C E Darwin, Peter Everitt, Roy Hadfield, P J Wallis (Coach), G. Ian Sinclair, Geoffrey M J Fenton, M J Stanfield;
David Charles, Roy Butler, Ken Heeley, P Mayor, John B Brown

[Photo + names courtesy of Michael Stanfield]

FIRST XI 50-51

Football [KES Mag Dec 1950]

THIS term has seen a heavier fixture list than before, with the Third Eleven having a complete programme; most Saturdays find five representative sides playing. With the exception of the Third Eleven, where Mr. Kiely has replaced Mr. Duffin, the same Masters are in charge of the teams. Fletcher and Heeley have continued as Captain and Secretary. With many members of last year's teams remaining, the results have been more than usually satisfactory, the first two elevens being unbeaten against other schools. As many of the present players will have left by next year, the continuation of this standard will devolve on the younger players. We have again been pleased to welcome some parents to our home matches, but would like to see many more boys come to support their school teams.


The most important position to fill was that at centre-half; Butler was promoted direct from the Under-15 XI and has been playing well. When Needham left, Everitt took his place at right back, and Charles came in at right wing. Although it has rarely played at full strength, the team would be:-Hadfield; Everitt, Hallows, J.; Fletcher, P. K., Butler, Heeley, K. R.; Charles, Mayor, P., Brown, Dickens, Keighley, D. W. In addition, Bradshaw, Williams, Stanfield, Peterken, Goddard, Sinclair and Darwin have played on one or more occasions.

v. Old Edwardians. At Whiteley Woods, September 16th. Lost 1-3.

Slippery conditions made accurate kicking difficult in the usual opening game. Right from the start the Old Boys showed they were determined to avenge their defeats last year, and it is unfortunate there will not be a return game this year. Early hesitations in the School defence enabled the Old Boys to get two quick goals, but the School team fought back; they were decidedly unlucky when Hadfield was partly unsighted and did not get down to a low ball. The School team nearly scored direct from the kick-off in the second half, but generally the forwards were rather ragged although Mayor was always scheming. Butler played a good first game and Fletcher was outstanding in the defence.

v. P. H. Wreghitt's XI. At Whiteley Woods, September 23rd. Won 6-2.

In the second match also the School team began slowly and soon found themselves two goals down. Fighting back, however, they gradually obtained the ascendancy and were one goal ahead at half-time. Afterwards they added three more goals while their opponents were unable to score again, despite some near efforts.

v. Headmaster's XI. At Whiteley Woods, September 27th. Lost 1-4.

The School were soon in the customary position of being a goal down within five minutes. For the rest of this half and, indeed, for most of the second half, they showed more fighting spirit than in either of their previous games. There were still few signs of cohesion among the forwards and although Mayor was in good form, the rest of the forwards responded weakly. Sound positional sense by Hadfield prevented the opponents from adding any more goals before half-time, but soon afterwards the ball was unfortunately deflected past him. Crowe added another with a hard drive from the edge of the penalty area but Brown replied for the School team, but this was almost immediately nullified by a grand drive from Baker. Including three ex-School football captains, the Headmaster's XI was probably the strongest team the school has met.

(D. W. K.)

v. Ecclesfield G. S. At Ecclesfield, October 7th. Drawn 3-3.

A heavy wind swept across the pitch and made accurate passing more difficult. The defence were not up to their usual form and often caused dangerous situations by not clearing first time. The forwards rarely got moving together although they tried individually. After being one down, Fletcher equalised with a good long shot into the comer of the net, and Brown added another for the School team to lead at half-time. Afterwards the standard of football degenerated, and the School team were unable to press home their advantage. Hadfield mis judged a high shot and then shortly afterwards a wide shot was put in our own goal. There was little time left to equalise, but Brown's perseverance was rewarded.

v. Lincoln School. At Whiteley Woods, October 14th. Won 8-2.

At first there was little to choose between the two sides, but it was an improvement to see the School forward: shooting first time, even though many of the shots finished up in the ditch. Despite a few dangerous raids by the visitors, the School team gradually took control of the game and were three goals ahead at half-time. Early in the second half the visitors replied, but after this the School forwards added five more, and missed quite a number in addition. In the defence Everitt played well, and Butler's heading was conspicuously good. Brown was always trying, and Charles often looked threatening on the wing.

v. Repton "A". At Repton, October 57th. Drawn 3-3.

Fast wingers in Fenton and Stanfield, and thoughtful play by the insides, Mayor and Dickens, helped to make the School team the more dangerous side practically throughout. It was refreshing to see the forwards shooting so readily; indeed, with a little luck, the School team might have won by a comfortable margin, as many shots were within a foot of the goal. A misunderstanding cost the first goal after only five minutes play, but Dickens scored to equalise. A little later Fenton dropped the ball over the goalkeeper into the net, but although the School team attacked for the rest of the half, no further goals were obtained. Soon after the interval, the Repton goalkeeper only partially saved a low drive from Fenton, and the ball trickled over the line. The School team tired towards the end, and a late Repton rally enabled them to draw level. The large pitch suited the forwards, and Repton's speed revealed a lack of understanding between the goalkeeper and his defenders.

(D. W. K.)

v. City Training College 2nd XI. At Graves Park. October 18th. Lost 2-3.

The School team's customary slowness in settling down cost them this match, as the home team scored twice early in the game. The first goal was scrambled in after a free-kick, and the second followed slack marking at a throw-in. For the rest of the first half the School were the better side but, despite persistent attacks, only one goal was scored. The second half was quite different, the game being almost entirely in the School half. The School forwards seldom looked dangerous, and it was left to full-back, Everitt, to score their only other goal after dribbling fifty yards down the wing.

(D. W. K.)

v. High Storrs. At Whiteley Woods, October 21st. Won 11-0

As Fletcher was injured Hallows took over the captaincy. After the first few minutes of even play the School team assumed firm control of the game and little more was seen of the visitors' attack. Exploiting obvious weaknesses of the High Storrs- defence in the air, high centres from the wings were utilised to establish a four goal lead at half-time. Afterwards the School forwards showed a refreshing willingness to shoot and took the score to 11-0, five from Brown and a hat-trick of headers from Dickens. The School defence was not under severe pressure and gave much solid support to the forwards.


v. City Training College 2nd XI. At Whiteley Woods October 25th. Won 6-1.

For this return match Peterken deputised for the captain and played a good game. In the first half the School team again played better football, but could not turn their mid-field superiority into goals. Both the defence and the attack tended to overdo close passing. After the interval the School team continued the pressure and the visitors gradually gave way, the forwards scoring five goals and the defence being little troubled.

v. Ecclesfield. At Whiteley Woods, November 4th. Won 5-1.

The ground was sticky, but this could not excuse the poor standard of football. The defence were very slack to start with and the visitors scored first. For some time the School forwards could not score, despite repeated efforts, the ball being two or three times on the goal line with no forward to put it in or else open goals were missed. In the second half the School team were more definitely on top, but even then the forwards found it difficult to score. There was an unfortunate gap in the middle of the field, between the forwards and defence, partly because Fletcher was still feeling the effects of his injury.

v. Woodhouse. At Woodhouse, November 8th. Drawn 1-1.

The School forward line was weakened with three members away at Oxford, and for both sides the defence was much stronger than the attack. The conditions made ball control difficult. Playing down-hill in the first half, the School forwards had several shots which nearly scored, but neither side was successful before half-time. In the second half the home team attacked more, but it was unfortunate when they scored from a penalty. Shortly afterwards the School team failed to equalise with a penalty, and the result seemed settled when Fletcher was injured and had to retire. This reverse seemed to spur the side on and they fought back very well, Goddard's perseverance leading to an equalising goal.

v. de la Salle College. At Whiteley Woods, November 11th. Won 9-2.

The visitors were unfortunate to arrive with only ten fit players and then to meet Brown on his best form. Gradually the School team took charge of the game. Brown scored eight goals, the other forwards actually having few shots. While the other members of the team made some of the goals, Brown's own determination and good shooting deserved his success. There was again a tendency to overdo the close passing, and in one case this led to the visitors scoring, their other goal being due to bad marking at a comer.

v. R.A.F. College, Cranwell. At Whiteley Woods, November 18th. Won 4-3.

Heeley was captain as both Fletcher and Hallows were unfit. The pitch was in a very bad state and everybody had to work very hard to move the ball, particularly in the centre of the field. After a fairly even period there were three goals in rapid succession, giving the School team a lead of one goal. One of them was scored by Brown with a good strong shot from a through pass by Mayor. In the second half the School team did not press home their two-goal advantage, and each side scored one goal. There were some anxious moments when Hadfield saved a penalty and Everitt cleared from behind the goal-keeper when a high shot had gone over his head. Once again bad marking at a comer led direct to a goal.



The Second XI has again made a good start to the season. To date their record is:—

P. W. D. L. For Against
7 5 1 1 30 10

There are several members of last year's XI still in the side, with the result that at times a certain amount of complacency has crept in. At present 15 boys are competing for 11 places, so no one should consider himself irreplaceable.

The most anxious moments Jones has are those when his own defenders pass back. Bradshaw is a good captain, and can now volley the ball fully 15 yards with his left foot. Others of last year's team doing well are Thornton, Williams, Sinclair and Thomas, whilst Fenton has descended on us from above. Newcomers are Goddard and Tiddy (who have been responsible for most of the goals), Darwin, Crowder, Needham, Glenn and Peterken.

I see no reason why once more we should not remain undefeated by school teams.


Sept. 16. v. Staff. Won 5-1.
Sept. 23. v. O.E.'s 2nd XI. Lost 3-1.
Oct. 7. v. Trojans 1st XI. Won 3-1.
Oct. 21. v. High Storrs G.S. 2nd XI. Drawn 1-1.
Nov. 4. v. Ecclesfield G.S. 2nd XI. Won 4-0.
Nov. 11. v. Huddersfield Amateurs 2nd XI. Won 7-3.
Nov. 18. v. R.A.F. College, Cranwell, 2nd XI Won 9-1.

Goal Scorers:-Goddard 15, Tiddy 9, Crowder 2, Charles 2, Thomas 1, Thornton 1.

C. H. H.


Although the Third XI has been moderately successful, its play can be criticised in the following main points. The defence has not shown itself to be too steady under pressure and conceded seven goals on one occasion; a tendency to dribble and use short passing on the edge of its own penalty area is also to be deprecated. The attack is lacking in punch and mobility and does not use the open spaces to advantage; there is also a tendency to keep the ball too close instead of opening the game out.

Wilson has proved a capable captain and has been ably supported by Marshall. In the defence, Bullard and Rudkin have been prominent. A welcome feature has been the regular attendance at training sessions and the keen enthusiasm shown by the whole team.


v. Old Edwardians 3rd XI (H). Lost 2-5.
v. Owler Lane Secondary School (H) Won 3-o.
v. City Training College 3rd XI (A). Won 4-2.
v. Mexborough G. S. ist XI (H). Lost 0-7.
v. Old Edwardians 3rd XI (H). Won 5-2.

J. K.


So far this season the team has met with moderate success. Injuries and illness early in the term prevented it from settling down, but there have been signs of great improvement in recent matches.

The defence has been steady in its kicking and tackling, but weak anticipation and slowness off the mark has cost too many goals. The wing halves have kept their forwards well supplied with passes and midfield play has been generally good, but the forward line has wasted many of its opportunities through inaccurate shooting and a tendency to hold the ball too long.

Rowbotham, this season's captain, is to be commended on the encouragement he has given the team by word and example, and the whole team has amply compensated in enthusiasm for what it lacks in technical skill.

Won 3, Lost 2, Drawn o.


Sept. 30 v. Carfield Sec. S. 2nd XI. Won 4-2.
Oct. 7. v. Rotherham G.S. Won 3-1.
Oct. 14. v. Owler Lane Sec. S. Lost 0-5.
Oct. 21. v. High Storrs G.S. Lost 2-3.
Nov. 4. v. Southey Green Sec. S.
(Joint U. 14 and U. 15 Team).
Won 5-3.
P. W. L. D. For Against
5 3 2 0 14 14

D. J. W.


This team has made a promising start and should develop into a good team if the left wing can be strengthened. The half-back line is very good. Quick tackling and long cross-field passes have given the forwards many opportunities to score goals.

A tendency by the forwards to bunch and make too many short passes in front of goal has wasted a number of good chances.

Oliver has been appointed captain and has set a high standard by his work at centre-half.

J. C. H.


The supply of really good young footballers shows no sign of failing, and competition is keen for almost every position in the team.

One match, against Hunter's Bar, has been lost; but it is only fair to say that on that occasion, we had six reserves playing. The full team took ample revenge with a 9-1 victory in the return match. The only two other matches played so far have been against Birkdale; and both have been won, by 8-I at Whiteley Woods and by 6-0 away.

J. Hewitt, captain, is playing very well indeed; B. P. Frost has been outstanding at inside-left; and B. A. Watkinson at left-back and J. B. Crapper in goal have rarely made any mistakes in defence. One or two second-formers, given a run with the team to get experience, show great promise for next year.

H. T. R. T.

THE results this term have continued to be satisfactory, particularly with the Second Eleven which, for the second year in succession, has not lost to another school, and with the First Eleven, which has only lost two School games in a heavy fixture list. As quite a number of these two teams will have left by next year, there will be opportunities for several younger players next year. We have again been pleased to see several parents watching the matches.

  P. W. D. L. F. A.
First XI .. 32 22 4 6 120 57
Second XI 14 11 2 1 63 28
Third X1 8 6 0 2 38 19
Under i5 XI 11 3 1 7 15 38
Under 14 XI 12 5 0 7 31 39


On paper the results this year have been very good, despite the loss of Fletcher, Hallows and Dickens, at Christmas. We have greatly missed Fletcher, whose own example had done so much to inspire the team during his year-and-a-half's captaincy. It must be remembered that some of the schools we play against have less than half as many boys as we have to choose from, and yet they manage to press us strongly. While on several occasions the football has been a treat to watch, there have been too many mediocre displays. The main weaknesses have been poor kicking, faulty passing, a tendency to hang on to the ball for too long and thus lose a chance to clear or make a good pass, and a general slowness in moving the ball.

HEELEY, K. R.* (Captain and left-half).-It was no easy task for him to succeed Fletcher after Christmas, but he deserves congratulations for the way he has acquitted himself. Even in his own football he has followed Fletcher as he has recently played much more of a roving game and could often be found up with the forwards on the right or behind his own backs. For two years he has been kept out of his own position at right-half, but the way he has learned to kick with his left foot should serve as an example to younger players. His determination and dogged tackling have become well-known. .

P. J. W.

HADFIELD, R.* (Goalkeeper).-He has been a safe goalkeeper, handling ground shots extremely well. In the air his height should enable him to catch the ball more. He has unfortunately missed some matches this term through illness.

EVERITT, P. K.* (Right-Back).-Although new to the side this season, he quickly gained his colours. A strong and speedy full-back, he often bewildered opponents by solo runs down the wing. He also played centre-half during Butler's absence.

DARWIN, C. E. (Left-Back).-He was promoted to the team at Christmas with the difficult task of succeeding Hallows. He has played steadily and distributed the ball well, although his defensive covering has been faulty at times.

PETERKEN, G. S. (Right-Half). -He took over Fletcher's position permanently at Christmas, but has unfortunately missed some recent matches. Although small, he tackles hard and distributes the ball well.

BUTLER, R. (Centre-Half). -He came straight from the Under 15 XI, and has been a successful pivot. Although his kicking might be stronger, his heading ability has helped to make him usually safe and reliable, although he is apt to leave the centre-forward unmarked at times.

CHARLES, D. A. (Outside-Right).-He was appointed School Football Secretary at Christmas. His combination with Mayor has compensated for his lack of speed, but at times he has delayed passing too long and given the defence time to cover up.

MAYOR, P.z (Inside- Right).-His cleverness with the ball is outstanding, and his solo runs down the field have proved the downfall of many defences. Sometimes he has tended to overdo his own efforts when a short pass would have been more effective.

BROWN, J. B.* (Centre-Forward). He has broken the School record for the number of goals, this season. He has played consistently well until the last few matches, but, particularly on heavy grounds, he should try to bring his wingmen more into the game.

SINCLAIR, G. I. (Inside-Left).-He has developed into a strong and forceful inside-forward, having a good understanding with the others, but he has been unlucky not to score more goals.

KEIGHLEY, D. W.t (Outside-Left).-Owing to illness he has only been able to play occasionally, and then not always at his best. He has been missed, and his position war usually occupied by Stanfield, a strong and bustling, although inconsistent, player.

Owing to illnesses, Jones and Fenton have played several times in goal and at half-back, and proved very capable substitutes. Bradshaw, Crowder, Goddard and Williams have also played on one or more occasions.

t Indicates old Colour; * Indicates Colour awarded this season.

K. R. H.


v. Bootham School. At Bootham, November 25th. Lost 3-5.

After a few minutes Everitt made a bad pass back enabling the home side to score, but after Brown and Charles had missed chances from left-wing centres, Dickens equalised. The defence failed to challenge the home centre-forward, but Brown was able to equalise again after Mayor had dribbled several players and the goal-keeper had only partially saved his shot. The School took the lead in the second half, but the home team fought back very strongly, and their fast forwards took advantage of our defence's failure to clear first time.

v. Barnsley G.S. At Whiteley Woods, November 29th. Won 4-1.

The ground was again very muddy, but the School team moved the ball about more and deserved their victory. The first goal came early in the match when Keighley returned a bad goal kick into the corner of the net, and Brown later sent in a long shot which just evaded the goal-keeper. The best goal came in the second half when all three inside forwards were up together and Mayor scored with a strong shot. The visitors played their best football in the latter part of the game, while the School team became more ragged, and again conceded a goal from a corner.

v. City Training College. At Graves Park, December 6th. Won 2-1.

Although we were attacking continuously, a defensive blunder enabled the home team to take the lead, but eventually Charles was able to scramble in an equaliser. We scored the only goal in the second half but our opponents tried very hard to draw level and Jones saved an almost certain goal by running out quickly.

v. Firth Park G.S. At Firth Park, December 9th. Won 3-0.

While ground conditions were the best for many weeks, the standard of football was very poor to start with. Mis-kicks followed faulty marking, and the whistle was blown frequently. One of the best moves came early in the second half when Brown received the ball some thirty yards from the goal, neatly beat one defender, and then shot just as he was tackled by another, but the goal-keeper was just able to save it by conceding a corner. By contrast, Brown's last goal was a gentle header from a centre by Charles; this was after Mayor had put a good shot in the corner of the net.

v. Barnsley G.S. At Barnsley. December 13th. Won 1-0.

This match was played on a frozen pitch, and the first half finished with no score. At first Barnsley did most of the attacking, but Dickens nearly scored, and on another occasion the ball was in the net, only to be disallowed for off-side. Both goal-keepers had several anxious moments, a good shot from Keighley went just outside the post. The only goal was scored when Keighley put a long pass over the defenders' heads and Brown put it in the net.

v. University XI. At Graves Park, January 10th. Won 4-2.

The new term was opened with a narrow victory in a good game. In the first half the School team played better football, but gave away a goal by bad positioning in the defence, and only managed to draw level just before half-time. In the second-half the forwards were more prominent and Brown, while often off-ride, scored one particularly good goal with a shot into the far top corner of the net.

v. High Storrs G.S. At High Storrs, January 13th. Drawn 3-3.

We were lucky to be awarded a penalty, but missed it, so the home team rubbed it in by scoring almost immediately afterwards. Each side scored again in the first half, but after resuming the home team were kept pinned in their own half, except for occasional, but dangerous, raids by their fast forwards. Continual pressure, however, reaped its own reward and we took the lead. High Storrs rallied well and managed to score again to draw a keenly fought game.

v. Chesterfield G.S. At Whiteley Woods, January 17th. Won 5-1.

Conditions were so bad that the match had to be played on the second pitch. Although most of the goals came from passing movements and long kicks the forwards still kept to their usual tactics of close passing. Keighley showed more of his old form and opened the score, when he came in from the wing to make a strong shot; he also scored two other goals in the first half. After the interval the game was much more even and each side scored once.

v. Huddersfield Amateurs. At Whiteley Woods, January loth. Won 2-1.

After this game the field looked as if it had been ploughed, but the School team had " kept at it " and overcame their opponents' superiority in weight. The victory would have been more decisive if the visiting goal keeper had not played so well. As some of the defence were rather uncertain with their kicking of the muddy ball, it was no surprise when the visitors took the lead. Brown was rather lucky to equalise with a shot which hit the underneath of the cross-bar and bounced just inside the goal and the forwards were only able to scramble one further goal.

v. University XI. At Whiteley Woods, January 24th. Won 6-0.

Although conditions were better, the standard of football did not improve correspondingly. In the first half the forwards did not really combine well together, but Brown scored twice. In the second half we pressed continuously. Fenton played well at centre-half, deputising for Butler.

v. Woodhouse G.S. At Whiteley Woods, January 27th. Won 1-0.

This game was played on a very hard pitch which was still very uneven after the mud-larks of previous matches, and good football was made very difficult. Despite this, the game was keenly fought and the result was in doubt until the final whistle. After Keighley had shot straight at the goalkeeper and Brown, just outside the goal, we were lucky to score when Peterken put in a good shot which hit the cross-bar and rebounded into play only for a defender to put it into his own goal. There were very few good shots from either side, although some good corners were sent across but not converted.

v. University XI. At Whiteley Woods, January 31st. Won 5-0.

For the first half there was little in the game, although the visitors were one short. The most exciting episode was when Charles had only the goalkeeper to beat, but shot straight at him and the Stanfield returned the ball with a hard drive only to hit the bar. The School team showed more determination in the second half, but found it difficult to score until the last part of the game, when five goals were quickly added.

v. Manchester G. S. At Manchester, February 3rd. Won 3-2.

Within a minute the home goalkeeper made a good save, but shortly afterwards he only partially stopped a shot from Heeley and Crowder ran in to score. After several minutes of fairly even play, Heeley and Mayor added goals. In the second half the home team attacked much more strongly and deserved their second goal, when Hadfield only partially stopped a shot. Although there were one or two anxious moments when the ball hit the bar, or a defender cleared off the goal line, the School team managed to maintain their one goal lead.

v. Rotherham G.S. At Rotherham, February 7th. Won 3-1.

Within a few minutes Brown opened the score with a good header, but the home team nearly equalised when a shot hit the cross-bar with Hadfield defeated. We were lucky to be two goals up at half-time, but played better in the second half. Nevertheless, Rotherham scored the first goal in this half when their forwards were unmarked, but Brown later put a pass through to Crowder who scored with a shot in the far corner and clinched the result.

v. Sheffield Club. At Whiteley Woods, February 10th. Lost 1-4.

Once again the School team started slowly, making all kinds of elementary mistakes, and soon found themselves one goal down. Then, for a while, they played better, and Charles equalised from a pass by Mayor. Gradually the visitors obtained mastery of the game, largely owing to their greater speed with the ball, moving into positions for the pass, and an ability to take the chances offered. Although there were several close efforts, the School team could not score again.

v. University XI. At Whiteley Woods, February 14th. Won 5-0.

It was some time before the School team opened the score when Brown beat his opponent and went through down the middle. After this, it was only a matter of how many goals the team would score, and Hadfield was rarely troubled. Brown obtained three more, and Sinclair one, but there were far too many missed chances, even allowing for the very bad ground conditions. The referee had to blow up far too frequently for off-sides-the forwards should have learnt to counter the defensive moves.

v. Ecclesfield G. S. At Ecclesfield, February 21st. Won 4-3.

With a strong wind behind them the School team did most of the attacking, but Ecclesfield opened the score from a long pass. A little later Sinclair took the chance offered by a defensive blunder to equalise. Another goal was lost through bad marking at a corner, although one of our team actually put it in the net. Brown equalised when he neatly took a long pass from Mayor, side-stepped his opponent, and shot in the corner. In the second half the home team attacked more strongly, but we opened the score only for the defence to concede another with bad play. Continuing the pressure, Mayor shot, and Brown followed up and scored when the shot was only partially stopped.

v. High Storrs G.S. At High Storrs, February 28th. Lost 3-4.

The home team looked more dangerous in the beginning, but we opened the score when Charles took the ball through and centred to Brown, whose shot was partially stopped but bounced over the goalkeeper's head into the net. A little later a long shot from Brown hit the upright and rebounded into play, but no forward was near enough to put the ball into the goal. Everitt headed the ball backwards and two other defenders failed to clear before High Storrs equalised from a comer. In the second half, the ball went from one end to the other with the issue remaining in doubt all the time. The home team scored the first goal on three occasions, but the School team only had time to reply to the first two. It was unfortunate that two or three players on the School side chose the same match to give their worst performance of the term, and thus to end a good season with an indifferent display.

P. J. W.


Since the last report, the team has played seven matches, winning six and drawing one, and the 20 boys who have appeared in the side can feel justifiably proud of their efforts.

It is said that it is easy to captain a winning team; yet at any anxious moments, Bradshaw has always shown a lead. He has done well, and his tackling has been devastating. Jones and Weston have shared the goal-keeping. We know Jones to be good, and Weston did not let the side down, and is ready for a regular place next season.

When Darwin gained a place in the 1st XI, Patchett took his place and has played really well. Rudkin has also made a couple of appearances at full-back. The half-backs have been Thornton, Glenn, and Fenton, with Needham as the stand-by. Thornton has played consistently well, and had an excellent game on a bone-hard pitch at Woodhouse. Glenn has shown a great improvement since the season started, although he maintains his average of one glaring miskick per match. There is only one thing that Fenton likes better than beating two men-and that's beating three or even four.

The wing positions have both shared between Williams, Wilson, Crowder and Stanfield. All have done well, and the side has been fortunate to have so many speedy wingers.

Marshall came into the side when Tiddy had to stop playing. Both are ready goal scorers, yet possess the same fault; at times they are too deliberate. Thomas has been the regular inside-left. He is clever, but finds the heavy grounds tiring.

Goddard, at centre-forward, has been outstanding, as his goal tally shows.

Altogether a highly satisfactory season, the second in succession in which no school side has defeated us. Well done, 2nd XI!


v. Staff.            Won 5-1.

v. O.E.'s 2nd XI.          Lost 1-3.

v. Trojan's 1st XI.         Won 3-1.

v. High Storrs 2nd XI.  Draw 1-1.

v. Ecclesfield 2nd XI.    Won 4-0.

v. Huddersfield Amateurs' 2nd XI.        Won 7-3.

v. R.A.F. Cranwell, 2nd XI.      Won 9-1.

v. Bootham School.      Won 8-0.

v. Firth Park 2nd XI.    Won 5-2.

v. High Storrs 2nd XI.  Won 10-4.

v. Chesterfield 2nd XI.  Won 4-1.

v. Woodhouse 2nd XI. Won 4-2.

v. Barnsley 2nd XI.       Draw 4-4.

v. Rotherham 2nd XI.   Won 8-5.

Scorers: Goddard 35, Tiddy 15, Thornton 7, Marshall 4, Crowder 3, Wilson 3, Thomas 2, Williams 2, Stanfield 2.       

C. H. H.


This season the Third XI had a fuller programme of fixtures than in previous seasons, but bad weather curtailed it considerably. Although the standard of play has not been high, only two matches have been lost, and the whole team has shown commendable enthusiasm in both games and practices. The forward line has been lacking in thrust, although individual members have performed well on occasions, whilst lack of adequate covering has been the main fault in the defence, which conceded seven goals against Mexborough 1st XI. Wilson, as captain, and Marshall, as vice-captain, have filled their posts efficiently, whilst Rudkin, Bullard, and Lewis have been prominent in defence. For the return game with Mexborough, the team was strengthened with four players from other elevens, and the resultant victory showed the higher standard of play that can be attained, when the team has a blending of experience to direct it.

J. K.


Sept. 23 v. Old Edwardians 3rd XI (H) Lost 2-5.
Oct. 7 v. Owler Lane Sec. School (H). Won 3-0.
Oct. 21 v. City Training Coll. 3rd XI (A) Won 4-2.
Nov. 4 v. Mexborough G.S. 1st XI (H) Lost 0-7.
Nov. 18 v. Old Edwardians 3rd XI (H) Won 5-2.
Dec. 9 v. Owler Lane Sec. Sch. (A) Won 7-t.
Jan. 20 v. High Storrs G.S. 3rd XI (A) Won 4-2.
Jan. 27 v. 367 Squadron A.T.C. (A). Won 13-0
Feb. 24 v. Mexborough G.S. 1st XI (A). Won 3-1.


The Under 15 XI started rather badly with a heavy defeat at the hands of Carfield 1st XI, but high hopes of having a good season arose with a good win at Rotherham. This improvement was not maintained and the next five matches were lost. During the last games of the season, however, the team played with much more speed and determination. Much of our latest success was due to the careful coaching of Mr. Wilson.


Sept. 23 v. Carfield 1st XI (H) Lost 2-6
Oct. 17 v. Rotherham G.S. (A) Won r--0
Oct. 21 v. High Storrs G.S. (A) Lost o-4
Oct. 28 v. Firth Park G.S. (A) Lost o--5
Nov. 4 v. Southey Green (H)
With Under 14 XI.
Won 5-2
Dec. 9 v. Carfield 1st XI (A) Lost o-5
Jan. 13 v. High Storrs G.S. (H) Lost o-4
Jan. 20 v. Chesterfield G.S. (A) Draw 2-2
Jan. 27 v. Rotherham G.S. (H) Won 3-2
Feb. 3 v. Firth Park G.S. (H) Lost 2-4
Feb. 10 v. Barnsley G.S. (A) Lost 0-4


The second half of the season has been very disappointing. At the end of the first term, a competent XI had been built and was becoming quite successful, and looking forward to further triumphs. Owing to illness and injuries, it has been difficult to field an XI, and rarely has the team contained more than five or six regular players and, on one occasion, only three members of the team had previously played for a School XI.

Nevertheless, we would like to thank the large number of boys who have turned out, often at a few minutes' notice, and done their best for the team.



Dec. 9 v. Firth Park G.S. Lost 1-3.
Jan. 13 v. High Storrs G.S. Lost 0-3.
Jan. 20 V. Chesterfield G.S. Won 3-0.
Jan. 27 v. Barnsley G.S. Lost 2-4.
Feb. 3 v. Barnsley G.S. Lost 1-r r
Feb. 10 v. Carfield Sec. Schl. 2nd XI. Lost r-3.