boteler GS
Died Jan 24, 1967
Clarke, W. O.
MA OxonSept 48Aug 54, for Dudley GS, Worcs, as Senior Mathematics Master 
Claypole, G. H.
  1941 July 1958; senior English master Gerald H. Claypole was 67 when he died in January 1961 (Sheffield district)*
Cocker, G.
French & German
 Aut 67, from Lycee d'Etat, Ales  
Collins, D.
B.A. CantabSept 51July 56: appointed lecturer in Economics at Westminster College, London 
Cook, C. I. H.
BA Birm Sept 1963 July 1968, to be senior English master at Blandford School 
Cook, T. G.
  Summer 1955 as senior History master, from Wellingborough Grammar School Autumn 1965, to be lecturer in History at the Insitute of Education, Cambridge 
Cowan, G. H.
  Sept 1958 as senior Classics master, from Mercers' School, London July 1964, to be deputy head of Harrow County School 
Cumming, E. C.
MA OxonSept 47 d. 1st May 1953
Davies, W.
  Jan 1968   
Dickinson, B.
B.Sc. (Nott) Sept 1954Aut 57, for Loughborough College 
Dobson, H. B.
French, German
BA Leeds Sept 1966 from Hinde House Comprehensive School    
Duffin, W. J.MA CantabSept 48  
Earl, M. F. A.BSc(Sheff) Sept 1960 July 1968, to be head of Maths at Skipton Grammar School 
Edwards, B. H.Liverpool Sept 1960 July 1963 for Kesteven Training College 
Effron, G. H.
Classics, Mod Langs, Geog
 1917July 56; retired 
Fordham, J. S.
  Sept 1963 as head of Biology, from Bristol G.S. Dec 1966 for Yeovil School 
Fraser, W. R.
(Modern Languages)
M.A. GlasgowSept 49July 52, to New York to work for the Society of Friends. 
German, R. C.
  Sept 1958 July 1964, to be senior English master at March Grammar SchoolGERMAN, Richard Cedric: Born 5 September 1934, died November 1999 in Basingstoke*
Gibbs, B. G. H.
BA Cantab
Sept 53July 56, to Lowestoft Grammar School 
Grace, A.
Maths, physics, chemistry
MA Oxon Sept 1965  Pupil at KES, 1954–61
Biology (head)
  Dec 50 - to the Latymer Upper School, London 
Graham, R. B.
  1928 1938 - to be Head of Bradford Grammar Died 1957 (obituary in Spring 1957 magazine)
Richard B. Graham (former headmaster) was 63 when he died in February 1957 (Preston district)*
Green, E. J.
 Sept 1956; from the County Technical School, Romford  
  1926 1928 
Hall, W. C.
Physics (till 1962), then Chemistry
BSc Sheff Sept 1960 July 1964, for King Henry VIII School, Coventry 
Hargreaves Dr.   Dec 50 appointed Area Training Officer for the South Yorks and North Derbyshire Area of the British Iron and Steel Federation
Harrison, D. B.
  July 1947 1967 (died in service) Died Sept 24, 1967, after a brief illness.
Denys B. Harrison was 47 when he died in September 1967 (Sheffield district)*
Head, Dr J. J.
  Sept 1959, from Cheltenham College July 1963, as senior Biology masterLeft to join a large-scale research project on Science curricula sponsored by the Nuffield Foundation
Helliwell, C.
back from war service Sept 1945
1966 (died in service) Clarence Helliwell was 53 when he died in July 1966 (Basford district)*
Hemming, J. C.
   John Charles Hemming, born 8 September 1912, died October 1997, Bridlington*
Henry, D. V.
B.A. (Cantab.)Sept 53; Sixth Form Classical Master at Downside School, to be Senior Classical MasterAut 57, appointed Headmaster of Welwyn Garden City Grammar School 
Hersee, J. W.
MA OxonSept 1954July 59, for Clifton College 
Hetherington, P. S.MA Oxon
Jan 1955 July 1958, for Bedford Modern School 
Hichens, Dr J. H.
first headmaster [Chemistry]
MA Oxon 1905; From Wolverhampton G S 1926 (retired) Born 1859; died Sept 12, 1938 (obituary in Dec 1938 magazine)
Hillam, M. J.
economics, English
MA Nottm Sept  1966   
Holdford, D. R.
Biology, geology
BSc Sheff Sept 1966   
Hood, G.
M.A. OxonSept 49Dec 50 - to be Senior Classical Master at Ashby-de-la-Zouche Grammar School 
Ingham G.
B.Sc., LeedsMay 52Aut 57, to Trent College, Long Eaton 
Jackson, A.
Second Master [Maths]
  Sept 1958, from Mill Hill School   
Jameson, Dr G
  Jan 1959 July 1963, to be senior Classics master at Queen Mary’s School, Walsall 
Jinks, D. C.
  1959; returned Sept 1966 from Loughborough College of Technology July 1960 
Johnston, O. R.
 Sept 52, from Maidstone Grammar School Autumn 1963, for Dept of Education, Newcastle Univ. 
Jones, A. G.
MA Cantab
Spring 1960   
Kiely, J.
B.Sc., BristolSept 50Dec 51 - to be Second Mathematics Master at Wintringham Grammar School, Grimsby. 
Knight, Miss E. M.   July 52 
Knowles, Dr B.
BSc, PhD Sheffield Sept 1960 July 1969, to be deputy head of Batley Grammar School Born Aug 1933
Kopcke, E. L.MA Oxon Sept 1948 Spring 1959, to be senior Geography master at the Windsor School, Hamm (BAOR, Germany) 
Lack, M. F. W.
 Sept 52, from the Priory School, DunstableSpring 55; Geophysicist to the British Petroleum Company 
Langrish, J.BSc (Man)Oct 59 July 1961, for industry 
Layer, G.
Modern Languages
B.A., Leeds Aut 57, to Bramcote Hills Grammar School 
Lockett, J. B.
  Sept 1958   
Lunn, I. L.
MA Cantab
Sept 1962 from Barnsley Holgate Grammar SchoolJuly 65; senior mathematics master at King George V School, Southport Became Head at unspecified school
Mace, W. K.
BSc Sheffield Sept 1949 (Maths) Wilfred Kendrew Mace, born 2 February 1920, Hartlepool, died March 2004, Stockport.*
Mackay, G.
MA Cantab Spring 1951, as head of Science dept and senior chemistry master July 1966, to be lecturer in Dept of Education, Sheffield Univ. 
Magrath, Dr C. J. K. MA Oxon
19081949d. Feb 3rd, 1958
May, P. R.
English, History
BA ManSept 1954 July 1958, for Stockport Grammar School 
McKechnie, W. P.
MA Oxon Summer 1957, as senior Classics master from Ampleforth College July 1958, for Ratcliffe College, Leicester 
Moore, R. W.
B.A., Cantab.Sept 50July 52 - to take up a post as Biology Master at Devizes Grammar School, Wilts.Took over Mr. Graham's department of Biology
Moore, W. D. H.
M.A. Cantab.Sept 46July 1950 for City of London School(Followed Dr Barton)
Norman, M.
  Sept 1964 from South Grove Sec, Rotherham Autumn 1965, to be assistant lecturer in economics and government at Doncaster Technical College 
Nuttall, T.
BSc (Lond) Sept 1965, from Leeds G S, as head of economics dept July 1967, to be senior lecturer in economics at Chorley College of Education 
Oppenheimer, J.
MA Cantab Sept 1948, as senior German master July 1966, to be head of German Dept at Madeley College of Education, Madeley, Staffs School librarian from the opening of the new library in 1953 until spring 1966 (suceeded by Mr Scobie)
Paice, G. C.
chemistry, physics
BSc Sheff Sept 1966   
Phillips, J. G. O.
Leics Sept 1961 July 1964, to be head of dept at Alderman Newton’s School, Leicester 
Pickup, J. E. T.
MA Oxon
Sept 1963July 65; new post at Manchester G.S.  
Pipes, M. J.
MA Oxon
St Peter's Hall
Sept 59  
Points, P. D. C.
  Sept 1958, as senior English master, from Dover College July 1963, for Dover College; then Head of Pangbourne School; retd c1990. 
Prescott, R. W.
Classics, English
Manch Sept 1960 July 1964, to be head of Classics at Glossop Grammar Sschool 
Reaney, J. A.
BSc Lond
Sept 1962, from East Ham G.S.July 65; two-year teaching appointment in NigeriaOE (51-58)
Redston, H.
  1921 Retired May 1960, as senior physics master 
Reeves, C. A.
BA BristolSept 52Dec 54: appointment in the Royal Army Education Corps.  
Reid, I. L.
Chemistry & Physics
BSc SheffAut 67  
Rhodes, D.
MA Cantab
St Caths
Sept 1959 July 1964, to be senior Geography master at Bridlington School 
Ritchie, Mrs. A. M.
 Aut 67, P/T  
Robinson, T. K.
  Sept 1954July 65; Jordanhill College of Education, Glasgow, as Lecturer in Social Studies 
Scobie, W. D. L.
MA Oxon
Sept 1962, from the Civil Service July 1967, to be lecturer in liberal studies at Liverpool Regional College of Art School librarian from spring 1966, succeeding Mr Oppenheimer
Sharpe, J. M.
MA Oxon Sept 1966 July 1970 or 1971, to join Cambridge Examinations Board 
Sharrock, R.
headmaster [Maths]
MSc Lond Jan 1966, after 3 years as deputy head of Malory School, Bromley   
Shaw, S. W.
 Sept 1954, from Loughborough CollegeJuly 56; to Sowerby Bridge Grammar School 
Shaw, V. H. C.
BSc BirmSummer 55, from Eckington G SAut 57; for Westfield Comprehensive School, Mosborough 
Shore, R.
BSc Liv Summer 1957July 59 
Shreeve, C. A.
art (temporary post)
Sheff Coll of A Jan 1966 Dec 1966 for Firth Park Grammar School 
Silver, C. E.
 Sept 52, from St. George's School, HarpendenAug 54, as Senior Classics Master to Rye Grammar School 
Sinclair, J.
M.A. Oxon.Sept 51 Easter 1969, for Loughborough Technical College 
Slattery, L. J.
French, Geography
  Sept 1956; from Eckington Grammar School July 1966, to be assistant lecturer in French & General studies at Richmond Technical College, Sheffield 
Smith, J. D.
MA Oxon
Sept 52Spring 55; Senior Classical Master at March Grammar School, Lincolnshire (?). 
Stittle, R. F.
  Jan 1966 to be head of History, from Ashford Grammar School   
Styring, E. E.
BA Nottm Jan 1966 July 1966, for industryOE: 55-62
Summers, R. A.
 Sept 52, from Longton High School, Stoke-on-Trent July 56: Sheldon Heath Comprehensive School, Birmingham 
Surguy, A. W.
D.L.C. Sept 1951, to establish handicraft on a full-time basis July 1966, to do research into the teaching of practical subjects at the Institute of Education, Nottingham Univ. Became head of dept in 1954 when a second teacher of handicraft was appointed
 Sept 64 from Nottingham High School July 1966, as head of Classics, to become deputy head of Bishop Wordsworth Grammar School, Salisbury 
Taylor, G. W.
Maths/ Physics
B.Sc. (Lond)Sept 54 from University College, Hull July 1960 
Thompson, J. E.
Modern Languages
BA Liv Summer 1957   
Towers, R. N.
MA Oxon Sept 1946  Born 20 May 1914, died in November 1997 (Mid-Devon)*
Turberfield, A. F.
MA OxonSept 1954 July 1958, for Birkenhead School 
Turner,  P. M.
  Easter 1959 as a stand-in for Mr KopckeJuly 59 
Twyford, H. T. R.
French, Maths (from 1947: see Note)
  1935, to take Junior School games, PT, and General subjects Dec 1965 (retired) war service, 1939–45; Jan 1946 to July 1947, headmaster of Junior School until it closed
Vernon, E. L.
MSc Lond 63 Sept 1944, from Batley Grammar School July 1967 (retired) head of chemistry 66/7; went to a part-time post as supervisor in the Dept of Education, Sheffield Univ Born 18 October 1903, died in August 1992 (Sheffield)*
Vickerman, R.
French and English
BA NottmAut 67  
Vout, V. A.
BA Hull Summer 1956 July 1963, to enter Ripon Hall Theological College 
Wallis, P. J.
MA CantabSept 47, as Senior Maths MasterSept 53, to be head of Dronfield Grammar School 
MA (Oxon)Sept 65  
Wastnedge, E. R.
Science (Biology)
 Sept 52 - from Ermysted's G S, Skipton July 1959, for a post at Kesteven Training College 
Watling, E. F.
MA (Oxon) Sept 1924 July 1960 Born Oct 8 1899; died Sept 6, 1990; noted translator of  Greek Classics & amateur drama enthusiast
Watson-Liddell, P. J.
  Sept 1958 Spring 1960; appointed Headmaster of the Army Children's Secondary School at Episkopi, Cyprus. an OE
White, Mrs J. M.
BA Durh Sept 1966, from Sherwood Hall Girls’ Technical-Grammar School, Mansfield July 1967 
Wightman, W. E.
MA Oxon Summer 1957 from Aldenham School Spring 1962, to become Assistant Director of Exams in the Civil Service Commission 
Wilcock, A. H.
BSc Nottm Summer 1957 July 1970 or 1971 
Wild, M. S.
BSc Sheff Sept 1963 July 1966, to be head of Biology dept at Lady Manners School, Bakewell 
Wilkie, D. M.   July 1970 or 1971, for Lady Manners School, Bakewell 
Wilson, D. J.
M.A. OxonSept 49July 58, for Monkwearmouth Grammar SchoolMilitary Mail Censor during WW2
Wilson, H. J. S. M.A. Cantab.Sept 46  
Wimshurst, M. A. Sept 58Jan 59 
MA CantabSept 65  
Wright, D. F.
Biology, Gen Sc
BSc Sheff Sept 1954 July 1960 
Wright, J. R. B.Sc., Sheff Sept 1950July 54, for another post in Sheffield 
Wrigley, V. J.
M.A. OxonSept 46 (Senior History Master)Spring 55, to be Head of new Hemel Hempstead G.S.Apsley Grammar
Wrigley, J.
French, German
  Sept 1964 from King's School, Chester July 1967, to be head of modern languages at Hulme Grammar School, Oldham