Head Prefect, D. M. Parfitt; Vice Head Prefect, R. F. H. Morton.

The following have been appointed Prefects:—D. A. Elliott, D. J. H. Senior, P. Swain, J. C. Tebbet, I. A. F. Bruce, G. S. Ecclestone, G. R. Heritage, C. B. Laycock, D. T. Protheroe.

Sub-Prefects:—B. Hill, M. A. Sharpe, A. M. Suggate, N. G. Wellings, W. A. F. Wright.

Captain of Football, M. B. Rowbotham; Secretary, I. A. F. Bruce.
Captain of Cricket, C. B. Laycock; Secretary, G. P. J. Beynon.
Captain of Rugby Football, D. T. Protheroe; Secretary, N. G. Wellings.
Captain of Cross-Country and Athletics, D. A. Elliott.
Captain of Swimming, W. A. F. Wright.