KES Tennis First VI 1955/56

TENNIS is becoming more popular than ever and the number of boys wishing to play is so great in the Upper School that play by the 5th Forms has had to be drastically restricted. It is heartening to see the growing number of keen aspirants for inclusion in the teams, and standards will inevitably be raised. The tournaments attracted a large entry; I. W. Roxburgh and B. J. Horsefield won the Senior Doubles ; L. J. Youle the Senior Singles ; S. Walker and P. A. Manterfield the Junior Doubles ; I. W. Newsom the Junior Singles.

Mr Gibbs, M C E Andrews, B J Horsefield, J A Gould, Mr E V Bramhall;
I W Roxburgh, M K Murray, J K Ferguson.

(Courtesy of Malcolm K Murray)

The school teams have had quite a successful season, despite the lack of courts of our own, which would provide obvious advantages for practice and home matches. Although numerous changes had to be made in the teams, the players adapted themselves and played very well their new partners. In the 1st VI, Roxburgh and Ferguson played particularly well, with stylish accurate ground-strokes ; Andrews and Twigg, a stubborn third couple, have had inspired spells, often clinching the match. Three 1st VI matches were unfortunately cancelled owing to rain. Nine matches were played ; 5 won, I drawn, 3 lost. Two 2nd VI matches were won. Colours were awarded to M. K. Murray and J. K. Ferguson.

M. K. Murray has proved a most competent Captain. He had a difficult task, for practically all of last year's team had left. The results are a sufficient testimony to his patient building of a 1st VI, achieved quite unobtrusively. We shall miss him. Our warmest thanks are also due to A. J. Pinion for his second year's services as a most energetic secretary.

Finally the teams wish to thank Mr. Bramhall, Mr. Gibbs, Mr. Sinclair and Mr. Shaw for their unfailing help and encouragement.

M. K. M., E. V. B.