KES Soccer First XI 1958/59

Term 1 58/59 [KES Mag Jan 59]


THE season opened with a large amount of promising material from last year's teams. Unfortunately ex-Under 15 goalkeeper Bennett could not accustom himself to First XI play and Dixon was moved from outside-left, where he had been playing very well, to goal where he excelled himself. His adventurousness has saved the defence on several occasions. His handling is safe and kicking strong. At right-back Hancock has proved a sound captain, setting an example with long and accurate clearances and excellent anticipation. Board has played coolly, clearing the ball slowly but surely; his tendency to move up is disconcerting but the defence on the whole, covering skilfully, has prevented dangerous situations arising. Powell is the team's most consistent player; his energy is inexhaustible, his heading, tackling and passing a joy to watch.

Findlay is an excellent " stopper " at centre-half, although in holding on to the ball he often loses it in his own half. Lord, who played well at left-half, was replaced by Pike (of last year's Under 15) who has been a constant " worrier " of attackers for whom he is more than a match in spite of his size. On the right wing Crowson has used his speed to advantage, invariably having the beating of the full-back, and has been a direct source of danger. His combination with Raynes is excellent, although his centres are often too hard. Andrew, before his departure, was the brains of the attack. He " fetched and carried " throughout the game and his quick thinking and speed of acceleration have resulted in many goals. Ellis, replacing him, is strong but lacks shooting power and speed in passing. Raynes plays a bustling game at centre-forward, his heading and shooting being hard, accurate and usually quick. Needham tends to slow down a fast attack by holding on to the ball. When he corrects this and makes his play more direct he will be a power in the forward line. Gillott has played well but has a yearning for shooting from the bye-line when a centre would be much more dangerous.

In general, our success has been a team success with every member keen to win the ball and create an opening. There has been, too, a fairly general willingness to train.

Undoubtedly our greatest triumph was the winning of the Russell-Edwards Cup for the champion seven-a-side team of Sheffield. Throughout the competition our "A" team (who had been greatly helped by playing against the " B " team during that week) were superior in stamina and skill. The final, against Ecclesfield "A", was an overwhelming victory by 17 points to 2.

F A Dixon, W A Raynes, Mr B C Arthur, K Board, M H Crowson;
R Andrew, D Hancock, E Powell.

Champion seven-a-side team of Sheffield

We should like to thank Mr. Arthur, our never-tiring and hard-working manager. His enthusiasm has allowed him to give the team a large amount of his time, and we are indeed grateful to him.

D. H., B. C. A.

The following have played : Dixon, Bennett, Hancock, Board, Bows, Powell, Findlay, Lord, Pike, Crowson, Andrew, Ellis, Raynes, Needham, Gillott.

Raynes was selected as reserve for the Y.G.S.F.A. XI against Carnegie College. Raynes and Hancock were selected for the Y.G.S.F.A. final trial.


Played 12, Won 9, Lost 1, Drawn 2. Goals for 52, against 20.

v. Q.E.G.S., Mansfield (Home), won 5-0.
v. C. J. W. Powell's XI (Home), won 4-3.
v. Old Edwardians (Home), lost 1-4.
v. Woodhouse G.S. (Home), drawn 6-6.
v. Ecclesfield G.S. (Away), won 3-0.
v. Manchester G.S. (Home), won 3-0.
v. Bootham School (Home), won 13-0.
v. High Storrs G.S. (Home), won 2-1.
v. Chesterfield School (Away), won 3-0.
v. De La Salle College (Home), drawn 2-2.
v. Falcons (Home), won 4-3.
v. Woodhouse G.S. (Away), won 6-1.

Scorers : Andrew 13, Raynes 13, Crowson 12, Dixon 4, Gillott 4, Needham 2, Board 2, Ellis 1, own goal 1.


Term 2 [KES Mag May 1959]

THE 1958-59 season has been one of which the team and the School can be justly proud. The essence of our success has been the presence of a fine team spirit, even when hard pressed, and a great deal of enthusiasm, as shown at the practices. Combined with this has been a fair amount of footballing skill, and also a good standard of physical fitness, thanks to Mr. Arthur's practices—and " polos." We have been fortunate in suffering very few injuries, and were only affected right at the end, when our centre-forward Newton had the misfortune to break his leg. We all hope he will soon recover and continue his footballing undeterred.

The season began well with a win, but the following week we suffered our one and only defeat, at the hands of a tough Old Edwardians side. We have never allowed this result to be repeated, however, though on occasions we have given Mr. Arthur a nerve-shattering time by seeming to lose the initiative and sometimes the lead we had gained. Our scores have ranged between a good 13-0 over Bootham and 11-0 over Mexborough to a 6-6 draw with Woodhouse, and on our own ground at that ! The weakness has been that the team has taken about ten minutes to get going, in which time the opposition may have scored; but once in the game the team has usually overcome all opposition. The whole team is an attacking side, supposedly the best form of defence, and everyone except the centre-half, who had some near misses, has scored. We have also been given some good lessons on how to dribble into a right foot shooting position, if you haven't got a left foot, as certain of the team apparently haven't.

The two wingers, Crowson and Grist, have been very quick to move, invariably beating the back for speed; and with Crowson's hard shooting and cornering and Grist's very good centering, the inside men, Tranmer, Ellis, Newton and Needham, have been well served, although there has been a lack of real hard shooting from these players. At half-back, Powell has proved inexhaustible, a mainstay of the team, supported well by a capable, though at times slow centre-half, Findlay, and a hard tackling left-half, Pike. All these are extremely good at heading and dispossessing the opposition.

The full-backs, Board and Hancock have been very sound, covering very surely so that goals have been avoided which looked certain. Board is very cool and sure and clears slowly but effectively. A noticeable feature of the whole defence has been its good heading, but marking has sometimes been poor. In goal, Dixon has proved safe in handling and anticipation, though by advancing too far he has been beaten by lucky long shots.

The highlights of the season were the two seven-a-side competitions. At Ecclesfield the K.E.S. `A' team defeated all opposition, by superior skill, fitness and stamina, to win the cup for the first time. At Leeds, later in the season, our senior team was narrowly defeated in the semi-finals, 5 points to 4, by the eventual winners. Although this team was not the one we expected to send, owing to injuries, we were credited as being one of the best sides there—indeed high praise !

The whole team would like to thank Mr. Arthur again for all his hard work and encouragement. He has given the team a lot of his time, both during the week and at the weekends, and has seen to all the arranging, and we are extremely grateful. We all wish next year's team the same success; and please may we appeal for more boys to come and support home games—you can help us a great deal !

D. H.

Played during the season : Dixon, Hancock, Board, Powell, Findlay, Pike, Lord, Crowson, Andrew, Raynes, Ellis, Needham, Tranmer, Grist, Gillott, Newton, Bennett.

7-a-side teams : Ecclesfield—Dixon, Hancock, Board, Powell, Crowson, Raynes, Andrew. Leeds—Dixon, Hancock, Board, Powell, Crowson, Findlay, Parker.


v. Sheffield University (Home), won 4-2.
v. Sheffield Falcons (Home), won 3-2.
v. Chesterfield G.S. (Home), won 3-0.
v. Q.E.G.S., Mansfield (Away), drawn 3-3.
v. High Storrs G.S. (Away), won 5-1.
v. Grimsby G. S. (Home), won 4-2.
v. Mexborough G.S. (Home), won 11-0.
v. Sheffield University (Away), drawn 3-3.
v. Huddersfield Amateurs (Away), won 3-1.
v. De La Salle College (Away), won 3-1.

Season's record : Played 22, won 17, drawn 4, lost 1,. goals for 94, against 35.

Scorers : Andrew 13, Raynes 13, Dixon 4, Hancock 1, Board 2, Powell 4, Pike 1, Crowson 22, Ellis 6, Needham 6, Tranmer 7, Newton 4, Grist 2, Gillott, 4, own goal 2.

Full colours : Dixon, Hancock, Board, Powell, Findlay, Crowson, Pike, Needham.

Half colours : Ellis, Newton, Gillott, Grist, Tranmer.