KES Soccer U14 XI 1954/55

THis has been the most successful season in this section for at any rate ten years that I can remember and it is a great pity that wintry conditions this term caused the cancellations of five games which would have been invaluable in developing this team. The outstanding feature of the season has been the team-work of this XI. There are no stars who shine at the expense of the other members of the team, and the results have been obtained by team-spirit, hard work and understanding.


Photo by Mr. E. L. Vernon


P. R. Andrew, M. J. Sant, E. W. Powell,
D. Dalton, M. H. Crowson, G. L. Lord, R. H. Gilbert, T. W. Davies,
A. Dakin, P. A. Manterfield (Capt.) , Mr. J. C. Hemming, D. Hancock (Vice-Capt.), D. R. T. Findlay

The team is, I know, disappointed at not being able to complete the season without a defeat. The one match lost was lost by a very narrow margin (5-4) against a bigger and older team in a splendid game. And here a note of warning. I have noticed that a successful team becomes over-anxious and loses some of its skill when it finds itself a goal down. This has happened two or three times this season and is a thing to guard against. Faults there are, which they have the skill to remedy. The main ones are a tendency in the half-back line to do too much dribbling, and a tendency for the wingers to put over the ball too close to the goal line. They must learn to "square the ball back".

I congratulate Manterfield, the captain, and the entire team on their efforts. Their manner both on the field and when travelling has made it a pleasure to have charge of them.


v. High Storrs G.S.

 (H) won


v. Rowlinson Sec. Sch. 2nd XI

(A) Won

12 2

v. Marlcliffe Sec. Sch. 2nd XI

(H) Lost


v. Firth Park G.S.

(A) won


v. Chesterfield G.S.

(H) Drew

3 -3

v. Manchester G.S.

(H) Won



Played 15, Won 11, Drawn 3, Lost 1. Goals for 83. Against 23.


Sant, Hancock, Davies, Powell, Crowson, Lord, Dakin, Andrew, Gilbert, Findlay, Manterfield, Dalton; Henderson and Pearson have given occasional assistance.


Gilbert 19, Andrew 18, Findlay 12, Dakin 9, Manterfield 8, Lord 6, Crowson 6, Powell 3, Dalton 1, Henderson 1.

J. C. H. [KES Mag Spring 1955]