KES Soccer Third XI 1960/61

KES Soccer Third XI 1960/61

KES 3rd XI mismatched against a visiting German side (Deutschherren-Mittelschule Frankfurt am Main according to their own writing on the back).

30th September 1960.

Quickly arranged game we lost 7-2. The referee is Arthur Ellis, then a well known league ref and later of "It's a Knock Out" and Jeux sans Frontieres" fame. The game was played at WW1.

In the right background can be seen the cross bar of the "pick-ups" pitch goal.

l to r: P H Betts (capt), ?, David Cook, Dudley Taylor (goalkeeper), Philip Burley, Philip Gott, Richard Wheatley, David Meredith, ?, ?, D H Baldwin.

(Photo and caption supplied by David Cook)