KES Football1952-53

[KES Mag Dec 52:] FIVE teams have been representing the School this season, including the 3rd XI which is now in its second season. The formation of this team has been a success and already several members have played for the 2nd XI and on occasion for the 1st XI. It is hoped that next season the 3rd XI will have a fuller fixture list.


2nd XI 1952-53

D. Williamson, P. Wray, G. D. Haddock, I. A. F. Bruce, J. C. Poulter, D. Woodthorpe, J. R. Shaw, D. M. Parfitt;
J. E. Smith, Mr. N. L. Clapton, T. G. Cook, Mr. C. S. Auger, S. C. Tiddy.

Photo + Names courtesy of Terry Cook


Played 19, Won 14, Lost 5. Drawn 0. For 77, Against 37.

The side has played good football all the season, the ball moving smoothly from man to man in a way that is not usually associated with school teams. As often happens under such circumstances, though, the forwards have occasionally become obsessed by their pattern weaving to the neglect of their shooting. Witness the match against the University III when the School had threequarters of the play, yet lost 5-1.

Soccer First XI, 1952-53

Ivor Jones, ?, Reg Hobson, ?, John Weston, Smith, Geoffrey R. Heritage, Booth, Staniforth;
David Bullard, NLC, Roy Butler, Mr (Curly) Harper, Michael Rowbotham.

Photo and names courtesy of John Weston

1st XI Results
v. Sinclair's XI (H) Won 8-2
v. Old Edwardians (H) Won 5-1
v. P. H. Wreghitt’s XI (H) Won 3-2
v. Training College (H) Lost 0-5
v. Maltby (H) Won 2-0
v. Chesterfield (A) Won 5-1
v. Bootham (A) Won 9-2
v. High Storrs (A) Won 4-2
v. Mansfield (H) Won 1-0
v. Barnsley (A) Lost 2-4
v. Woodhouse (H) Won 4-1
v. Maltby (A) Won 3-1
v. Manchester (A) Won 4-1
v. High Storrs (H) Won 6-2
v. Firth Park (A) Lost 2-3
v. University III (A) Lost 1-5
v. Training College (A) Lost 2-3
v. City G.S. (H) Won 8-1
v, Ecclesfield    (H) Won 8-1

The defence has been tight all season-this is to be expected, since three of them have played in representative sides. Butler, Jones and Bullard have played for Sheffield and District G.S. XI; and Bullard is to play for the Yorkshire G.S. team against Middlesex G.S. team at Finchley on January 1st, with Jones originally selected as a reserve.

Butler is in his second season as Captain. As a centre-half he is thoroughly competent, his heading of the ball being much improved. He is not loud in his encouragement to the rest of the team-indeed it is not often needed-but he has readily sustained new men in the defence. Of late he has defied convention by kicking the wrong way when winning the toss at Whiteley Woods, with surprisingly good results.

Bullard is now a good player. He kicks well with either foot, can head a ball an alarming distance, and uses his speed to retrieve any dangerous situations that may develop outside his territory. Cook has deputised for Bullard in a few matches.

Jones has kept goal confidently, although his judgment in coming out has lapsed on occasion, and it was unfortunate that he was badly injured at Barnsley when playing for the Sheffield team against Leeds, when his selection for the Yorkshire side looked certain. We were fortunate to have Weston to take his place. He improves with every match and is expected to grow a moustache in the near future. Kaye and Bruce have also played in goal. At left-back Grantham has found the heavy going rather truing, but his keen sense of positional play has helped him on many occasions.

When J. E. Smith dropped out of the side—he is more suited to the full-back position—Heritage took the right-half position. He is a strong player who should keep his place for several seasons. Needham has played left-half. His tackling and recovery were suspect at the start of the season, but he is now much improved and “played a blinder” against City G.S.

Of the forwards, Booth has led the attack with vigour and not a little skill, but he has missed a few open goals. Rowbotham has been one of the successes of the side. Having curbed his tendency to use his hands, he is working the ball well and as a result has been awarded his Colours. Hobson, outside left, is always on the spot to finish off an attack, but is still prone to get off-side. Since Buckle left, Thomas has been playing outside right. He is hard to knock off the ball, but is inclined to wander too far into the middle. Tiddy has scored a few goals with long range shots, but is still at sea against a quick tackling half-back. Staniforth has come into the side since half-term, and is showing himself to be one of the best ball players we possess.

J. S. G. Smith has also had a few games in the forward line and the showing of the reserves in general indicates that we shall be able to field a strong side, not only during the rest of this season, but also in the 1953-54 year.

C. H. H.

Scorers : Booth 20, Hobson 15, Rowbotham 15, Tiddy 6, Buckle 6, Thomas 5, Staniforth 4, Heritage 3, Needham 1, J. S. G. Smith 1, Own Goals 1.


Played 10, Won 6, Lost 4. For 38, Against 25.


2nd XI 1952-53

D. Williamson, P. Wray, G. D. Haddock, I. A. F. Bruce, J. C. Poulter, D. Woodthorpe, J. R. Shaw, D. M. Parfitt;
J. E. Smith, Mr. N. L. Clapton, T. G. Cook, Mr. C. S. Auger, S. C. Tiddy.

Photo + Names courtesy of Terry Cook

2nd XI Results
v. Old Edwardians (H) Won 9-4
v. Maltby G.S. (A) Lost 2-3
v. Trojans (H) Lost 1-5
v. Mansfield G.S. (H) Won 4-1
v. Training College (A) Won 5-1
v. Huddersfield Am. (H) Lost 2-3
v. Bootham (H) Won 5-1
v. Firth Park G.S. (H) Won 5-2
v. Training College (H) lion 2-0
v. Ecclesfield (A) Lost 3-5

This record is not so good as in previous years, but the standard of football has been quite high. Probably more boys have played for the 2nd XI this season than ever before, in all 29. This large number can be partly accounted for by a spate of injuries ; for example, no less than four boys have played in goal. In spite of so many changes, the team has played together as a team, and with a little more luck at least two of the games lost could have been won.

In goal, Weston, when he has played, has performed well, whilst Cook at full-back has improved out of all recognition. Wray at centre-half has done very well, but is prone to wander up the field leaving the opposing centre-forward free. At the beginning of the season Thomas, Staniforth and J. S. G. Smith formed a good inside trio; now room has been found for them in the 1st XI and we wish them every success. Parfitt at full-back has been very steady, his positional play being very good. At half-back Wells, Poulter, J. Smith and Middleton have worked hard ; the first two prefer the dry grounds found at the beginning or end of the season. The wingers have been a little disappointing, as often they have failed to square the ball. Shaw has led the forwards intelligently, but must develop his left foot. Haddock, in the two games he has played, has livened up the forwards and, although at the moment he is lacking in ball control, he should prove a useful acquisition to the team. There is not space to mention everyone, but no one has let the team down, and often reserves called in at the last moment have been the best players on the field.

C. S. A.

Scorers : Thomas 8, Shaw 7, Staniforth, J. S. G. Smith 4, Tebbet 3, Taylor, Haddock, Speet, Heritage 2, Poulter, Wells, Howarth, Tomlinson 1.


There is a saying in football circles that "every famous club has its nursery team". The 3rd XI has indeed, this term, supplied the other School XIs' many and varied wants ; for goalkeepers, for players in defence and for players in attack. In spite of this, the team has had hard fought games, only ill-luck preventing their being victorious on more than one occasion. Under the steady captaincy of Howarth, the following have represented the School : Shaw, Williams, Perrett, G. N. Smith, Bruce, Spir, Gregory, Middleton, K. Taylor, Andrews, Laycock, Haddock, Turner, Swain, Vincent, Cliffe, Whittaker, Kaye.

G. I.

v. Crosspool Park (H) Won 7-4
v. Owler Lane ... (A) Draw 3-3
r. University IV (H) Lost 1-2
v. Eckington (H) Lost 4-6


The first half of any season in Under 13 Football must be a tale of trial and usually of error. It is rare indeed for a full XI to come up from the previous year and this term has been no exception. Reputations have been made, and in some cases lost, by half-term, and though on paper our results since then have shown little improvement, the spirit of the team has been very encouraging.

Generally speaking, the defence has been sound. It has had the misfortune, however, of paying for all its errors in full. The chief fault has been lack of understanding with the goalkeeper, who must bear a large portion of the blame for our rather heavy defeats. The attack, which has played unchanged for most of the season, has worked well. Service from Youle and Hewitt at inside forward has been good, and Frost has overcome the disadvantage of his height to good effect, The wingers, especially Beynon. do not cross the ball far enough back. There is no point in centring into the goal-area : the ideal centre should drop near the penalty spot.

The team as a whole still tends to kick before it looks. Flicks and deflections are very pretty but useless if they go straight to an opponent. I shall expect more direct and purposeful football next term.

D. J. W.

v. Maltby G.S. ... (H) Won 8-1
r. Southey Green (H) Won 2-0
v. Barnsley G.S. (A) Lost 3-8
v. Maltby G.S. ... (A) Lost 3-6
v. Carfield (H) Lost 4-5
v. Firth Park (H) Lost 3-4
v. Southey Green (H) Won 2-0

Scorers : Frost 9, Scholey 5, Beynon 4, Hewitt 3, Youle, Wright, Kent 1, O.G. 1.

Played 7. Won 3. Lost 4. For 25. Against 24.


The team has had quite a successful season after a rather shaky start. In the earlier games there was too much ineffective short passing, but once the forwards realised that the sweeping pass is the best way to open up a defence, the football improved. The full-backs and half-backs have played very well, and their covering and marking have been above the standard one expects from boys of their age. Longden's captaincy has been very good. Credit must also be given to a number of Second Form boys who have found a place in the team.


v. Maltby G.S. .. (A) Lost 1-3
v. Hunter's Bar School... (H) Won 3-2
v. Hunter's Bar School... (A) Won 4-0
v. Owler Lane S.S. (A) Won 9-2
v. Maltby G.S. ... (H) Won 4-1
v. Carfield G.S. (A) Won 2-1
v. Firth Park G.S. (A) Lost 1-3
v. Eckington G.S. (A) Won 3-1
v. Eccclesfield G.S. (H) Won 3-2

Played 9. Won 7. Lost 2. For 29, Against 15.

Scorers : Winfield S, Richardson 5, Tomlinson 5, Booth 3, Walton 1, Rutledge 1, Sallis 1, Saunders 1, Evison 1, Hodgson 3.


    P. W. L. D. Pts.
1. Sherwood 7 6 0 1 13
2. Wentworth 7 4 0 3 11
3. Haddon 7 4 2 1 9
4. Welbeck 7 3 3 1 7
5. Arundel 7 3 4 0 6
6. Clumber 7 2 4 1 5
7. Lynwood 7 1 5 1 3
8. Chatsworth 7 1 6 0 2


The results in two very exciting last-round ties have meant that there is a triple tie for first place, and the final is still to be played. Rugby has been introduced this term as an alternative game and some 35 boys have taken advantage of this. Good progress is reported.

    P. W. L. D. Pts.
1. Chatsworth ... 7 5 2 0 10
  Welbeck 7   2 0 10
  Wentworth 7 0 2 0 10
4. Haddon 7 4 3 0 8
  Clumber 7 4 3 0 8
6. Arundel 7 3 3 1 7
7. Lynwood 7 1 6 0 2
S. Sherwood 7 0 6 1 1


Our recent ill-luck with Thursdays continues ; bad weather has prevented our playing on all but eight occasions. Results, with one round remaining to be played, are as follows :—

  1st XIs.             2nd XIs.          
    P W D L P     P W D L P
1. Haddon 6 6 0 0 12 1. Chatsworth 6 5 1 0 11
2. Lynwood 6 4 1 1 9 2. Clumber 6 5 0 1 10
3. Welbeck 6 4 0 2 8 3. Lynwood 6 4 0 2 8
4. Chatsworth 6 3 1 2 7 3. Welbeck 6 3 2 1 8
5. Clumber 6 3 0 3 6 5. Sherwood 6 3 1 2 7
6. Wentworth 6 2 0 4 4 6 Haddon 6 1 0 5 2
7. Arundel 6 1 0 5 2 6. Wentworth 6 1 0 5 2
8. Sherwood 6 0 0 6 0 8. Arundel 6 0 0 6 0

[KES Mag Spring 53]



DURING the second half of the season, the 1st XI has not been as successful as during the first. Of the ten matches played, six were won, but for several weeks a tendency to shirk a tackle crept in. Allied with this was a reluctance to go and meet the ball. This was especially noticeable at Rotherham where we were deservedly beaten 4-2.

One pleasing point was the fine promise shown by several young players who came into the side temporarily. When Butler had to miss several matches through illness, his place was taken by Wray. He showed a fine football ability, his only weakness being lack of physical strength, which of course will be remedied by time. Cook has shown himself to be a good full-back in the making. Heritage, Thomas, Staniforth and J. S. G. Smith all established themselves in the side. At present, Heritage is prone to follow his forwards too closely, with the result that his powers of recovery are not yet as good as they might be. Thomas and Smith are snappers-up of half chances. It is a pity that one, and possibly both, of them will be leaving this year. Staniforth has functioned at both half-back and forward.

Butler can leave school knowing full well that he has done a good job as Captain for two years. With a little more speed it is certain that representative honours would have come his way. The captaincy now passes to Rowbotham. He will have to captain a side that will not be big physically, but which will have plenty of ability. Bullard, now playing for Sheffield Club, is to play for Yorkshire G.S. side again during the Easter holidays. Colours have been awarded to K. Booth and I. H. Jones.

Full Season Record: Played 28. Won 20. Lost 8. Drawn 0. For 114. Against 61.

Lent Term Results

Jan 10. v. Old Edwardians. Home. Lost 4-2.
Jan. 14. v. Chesterfield G.S. Home. Won 3-2.
Jan. 17. v. City G.S. Away. Lost 2-1.
Jan. 24. v. Stansfield G.S. Away. Won 4-3.
Jan. 28. v. Rotherham G.S. Away. Lost 4-2.
Jan. 31. v. Huddersfield Amateurs. Home. Won 7-2.
Feb. 4. v. University 3rd XI. Home. Won 5-1.
Feb. 17. v. Cranwell. Home. Won 3-1.
Feb. 28. v. Woodhouse G.S. Away. Won 8-2.
Mar. 7. v. Ecclesfield G.S. Away. Lost 3-2.

Scorers (whole season): Booth 30, Rowbotham 21, Hobson 15, Thomas 12, Heritage 8, J. S. G. Smith. Staniforth, Buckle, Tiddy 6, Needham 1. Own goals, 3.



The second half of the season has seen an all-round improvement by the team; of the six matches played, four were won and two lost. Both the matches lost were against other schools' 1st XIs. The improvement can be partly accounted for by the fact that the team has seldom had to be changed because of injuries.

Cook continues to improve, whilst Wray is developing into a sound centre-half; he is a little slow on the turn, but very good " in the air." Tiddy, with his experience, has been the mainstay of the forwards, and has been ably backed up by Shaw. Woodthorpe, when he puts on some weight, will be a good winger, but this season he has found it heavy going.

The team has been indebted to several masters who have taken matches, in particular Mr. Ingham, who, in addition to taking the 3rd XI, has refereed several 2nd XI games.

Season's Record: Played 16, Won 10, Lost 6. Goals for 68, against 36.

Lent Term Results

v. Nether Edge G.S. 1st XI. Away. Lost 0-5
v. Chesterfield G.S. 2nd XI. Home. Won 6-2
v. Mansfield G.S. 2nd XI. Away. Won 10-1
v. Mexborough G.S. 1st XI. Home. Lost 2-3
v. R.A.F. Cranwell 2nd XI. Home. Won 4-0
v. Woodhouse G.S. 2nd XI. Home. Won 8-0

Scorers (whole season): Shaw 18, Tiddy 11, Thomas 8, Staniforth, J. S. Smith, Williamson 4, Tebbet, Haddock 3. Speet, Heritage 2, Poulter, Wells, Howarth, Tomlinson, Hobson, Woodthorpe, Cook 1.

C. S. A.


The team has had a disappointing term, and even though it began successfully with a 3-2 victory over City G.S., from then onwards the team lost its "bite " and a row of three defeats followed.

The score sheet reads: Owler Lane 2-3, Old Edwardians 2-3, University 2-5. The first game was indeed a tense struggle; the second proved a losing battle against the commendable handling in the O.E. goal by Mr. Wilson; whilst in the third, the score is no reflection of the play.

Finally came a very friendly, but also very keen game, with Crosspool Park, when with firm ground once again beneath their feet, our players gained a 6-2 victory.

Thanks are due to all those who represented the team regularly, those who stepped in on frequent occasions when our resources were tapped, and to Howarth, the team's captain, for his loyal services.         

G. I.


From the point of view of results, the Easter term has been disastrous. Five matches were lost, some of them heavily, and our sole success was an odd goal victory over Nether Edge. The greatest deficiency of the team was a sharp-shooting forward. Much of the midfield play was sound, but innumerable chances were frittered away by hesitancy in front of the goal. The failure of the forwards threw extra work on a rather slow defence, which generally played much better than the scores against it suggest. Our most enjoyable and instructive games were those against the City Boys whose ball control and positional play were an object lesson in good football.

Hewitt throughout the season has led the team with great dash and energy which, unfortunately, his fellows found it physically impossible to emulate.


v. City Boys Home. Lost 1-6
v. City Boys Away. Lost 2-5
v. Carfield .. Away. Lost 2-3
v. Chesterfield G.S. Away. Lost 1-6
v. Rotherham G.S. Away. Lost 1-3
v. Nether Edge G.S. Home. Won 1-0