KES Tennis First VI 1954/55

ALTHOUGH the general standard of Tennis in the School is still improving, and has earned pleasing tributes from outside, the School Team is still having difficulty in winning more matches than it loses; since we must play against teams enjoying tennis courts and the full training facilities they bring, this is perhaps inevitable until we have at least one court on which to gain more complete team co-ordination and practice. Nevertheless the season has been very enjoyable and nearly all matches have been in doubt until the last rubber has been played. Several new faces have appeared in the School team this year and all have played with keenness, in particular Ferguson and Roxburgh, who should do well next year.

Don Andrews, Phil Wells, David Allen, Mr E V Bramhall, David Anderson, P. Bennett, Wilf Wasteney.

(Courtesy of David Anderson, names via Malcolm Murray and David Allen)

At the start of the season, rain prevented play in two matches, and incompleted re-surfacing of courts involved cancellation of a match against Nottingham High Pavement. 9 first team matches were played; 4 were won and 5 lost.

The School tournaments were finished in time this year. D. P. Allen and P. Bennett won the Senior Doubles; D. Anderson the Senior Singles; J. A. Anderson and I. W. Newsom the Junior Doubles and I. W. Newsom the Junior Singles.

D. Anderson, after captaining the First VI for two years, ended his tenure of office equitably by winning the Senior Singles and being awarded the Tennis Medal. He is an accomplished, steady player and a genial personality, whom we shall miss. Our best thanks for his long service. D. P. Allen and P. Bennett are to be congratulated on being awarded their Colours; our thanks are warmly offered to Wasteney and Andrews who have played regularly and keenly, with stubborn determination both in defeat and victory.

Finally our thanks are extended to Mr. Bramhall and Mr. Gibbs, Mr. Sinclair and Mr. Wright for their welcome support, encouragement and advice. To Pinion, our impeccable and industrious secretary, our grateful thanks and appreciation.

E.V.B. D. A.