Comprehensive's exam results prove success


KING EDWARD VII School prize winners (from left):
Sarah Waterhouse, Jill Heeley, Alison Thunder, Ruth Pettinger and Margaret Warman.

By a staff reporter [Sheffield Star 23rd Jan 1976]

ONE of Sheffield's best-known former grammar schools has maintained a high level of exam results since it went comprehensive, headmaster Mr. Russell Sharrock has said.

He told King Edward VII School's annual prizegiving last night that last year's exam results were proof that the comprehensive system did not hold back the progress of the more intelligent child.

"The two most academic forms achieved 'O'-level results which compared very favourably with their pre-comprehensive counterparts - so much for the 'clever child getting lost in the crowd' or the 'more means worse' slanders," said Mr. Sharrock.

It was a magnificent achievement, he said, that just over half of the ten-form fifth year were entered for "O"-level exams and they achieved the national average pass rate with the Oxford and Cambridge examining board.


He said CSE students did "splendidly" with a pass rate of 97.3 per cent in their exams.

"Exactly half of the year group went on to full-time further education and, in consequence, we have this year our largest-ever first year sixth-form of nearly 200 pupils," said Mr. Sharrock.

Specialist in community medicine for the Sheffield region, Dr. Marion Jepson was guest speaker at the prizegiving.

School successes recorded were: N. R. Brown, reserved place at Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth; S. P. Collis, exhibition to read English at Christ's College, Cambridge; R. Gilbert, Arthur Sell's exhibition to read Classics at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge; A. J. McCabe, exhibition to read English at Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge and awarded golden medal in European Schools' Day Essay Competition; C. Teale, American Field Service Scholarship.

Prizes went to: First Year (Form Prizes) S. A. Beeston, H. M. Doherty, D. E. Flavell, P. A. Gardner, P. G. Marshall, P. N. McMahon, J. G. Pearson, M. J. Powell; (Progress Prizes) R. S. Andrew, M. A. Birch, D. P. Dooley, A. L. S. Helsing, J. C. Peck, J. R. Wigmore.

Second Year (Form) M. Atkin, A. R. Cisalowicz, J. M. Coulthard, J. Heeley, D Kerr, D. C. Neale, G. Newbould, R. E. Pettinger, T. Richardson, S. Ruparelia, E. M. Short, R. S. Simpson, M. A. Warman; (Progress) A. Brown,. B. M. Colley, J. Hill, K. S. Jennison, P. J. Karanec, A. Lupton, J. M. O'Dea, N. P. Taylor.

Third Year (Form) I. J. Bagshaw, P. D C. Clark, A. Coates, J. D. Ellis, M. S. Jackson, P. B. Milne, J.. H. Ogle, J. H. Pettinger, P. A. Purcell, N. L. Thompson, P. H. Waters, D. M. Wright; (Progress) K. J. Butler, W. J. Clamp, K. L. Fishburn, O. Nettleship, H. J. Scothern, K. G. Wallace, S. L. Waterhouse, M. D. Winfield.

Fourth Year: A. Q. Charles, M. R. Fitzpatrick, D. L. Grant, A. A. Mehta, D. M. Pearson, E. H. Sutherland, G. Tann, I. M. Throssell, J. Williams, J. A. Wilson.

Fifth Year: (Outstanding GCE) M. A. Cliffe, A. R. Greenwood, G. C. Heywood, G. A. C. Orton, J. M. Stittle; (Meritorious GCE) M. A. Butler, J. E. Chadwick, F. J. P. Ebling, J. M. Groves, D. C. Lindsay, A. Shaddock, R. N. Tolson; (Outstanding CSE) M. Howson; (Meritorious CSE) A. G. Dobbs, J. E. Dugdale, M. R. Hoyland, A. S. Wallace; (Form Prizes) L. J. Allen, J. M. H. Jones, D. P. Kettlewell, P. A. Mitchell, A. J. Ryder.

Sixth Year: D. N. Barron, Chemistry; R. J. Corker, Economics and Mathematics; D. J. Egan, Biology; T. A. Knaggs, Art; A. M. Murphy, German; G. M. Naylor, Six Remove prize; J. M. Newby, Geology; G. Poole, Religious. Studies; D. E. Rees, Physics; H. F. Shepherd, English; B. G. Smith, Physics and Mathematics; A. C. Thunder, Geography; H. M. Walker, Music; D. A. Wood. Ancient History and History.

Sheffield Royal Grammar School Prizes: D. E. Barrowclough, Spanish; T. D. Bell, Economics and Politics; C. Bevington, Home Economics; B. D. Clover, Music; P. R. Daykin, Economics; C. P. Hallam, Biology; F. C. Harrison, French; M. McClelland, Chemistry; S. H. Moody, German; J. M. Moulson, Geography; S. T. Reynolds, Geology; J. M. Taylor and G. D. Whitaker, general progress.

F. T. Saville Prizes: M. I. Russell, English and History. W. P. Taylor Prizes: P. Cockburn, Mathematics and Physics. W. P. Taylor Prize: A. M. McCaig. Wesley College Prizes: S. W. Biggins, J. M. Dallman, R. Gilbert, J. W. Humphries, S. B. Love, A. J. McCabe.

School Leaving Prize: P. M. Clark; Old Edwardians' Leaving Prize: K. N. Charlesworth; Head Boy's Prize: P. D. Warren; Head Girl's Prize: S. Thomas.

[Courtesy of David Whitaker]