T. G. Cook

Tom Cook was Head of History from 55 to 65, when he left KES to take up a post in the Education Department at the University of Cambridge.

Graham Tall has sent the following, from TGC's time at Wellingborough:

Previously Tom 'Hobo' Cook was at Wellingborough Grammar School where he was also Senior History Teacher, from 1943 to 55.

Mr Cook was responsible for the School Library and was very active in the school; he stage managed the school play, founded a Historical Society and gave many hours towards the success of School games. Owing to the acute shortage of kit and coupons, most of the boys who entered the school this term have had to swoop down upon Mr. Cook’s second hand “store”, the profits of which, we are told, go to the Library Fund. [Magazine Autumn 1945]

The first pair of prefabs had Sam Harris teaching in the classroom on the left and Tom Cook on the right, presumably because they were strong teachers. [David Bradshaw 1940–47]

Mr Cook proudly wore his kilt without underpants during a Scouts camp he led at Castle Ashby. [Alan Rudd 1943–48]

He always rode to school on an old upright bicycle, his gown was torn probably from catching it in the back wheel. He was our form master in the prefab and always seemed to be a fair man. [Tony (Tut) Collings 1945–51]

Mr Cook could throw a Gym Shoe over his shoulder as he wrote on the black board and hit any boy in the class. He taught in the prefabricated class room on the right of the cloakroom entrance. I lived at Wollaston and Mr Cook lodged at a house in the High Street. In the very bad winter of 1947 it snowed heavily one afternoon and the buses stopped running. Mr Cook gathered all of the boys from the village and we walked home through the snow it was bitterly cold. I believe we also collected some girls from the County High but the cold may have affected my memory. [Maurice Brawn, 1942-1947]

Hobo A fearsome man. [Peter Berrill, 1949-54]