The 1st XI
D. G. Bullard J. R. Wingfield  L. Buckle I. H. Jones G. Goddard   K. W. Patchett R. A. Hobson
D. A. Charles   The Headmaster   R. Butler (Capt.)   Mr. P. J. Wallis M. H. Thornton


The results indicate a very successful year, particularly if it is remembered that so few remained from last year's team. In some games the team's display has been first-rate, but one or two others are best forgotten. While fewer matches have been played than last year the number of goals scored has been greater, but the defence have also given away more.

The strength of the team has lain in its good all-round standard, and we were pleased to see six members were picked to play in the trial game for a Sheffield Grammar Schools team. The team's thanks go to A. Richmond who has run the line in all kinds of weather.

BUTLER, R. (Captain and Centre-Half).-As the only old colour, occupying a key position, a large part of the success of this year's team is due to him. In his own quiet and methodical way he has blocked the way to goal for many a centre-forward. While essentially a defensive player he has been known to make his way towards the opponents' goal occasionally. His coolness when pressed has been an example to the rest of the team although occasionally an opponent has nipped in and taken the ball before he had cleared it. It has been noticeable that several teams have realised how difficult it is to get past Butler and have only scored by long passes right out of his reach. 

P. J. W.

JONES, I. H. (Goalkeeper).-He is generally sound and possesses a strong kick. His main fault is that he relies too much on the punch to save shots. He must break this habit; and his handling and positional play could be improved.

BULLARD, D. G. (Right-Back).-His speed and positional play make him very sound and enable him to recover well. His clearances are often well-placed cross-field passes. He must resist a tendency to dribble and try to improve his covering of the rest of the defence. He was awarded his colours at the end of the season.

PATCHETT, K. W. (Left-Back).-His kicking, particularly in the early part of the season, has been particularly weak and clearances, therefore, have often been delayed. However his tackling ability and speed have been good. Like Bullard, his covering is often faulty.

THORNTON, M. H. (Right-Half ).-He was awarded his colours early in the season and has been consistent throughout. He has started many attacks by bringing the ball away from the penalty area and is not averse to shooting. But his ball control needs improvement and he often carries the ball when a pass would be more effective, and less tiring.

WINGFIELD, J. R. (Left-Half). A sturdy, mainly defensive player, he has a strong kick in both feet, and was awarded his colours at
Christmas. He has been particularly valuable on muddy grounds, when his long cross-field passes have often found an unmarked winger.

BUCKLE, L. (Outside-Right).-He is very speedy and uses to good advantage his ability to beat his man. His shots, on cutting in, are hard and accurate, and the goals he has scored have helped to earn him his colours.

CHARLES, D. A. (Inside-Right).-He was awarded his colours this season. His distribution of the ball has always been accurate and constructive and his heading, especially from corners, has been good and reaped its reward of goals. His main fault is holding the ball too long when dribbling, but increased speed at the end of the season has diminished this.

GODDARD, G. (Centre-Forward).-Awarded his colours at Christmas, he has since broken the School record for the number of goals scored. He has a terrific right-foot shot and his left has shown a steady improvement. He would be even more effective if he made a pass from a difficult position instead of trying to bustle his way through.

THOMAS, A. (Inside-Left). Although several times absent from the team through illness (when Rowbotham has been an efficient substitute), his play has been of a consistently high standard. His ball-control and constructive ability are excellent. However he often neglects his defensive duties, particularly marking at throw-ins and corners.

HOBSON, R. A. (Outside-Left).-He has been a very useful addition to the side and combined well with the rest of the forward line. His centering has been always accurate, with either foot, and his passes when cutting-in have been used to good effect.

R. B.

First XI.

v. Barnsley G.S., home, November 24th. Drawn 2-2.

This match was played under very bad conditions, the pitch being waterlogged and the rain teeming down most of the time. At first the School team seemed to take command and, after some misses, Goddard was put through by Thornton and then scored another goal from a long pass by Bullard. The defence was responsible for both Barnsley's goals as the man in possession was not tackled and was allowed to shoot. In the second half neither side could move the ball far and there was no further score.

v. University XI, home, December 5th. Won 6-3.
v. Old Edwardians II, home, December 8th. Won 2-1.

A School "A" team had more of the game than the score indicates. The forwards were only on form for about ten minutes in the second half when they scored both goals. The School defence, with Butler playing his usual obstructionist game, had command of the opposing forwards.

v. Ackworth, home, December 15th. Won 13-0.

It is unnecessary to chronicle the individual goals as the score indicates sufficiently that the School team was much the better side although the visitors battled gamely as the score mounted.

v. R.A.F. Cadet College, Cranwell.

Away, January 9th.    Lost 3-4.
Home, January 12th. Lost 1-3.

The new term was opened with two fixtures with a much heavier and older side. The School team played well in the first game to lead 3-1 at half-time but found the wind and opponents too much in the second half, although the decision was in doubt until the end. In the return match Cranwell were again just a little too fast for the School team.

v. Chesterfield G.S., home. January 16th. Won 7-2.

The School team was at full strength and anxious to avenge its previous defeat; while they had most of the game in the first half they failed to score many goals. In the second half the lead was consolidated by goals from Thornton (who raced up after Goddard's shot had been blocked), and from a hard drive by Goddard. In the latter part of the game the forwards attacked continuously as the visitors tired (by this time they were playing one short), and three further goals were added.

v. University XI, home, January 23rd. Won 8-l.
v. Huddersfield Amateurs, hone, January 26th. Won 6-3.
v. Woodhouse G.S.

Home, January 30th. Won 12-5.
Away, February 9th. Won 3-1.

This game was played on a very hard ground covered by a thick blanket of snow. The School team played rather scrappily but had sufficient in hand to win fairly easily, partly because the visiting goalkeeper was slightly injured. The defence was not too safe and should not have given away most of the goals while the forwards only combined on rare occasions. In the return game four reserves were fielded and the game was much closer. The School team managed to win although Buckle had to retire and Jones was playing while injured.

v. High Storrs G.S., home, February 13th. Won 5-3.

Good football was difficult on the hard ground and the School team had command of the game until towards the end when High Storrs accepted three opportunities they were unnecessarily given. Several goals (including a penalty) were missed although Wingfield had a shot deflected into the goal. The other two in the first half were from passes by Charles to Thomas and Goddard.

v. Firth Park G.S., away, February 16th. Lost 0-3.

Although the team were playing six reserves they deserved to lose this game because they gave such a poor display. The only goal in the first half was after three of our defence miskicked in turn. In the second half the forwards never really got together, although they missed some easy efforts from breakaways, but it was only near the end that the home team scored their other goals.

v. Training College, away, February 20th. Lost 2-4.

P. J. W.

Football 1951-2 [KES Mag Spring 52]

The good start to the season last term has been maintained. The Second XI is still unbeaten by other school teams and the First XI has only lost one match against other schools this term. The play of the junior teams promises well for future years. The keenness and enthusiasm shown at practices has been good but it is a pity there have been so few boys present to encourage the teams in their home matches. We have missed Mr. Kiely's help since Christmas but have enjoyed that of Mr. Auger (despite his engagements with Sheffield Club); Mr. Wilson and Mr. Harper have been helping out the Old Boys' teams but the latter was very unlucky to be injured. The Secretarial arrangements for all teams have been in the efficient care of D. W. S. Beynon, to whom all players extend their warm thanks.

  P. W. L. D. F. A.
First XI 27 18 7 2 141 72
Second XI 14 12 1 1 49 18
Third XI 9 3 6 0 27 33
Under 15 XI 11 4 3 4 32 32
Under 14 XI 13 6 6 1 49 50
Under 13 XI 5 2 2 1 22 10

Second XI.

The Second XI continued along its own merry way, and has now completed three seasons without defeat by another school. However, this season we have had some really good games, notably against Bootham, Firth Park, Chesterfield and Mexborough. In each we had our fair share of luck.

The only defeat was by the R.A.F. from Cranwell, but without trying to excuse it, it is only fair to say that we played several reserves. Our games against the Old Edwardians were keenly anticipated and much enjoyed-as they always are. In the first game Weston was splendid in goal.

As mentioned last term, Tiddy has been a conscientious captain of a team whose team spirit has contributed greatly towards its success.

The line-up has usually been :­

Smith, J. E.    Grantham
Lewis   Glenn   Needham
Buckle or Bailey Tiddy Wildsmith Rowbotham or Beynon Leeson

Others who have done well when called upon are Speet, Williamson, Adamson, Parfitt, Howarth, Hobson, Staniforth, Nuttall, Kaye, Shaw and Dickinson.

Results since the last report are:
Nov. 24 Barnsley G.S. 2nd XI 1, School 7.
Dec. 15 Firth Park G.S. 2nd XI 2, School 3.
Jan 12 School 1, R.A.F. (Cranwell) 4.
Jan 19 Chesterfield G.S. 2nd XI 1, School 2.
Jan. 26 Mexborough G.S. 2nd XI 2, School 2.
Feb. 16 School 3 O.E's 2nd XI 1.

Scorers for the whole season : Wildsmith 13, Tiddy 13, Buckle 9, Rowbotham 6, Hobson 3, Leeson 1, Smith 1, Staniforth 1, Shaw 1, own goal 1.

C. H. H.

Third XI.

The Third XI have had only a moderate season as their record shows. The chief fault has been too much individualism and not enough team work. This is partially explained by the fact that the composition of the team has been continually changing. The forwards have wanted "to walk" the ball into the net instead of shooting, whilst the covering of the defence has been practically non-existent.

In goal Kaye has played well, whilst Nuttall has been the best defender. Allen has proved a good captain and has worked hard at centre-forward but he has lacked good inside forwards. Congratulations to Hobson on moving from the Third XI to the First XI. Several other members of the team have played for the Second XI during the course of the season; one of the chief functions of a Third XI is to provide good reserves for the other XIs.

C. S. A.

Under Fifteen XI.

The promise of last term has not been maintained. Though injuries and adverse weather conditions have been important factors in the failure of the team the chief reason for its lack of success has been its own slowness. The ball can be made to do most of the work only if the players are constantly on the alert and on the move. Many promising movements, especially through passes, have been spoilt by the failure of the forwards to get off the mark.

Generally the defence has been sound but has panicked and kicked wildly under continued pressure.

There is good football in the team and if reasonable speed and fitness can be achieved and maintained several of its members should gain places in senior teams next season.


v. Barnsley G.S. Away 1-1
v. Firth Park G.S. Home 1-2
v. Ackworth Home 3-3
v. Southey Green Home 2-2
v. Rotherham G.S. Home 0-4
v. Carfield Away 0-9


Under Fourteen XI.

Results during the second term have been rather disappointing after the good start made last term, but it should be pointed out that it was not often that the strongest eleven was available. The team was hard-hit by injuries and the absence of regular members and rarely achieved the understanding which was a feature of the early games this season.

In spite of a number of defeats the players never lost their enthusiasm and for this much of the credit must go to the captain, Hewitt, who always sets a good example in skill and determination. Youle, Frost, Hewitt and Scholey were the leading goal scorers.

Dec. 8 v. Hunter's Bar School Lost 6-7
Dec. 15 v. Carfield 2nd XI Lost 1-4
Jan. 19 v. Chesterfield G.S. Lost 4-8
Jan. 26 v. Owler Lane School Won 6-1
Feb. 16 v. Rotherham G.S. Lost 1-8
Mar. 1 v. Carfield 2nd XI Lost 1-5
J. C. H.

Under Thirteen XI.

Judged by their results, the team this year has not been up to the usual standard; but there is much good football in it, and with greater experience, many of these youngsters will give a good account of themselves. Sallis has always set them a good example of tireless energy. Of the others, the best are, unfortunately, the smallest.


Hunter's Bar Home Won 5-1
Carfield Away Lost 2-4
Birkdale Home Won 11-0
High Storrs Home Lost 2-3
High Storrs Away Draw 2-2

H. T. R. T.