King Ted's    1952 - 1959

Old Boys Reunion

16/17th November 2002

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Thanks to the excellent Friends Reunited website, a few of us have been in touch recently. It's 50 years since we all entered the school so we thought that now would be a good time to get together again. The events exceeded expectation and a full report will appear here eventually. In the meantime, take a look at the Rogues Gallery.


Reunion  Dinner
School Visit
Stayed at Hotel
Bob Cole Yes Yes Yes
Alan Cryer Yes    
Martin Gordon Yes    
Jonny Goulden Yes   Yes
John Hague Yes   Yes
Peter Knowles Yes Yes  
Stephen Linstead Yes Yes Yes
John Mosley Yes Yes  
Jim Noble Yes Yes Yes
Alan O'Shea Yes     
Barry Readman Yes Yes  
Barry Redfearn Yes Yes Yes
Rony Robinson Yes    
Miles Roddis Yes Yes  
Clive Sheridan Yes Yes Yes
David Tomlinson Yes Yes  
John Womersley   Yes  

Scheduled Activities

School tour - Friday 16:00 Meet inside the main entrance outside Nat's old office.

Dinner - Saturday 19:00 for 20:00 at Charnwood Hotel. Meet in the bar.

Cross country stroll around the senior course - Sunday 11:00. Meet on the road alongside what was the Whiteley Woods playing fields.

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