KES Football FIRST XI 1948-49

Les May, Pete Mayor, David Parnham, P J Wallis (Coach), Ken Heeley, David Keighley, Bob Needham;
Ian S Jackson, J B Crowe, William Furniss (capt), Peter Fletcher, Alan Mousley.

[Photo + names courtesy of Peter Mayor assisted by Jack Hallows]

FIRST XI 48-49

Football [KES Mag Dec 1948]


The highlight of this term's football was undoubtedly the two-day visit of Mr. Winterbottom, the F.A. Coach and England team manager; all the teams are greatly indebted to the Head Master for arranging this very helpful visit. The first item was a showing of three F.A. films dealing with various aspects of the game such as ball control, dribbling and coaching-the members of the upper school were thrilled to see some of their favourite stars, followed by boys of their own age, showing some good and bad features of the game. After this Mr. Winterbottom discussed particular points of coaching with some staff and senior boys. In the afternoon the first two elevens were introduced to pressure training, one-two football and other interesting practice games and were taken in a short practice game. The next morning was the turn of the Under 15 and Under 14 teams to show their skill and learn some tips Mr. Winterbottom emphasised the importance of thinking ahead and planning the next move at the same time as one was watching the ball. Everybody concerned enjoyed Mr. Winterbottom's visit immensely and it is no secret that he was impressed with the general standard of play and the keenness shown. The latter has been borne out by the good attendance, with one or two obvious exceptions, of the teams at after-school training. Since it has got dark so early it has been difficult to squeeze everybody into the gymnasium; at the same time the muddier ground has shown the need for greater fitness and stamina and for better skills.


v. Old Edwardians. At Whiteley Woods on Saturday. September 11th.

For the first match of the season the team met a heavier and more experienced, greatly improved O.E. team, practically every member of which had played for the school 1st XI. The first half was very even with each side scoring alternately, the Old Boys one ahead at half-time. In the second half the O.E.'s improved and while the School attacked quite frequently they found it difficult to get the ball in the net. In the defence the covering was the main weakness and the opponents took advantage of this to score further goals.

Result: K.E.S., 4. Old Edwardians, 8.

v. Old Edwardians. At Whiteley Woods on Saturday, September 18th.

In the second match it looked as if the previous result might be repeated as the O.E.'s opened the score. The match was played at a fast pace and the School had to fight hard to equalise and then, by continuing the pressure, to obtain another goal and the lead at half-time. In the second half the School took advantage of one or two lapses by their opponents and played very well. While the final score was too flattering the two matches together showed there was little to choose between the two teams. In this second match the defence was much sounder and the forward line had some very good movements, with good goals by Crowe and Keighley. This was probably the best performance this this term.

Result: K.E.S., 5. Old Edwardians, 1.

v. Headmaster's XI. At Abbeydale Park on Wednesday, September 22nd.

The Headmaster had got a strong team for this annual fixture and we were fortunate in being allowed to play the match at Abbeydale Park. The team seemed to find difficulty in getting used to the full-size pitch, and the continual drizzle made good kicking and ball-control more difficult. In the first half our opponents were quicker on the ball and faster with it, because they moved into position and made the ball do the work. In the second half, and particularly during the last quarter of an hour, the School pressed strongly but did not quite manage to make a draw of the match—Mousley scored both the goals.

Result: K.E.S., 2. Headmaster's XI, 3.

v. Bootham School. At York on Saturday, September 25th.

The team started their first School match with great promise, a goal from the kick-off being only prevented by the home team captain's good save. In the first half the School did most of the attacking but found difficulty in converting mid-field superiority into goals: the wingers looked dangerous but real punch seemed lacking from the middle. The game improved in the second half and the School obtained two more goals.

Result: K.E.S., 3. Bootham School, 1.

v. C. B. Dawson's XI. At Whiteley Woods on Wednesday. September 29th.

Last year's Head Prefect and goalkeeper obtained a team at short notice. The School soon established a good lead with three similar goals by the wingers whose shots went in just round the post. The opponents made a few position changes and the play became much more even. One or two of the opponents were very fast on the ball and gave an object lesson to the team.

Result: K.E.S., 8. C. B. Dawson's XI, 4.

v. Lincoln School. At Whiteley Woods on Saturday, October 2nd.

For this match the sun shone brilliantly, the ground was hard and the ball light; these changed conditions seemed to upset some members of the team. It was rather against the run of the play when the School team found themselves two goals ahead. The Lincoln team gave an exhibition in dribbling and passing to advantage, and again the School were made to look quite slow. Our victory was partly due to Parnham who gave one of his best displays as goalkeeper, and to Mousley who played much better and scored three goals.

Result: K.E.S., 5. Lincoln School, 2.

v. Rotherham G.S. At Rotherham on Saturday, October 9th.

In the first half the team played some good football and were unfortunate to be a goal down. The contrast with the second half was remarkable. Every member of the team made elementary mistakes and the home team seized their opportunities while the School got dispirited and ragged. It is a pity that there is not a return match this year so that the School could have the opportunity to show their form.

Result: K.E.S., 1. Rotherham G.S., 6.

v. The Staff. At Whiteley Woods on Wednesday, October 13th.

After two practice games against the seconds the Staff were keen to try conclusions with the 1st XI. 'Unfortunately injuries depleted the team and Kenney, an Old Boy who was home on leave, came in to fill a last minute gap. For three-quarters of the game play was fairly even although the Staff team found difficulty in converting good mid-field work into goals. In the later stages of the game the School's one goal lead at half-time was changed into a decisive victory.

Result: School, 7. Staff, 1.

v. Derbyshire Amateurs. At Whiteley Woods on Saturday, October 16th.

Although we were kicking up-hill in the first half the School pressed strongly and just about deserved the one goal lead at half-time. The visitors defence was sound and enabled them to stage a good rally in the latter part of the game and obtain a one goal lead. The last few minutes were exciting with the School attacking persistently and managing to draw level just before the final whistle. The visitors' performance was all the more noteworthy because their average age was at least twice ours.

Result: K.E.S., 5. Derbyshire Amateurs, 5.

v. Repton A." At Repton on Tuesday, October 19th.

In the first half the School played quite well, against the sun, but were a goal down because of two bad mistakes. The forwards' weakness was again in the goal-mouth. Then the whole team played much better and drew level and then obtained a two goal lead. The last few minutes were rather anxious as Repton reduced the lead to one and continued to make further attacks, fortunately without scoring.

Result: K.E.S., 4. Repton "A," 3.

v. Barnsley G.S. At Whiteley Woods on Saturday, October 23rd.

Even before this match started luck was against us as Parnham fell ill and a last minute substitute had to be found after the 2nd XI had started off. Crowe, who had recently been given his colours for consistently good work at inside-forward, went into goal and Silk, who played quite well, came in at outside-left. Only a short while after the match had started the captain, Furniss, fell heavily on his arm and has been unable to play for the rest of the term. Even after this luck was not with the team as there were a number of shots which might well have scored goals. The visitors were one of the best sides we have played so it was no surprise that the score reached high figures.

Result: K.E.S., 1. Barnsley G.S., 9.

v. Manchester G.S. At Manchester on Saturday, October 30th.

Because of injuries and half-term the School fielded several reserves for this match and were not too confident on starting. In the first half their play was fair but showed promise. In the second half we attacked much more confidently and Crowe celebrated his first match as acting-captain by scoring two very good goals. Marriott played a very plucky game at centre-half against their captain and played a large part in the result.

Result: K.E.S., 3. Manchester G.S., 3.

v. R.A.F. College, Cranwell. At Whiteley Woods on Saturday, November 6th.

Within the first few minutes the School should have scored but the first goal did not come until later when Stanfield scored with a high shot from out on the wing, and this lead was increased when Mousley scored from a through pass by Keighley. In the second half the visitors fought back very strongly and the School allowed them to take the initiative. As the first three choices for centre-half were all injured Jackson played at centre-half and settled down very well. Other defensive lapses, however, were eagerly taken advantage of by the good visiting side.

Result: K.E.S., 3. R.A.F. College, Cranwell, 5.

v. Woodhouse G.S. At Whiteley Woods on Wednesday, November 10th.

The School took the lead after five minutes when Stanfield scored from the wing but this was the only goal we scored. In the second half the visitors dominated the game. Several of their goals were due to various mistakes by the defenders. Mousley was off form and missed some scoring chances but the visitors were not really challenged in the second half.

Result: K.E.S., 1. Woodhouse G.S., 7.

v. 6th Royal Tank Regt., Worksop. At Worksop on Wednesday, November 17th.

The School team took a little time to settle down to a large dry pitch and were not disgraced or defeated when they were three goals down at half-time. In the second half the home team pressed continuously but the School forwards often looked dangerous, but only managed to score one goal. The army team had been winning most of their matches quite handsomely (having professional players at centre-half and centre-forward) and were impressed with the School's display.

Result: K.E.S., 1. Tank Regt., 5.

v. Liverpool Ramblers. At Whiteley Woods on Saturday, November 20th.

The School gave another improved performance, fielding two new players from the 2nd XI. The forwards, however, still had a tendency to shoot straight at the goal-keeper and thus miss scoring chances. In the ,second half the team played more confidently, after being one goal down, and obtained three goals. The visitors rallied well and, helped by the goal-keeper's lapse, drew level again. The last five minutes witnessed a hectic struggle, with goal-mouth scrambles, but the final result of a draw indicated the comparative merits of the two teams.

Result: K.E.S., 4. Liverpool Ramblers, 4.

v. Chesterfield G.S. At Chesterfield on Wednesday, November 24th.

Once again Stanfield scored in the first few minutes, while Charles added another in the first half. The defence only conceded one goal in this half with Jackson at centre-half breaking up many dangerous attacks; he was ably assisted by Mason at back and both players had done consistently well throughout the term and fully deserved their award of colours. In the second half both sides scored two goals and the School team just managed to keep a goal ahead until the end.

Result: K.E.S., 4. Chesterfield G.S., 3.

During the term Furniss played well until his injury, from which we hope he will soon be recovered; he has also helped me with these notes since he has not been playing. His place was taken by Crowe who had early won his colours, while more recently Jackson and Mason have also obtained theirs. The team has fluctuated considerably, partly in an effort to fill one or two difficult positions, and partly because of injuries. The following have played with the number of games indicated: Furniss (11), Crowe (16), Jackson (13), Mason (17), Fletcher (16), Mousley (17), Keighley (16), Needham (15), Hallows (13), Kelly (13), Parnham (12), Bradshaw (5), Gill (5), Stanfield (4), Thornton (4), Buchan (2), Charles (2), Dickens (2), Heeley (2), Marriott (1), Silk (1). Fletcher has been an efficient secretary, making the arrangements for each match. Thanks are due to A. V. Lewis who has been an efficient and enthusiastic linesman for most of the games played so far. Taking account of the calibre of some of the sides we have played against the results so far of seven matches won, three drawn and seven lost, are fairly creditable. I am confident that there is every chance of improving this record in the second half of the season.



The 2nd XI has made a promising start this season and to date their record reads:—

P. W. D. L. For Against
7 4 1 2 29 19

At first glance these results suggest that the defence needs strengthening. This is so; but the defence is the only settled part of the team, and it is up to the players in possession to rectify the faults. Better positioning and quicker recovery after being beaten will bring this about. The forwards give some anxiety. Their main faults, which are found also in teams of much better standing are: (1) Allowing an opponent to beat them to the pitch of the ball. (2) Giving up when beaten and not attempting to regain position (this is unpardonable). (3) Shyness in front of the goal.

There are ten boys at present in the running for the five positions-and only the best will play. The main duty of the 2nd XI is to develop players for the 1st team. Several members have already played-it is hoped that others will get their chance, and take it, before the season ends.


Sept. 11 School, 5. Old Edwardians 2nd XI, 2.
Sept. 25 School, 11. Bootham 2nd XI, 1.
Oct. 2 School, 4. Staff "A" XI, 3.
Oct. 6 School, 0. Staff, 2.
Oct. 9 School, 2. Rotherham G.S. 2nd XI. 2.
Oct. 23 School, 0. Barnsley G.S. 2nd XI, 5.
Nov. 20 School, 7. Chesterfield G.S. 2nd XI, 4.

Scorers: May, 7; Stanfield, 7: Brown, 3; Haxton. 3; Gill, 2; Charles, 2; Kelly. 1; Silk, 1: Dickens, 1; Own Goal, 2.



After Mr. Winterbottom's visit, described in the last Magazine, the main event in the year's football has probably been the starting of the new Third Eleven and the arrangement of several Junior Matches. The good results obtained by the juniors promise very well for future years. While every team must strive as hard as possible to win their match, it is more important to play a good game. This year, perhaps even more than usual, the results of matches won and lost are a little misleading because some of the best displays have been put up against strong opposition.


  P. W. D. L. F. A.
1st XI 29 11 7 11 104 97
2nd XI.. 13 7 1 5 53 34
3rd XI.. 5 1 0 4 16 21
Under 15 XI 8 1 0 7 19 60
Under 14 XI 11 2 1 8 23 33
Juniors..- 5 4 1 0 33 11


After various changes the team settled down as:—

PARNHAM (Goalkeeper). His promise has been so great that it has been a disappointment when he has made a silly mistake. He must make up his mind quicker when to come out to forestall an opposing forward, and strengthen his kicking.

NEEDHAM (Right-Back). After his return to the team he quickly settled down in a new position and played with much more confidence. Sometimes his tackling has been a little too swift and his clearance was not always strong enough.

JACKSON (Left-Back). He has been a tower of strength in the defence, -often playing at centre-half owing to the captain's injury. His anticipation was good and few forwards could outstrip him, while his kicking %vas strong.

FLETCHER (Right-Half). He has played consistently well and also been an efficient secretary. His main weakness has perhaps been his speed in keeping up with the ball and bridging the gap between backs and forwards.

FURNISS (Centre-Half). He soon regained his form on returning after his injury. His spirited play set a good captain's example. While he was at his best in breaking up dangerous raids, his long clearances often set the forwards going.

HEELEY (Left-Half). He was promoted from the second eleven owing to an injury and has maintained his position ever since. His dogged play has more than made up for his lack of height.

KELLY (Outside-Right. At one stage in the season he was playing very well and his quick runs on the wing and powerful centres always looked dangerous. Towards the end of the season he lost a little of his former punch, but remained one of the more promising forwards.

MAYOR (Inside-Right). His rapid achievement of a position in the first eleven should be an example to younger footballers in the school. His individual ball control is outstanding and been commented on by many opposing teams. Next year we hope that it will be matched by a better realisation that good passing and positional play is much more effective than individual dribbling. He also has a tendency to give up a tackle when a little more resolution would probably ensure success.

MOUSLEY (Centre-Forward). He has been the main goal scorer of the team and probably set up a school record for the number of goals in a season. Like most centre-forwards he has also had his share of misses! His tendency to give up when beaten and slowness in bringing the ball under control have been more apparent at centre-forward than they Were at half-back last season. Despite these weaknesses nobody else in the school has challenged him for this difficult but most important position.

CROWE (Inside-Left). In the early part of the season he was the main organiser of the forward line and responsible for many of its goals. Towards the end he seemed to grow stale and lack his former polish. Even then, however, a quick pass here or a rasping shot there, showed that he has plenty of good football left for the future.

The outside-left position has been the most unsettled one in the team. At the beginning of the season Keighley occupied it and played several skilful games. Either because he was playing inside or because he was unfit the position was taken by Stanfield at first and by May at the end of the season. The former must learn to control the ball better to become really dangerous and then to centre to another forward; kicking indiscriminately in the centre of the field does not often lead to goals. May, on the other hand, lacked the speed and bustle of Stanfield but, given plenty of time and room, often made a more effective pass.

During the early part of the season First XI colours were awarded to Crowe, Mason and Jackson; and later Fletcher, Heeley and Mousley gained them. Second XI colours were re-awarded to Needham, Parnham and May and awarded for the first time to Kelly, Mayor and Keighley.


v. University III. At Whiteley Woods, December 1st. Lost 2-3.

v. City Training College. At Norton, December 8th. Drawn 2-2.

v. Firth Park G.S. At Firth Park, December 11th. Drawn 1-1.

The last three matches of the Christmas term were all closely fought, with little to choose between the sides and the result in doubt until the last moment. Owing to scholarship calls a weakened team played well to draw with the Training College but the game against Firth Park was probably the best. In this match the home team soon scored the first goal and the School tried in vain to draw level in the first half. In the second half strong attacks were mainly spoilt by weak finishing but one goal was scored. In the closing stages the home team made several spirited attacks but goal-line clearances prevented any further score.

v. Barnsley G.S. At Barnsley, January 15th. Lost 0-7.

The new term did not open very well, but the difference between the teams was exaggerated by the score. For periods of the game the School team did more attacking than their opponents, but poor finishing robbed it of all its effectiveness, while the Barnsley forwards were much more adept at seizing their chances.

v. Chesterfield G.S. At Whiteley Woods, January 19th. Won 5-0.

Both sides seemed to find difficulty in controlling the ball against the very strong wind and as a consequence the standard of football was only fair. There was not very much to choose between the two sides during most of the game, but for a short period in each half the School team seemed to wake up and scored the goals. The best of the match was when Crowe headed a corner from Kelly right into the corner of the goal, leaving the goalkeeper no chance.

v. High Storrs G.S. At Whiteley Woods, January 22nd. Drawn 4-4.

The School team played much better and deserved to draw the game, although it would have been better if the forwards had seized their opportunities to score the goals. Although generally the game was played at quite a fast pace, some of the School team slowed it down unnecessarily by hanging on to the ball for too long, so that when they did pass most players were marked.

v. Sheffield University III. At Norton, January 26th. Drawn 2-2.

The only excuse for the bad display given by the School team is that they were not used to the large size pitch and consequently did not use the open spaces for their passes. It was mainly owing to the open goals missed by the home centre-forward that the School was only one goal down until near the end. After one of the opponents had retired hurt the team were lucky to scramble another goal in and draw level.

v. Stockport G.S. At Whiteley Woods, January 29th. Won 5-0.

In the first half there was little to choose between the two teams and the School only obtained their first goal just before the interval. In the second half the team combined better and gradually established an ascendency. Although Furniss was limping in the wing position the defence did not give the lighter opposing forwards much freedom.

v. Sheffield University Seventh Club. At Whiteley Woods, February 2nd. Won 11-2.

In this scratch side of Old Boys at Sheffield University there were only a few who had touched a football since they left school, and it was not surprising that the game was rather one-sided. The School team soon scored their first goal and Mousley added three more in the first half besides four in the second half. Nevertheless the Old Boys continued to fight and replied with two goals.

v. Derby G.S. At Whiteley Woods, February 5th. Won 7-0.

It was doubtful until the last minute whether this match could be played because the ground was so hard. Although the conditions interfered with the game, careful play meant that the game was finished without injury. Again the School team were slow in finding the weaknesses in their opponent's team but by half-time there was little doubt

about the result. Rather unusually, in this match, the score flattered the School team.

v. Ackworth School. At Ackworth, February 12th. Won 3-0.

Although a much smaller side the home team put up a very plucky fight and made the School team struggle all the way. If the forwards had seized all their chances, however, the score would have been larger. A feature of the day was the extremely courteous way in which Ackworth made arrangements to suit our convenience.

v. Ecclesfield G.S. At Ecclesfield, February 16th. Lost 0-2.

While there was little difference between the two sides, the School team only showed traces of their real form. After becoming one down because the ball bounced badly when Parnham had it covered, the School team did not seem to be able to make that extra effort necessary to draw level. The best shot in the match was one from Crowe which hit the upright with the goalkeeper beaten.

v. City Training College. At Norton, February 19th. Lost 1-4.

The first half of this game was very even but in the second half some defensive blunders helped a much heavier team to obtain a clear lead. Throughout the game was played at a fast pace. Except for a few lapses the defence played well but the forwards did not combine together properly and rarely looked really threatening.



The team played much better during the second half of the season, and put up really good performances against Barnsley G.S. 2nd XI and the City Training College 2nd XI (although the latter game, at home, was lost). Against High Storrs 2nd XI, the School had pulled up to 2-3, when unfortunately Haxton was injured, and the game ended in a 5-2 defeat.

Buchan has been a satisfactory captain, although there were times when he could have given more vocal encouragement during a game. Dickens has been the most consistent player, and Hallows has strengthened the half-back line of late. Other stalwarts have been: Bradshaw-though still carrying a swinger in his left foot; Stanfield of the fleet foot; Charles-though he hit a bad patch in mid-season; Gill, Silk, Haxton and Brown. Hadfield and Gee came into the side late on in the season, but made the goalkeeper and centre-half positions their own, the latter taking the place of Marriott who was, unfortunately, unable to play owing to an injury.

As a result 2nd XI colours have been re-awarded to Gill, Bradshaw, Hallows and Stanfield, and awarded to Buchan, Dickens, Charles, Gee and Marriott.

It is hoped that some of the above will find places in the 1st XI next season.

RESULTS (from November 27th, 1948)

November 27 Away School, 2; City Training College 2nd XI, 4.
January 15 Home School, 4;Barnsley G.S. 2nd XI, 1.
January 22 Away School, 2; High Storrs G.S. 2nd XI, 5.
January 29 Away School, 5;Stockport G.S. 2nd XI, s.
February 5 Home School, 7: Derby G.S. 2nd XI, o.
February 19 Home School, 3; City Training College 2nd XI, 4.

Scorers (whole season): Stanfield 9, Silk 8, Brown 8, May 7, Charles 7, Haxton 6, Gill 2, Kelly s, Dickens 1, Keighley s, Own Goal 2.



The 3rd XI's record does not indicate a particularly successful season.

In spite of this, however, it has been noticeable in every match that the team has never played with anything but keenness and energy. The attendance at practices has been particularly encouraging. First-time tackling has been particularly good, and if this had been followed up by constructive use of the ball and by more punch near goal, several of the games would have been saved. As it is, the team have hardly had the time to settle down together; but it is hoped that a longer fixture list next year will enable us to provide good material for succeeding first and second elevens.

The goal scorers have been: Brown 5, Donnelly 2, Dickenson 2, Adams, J. A. 2, Sinclair 2, Fenton 1, Gee 1.

Holmes has been an efficient captain and a vocal inspiration; and Everitt at centre-half should be specially mentioned for some wonderful work with his head in clearing from the goalmouth on many occasions.


Jan. 15 v. Owler Lane 1st XI Home. Lost 3-4
22 v. Ecclesfield G.S. 2nd XI Away. Lost 1-4
Feb. 5 v. Ecclesfield G.S. 2nd XI Home. Lost 2-7
16 v. A Transitus XI Home. Won 7-1
19 v. Owler Lane 1st XI Away. Lost 3-5



This has been a very bad season for the Under 15 XI. They were unfortunate in meeting a very strong team in High Storrs in the first match. After that heavy defeat they lost all confidence, and thereafter took the field in each match expecting to be beaten. Faulty tackling and bad covering in defence was responsible for many goals against, while the inability of the forwards to shoot wasted many chances. Nevertheless there was a distinct improvement towards the end of the season. Jones, in goal, Thomas, Wilkinson and Wingfield have all played well.


Oct. 2 v.
High StorrsHomeLost o-16
9 v.
RotherhamAwayLost o-8
23 v.
BarnsleyAwayLost 0-7
Dec 11 v.
High StorrsAwayLost 1-13
Jan. 15 v.
BarnsleyHomeLost 1-4
23 v.
High StorrsHomeLost 2-6
29 v.
CarfieldAwayWon 4-3
12 v.
AckworthAwayLost 1-3



The team has had a moderate season and in the first term the standard was rather variable, but there has been a definite improvement in play and the team is overcoming its early fault of starting at too slow a pace. In the second half of the season there were some good, close games when three matches were lost by the odd goal and one was won. Too many goals to opponents have resulted from misunderstandings among the defenders, who must learn the value of calling for the ball at the right moment without indulging in indiscriminate shouting.

Needham, an able captain, Butler and Scholey, have formed a very strong half-back line which has been the mainstay of the team. Goddard has been the most consistent goal-scorer and Booth deserves credit for his untiring work at inside-right. Five members of the team will be available next year and should form the nucleus of a strong eleven.


Sept. 25 v. Hunter's Bar School Home Lost 1-4
Oct. 9 v. Rotherham G.S. Home Won 6-3
  16 v. Southey Green School Home Lost o-2
  23 v. Barnsley G.S. Home Lost 1-4
Nov. 20 v. Chesterfield G.S. Away Dr'w 4--4
Dec. s s v. Firth Park G.S. Away Lost 1-;
  18 v. Southey Green School Home Lost 2-5
Jan. 15 v. Barnsley G.S. Away Lost 1-2
22 v. High Storrs G.S. Away Lost 2-3
  29 v. Stockport School Home Lost 1-2
Feb. 19 v. Lincoln School Home Won 4-0



During the season, a few matches have been arranged for Under 13 and Under 12 teams, with a view to keeping together junior teams which have already proved themselves, or of finding new talent. The full Under 13 team played in only the first match, when we expected Birkdale to turn out a side comparable to last year's; unfortunately all their bigger boys had left, and the remainder could not cope with a more experienced side. For the return at Whiteley Woods, a completely new XI was put out, and a much better game resulted.

Subsequently, the claims of the Under 14 XI, to which many of the Under 13's were good enough to gain admission, prevented a full turn-out; but this had the great advantage, of bringing more youngsters under review; and the impression gained is that there is ample, good quality material and an abundance of enthusiasm in the Lower School.


v. Birkdale School Away K.E.S. Won 15-0
v. Birkdale School Home K.E.S. Won 4-2
v. High Storrs (under 13) Away K.E.S. Won 3-2
v. High Storrs (under 12) Away K.E.S. Won 6-2
v. High Storrs (under 13) Away Drawn 5-5

A home fixture with High Storrs was abandoned owing to bad weather.