KES Football FIRST XI 1947-48


J B Crowe, Michael Carlisle, Bob Needham, C B Dawson, Hedley Gill, Jack Hallows, M R Mason, Alan Mousley;
E Burkinshaw, Dr A W Barton, Peter Wreghitt, Bill Furniss, Mr I R Davies

[Photo + names courtesy of Jack Hallows]

FIRST XI 1947-48

Football [KES Mag Dec 1947]


The season opened promisingly enough, but illness and an unusually large number of injuries resulted in a different team being fielded each game. This has produced a lack of cohesion, and we have been a number of individuals rather than a team. The extent of the difficulties may be judged from the following; only Burkinshaw and Hiller have played in every match, 20 boys have played for the 1st XI, and four or five reserves have been included in most games.

The first game was against the Headmaster's XI and was a well fought game. In the first half, the School held their own against a heavier side, and in the second half, lasted better, to win fairly easily.

Against Rotherham the School had more of the play territorially, but failed to take their chances, though it must be stated that the opposing goalkeeper played brilliantly. The result was a draw, neither side scoring.

Ackworth presented little difficulty and this match was won by 3 goals to nil.

The renewed fixture with Lincoln was anticipated with keenness, especially as till then neither team had been defeated. A good start was made and at half-time we held a lead of I goal to nil. However in the second half our defence made some bad blunders, and Lincoln scored 3 goals, one of them direct from a corner kick.

The beating of a University A team by 4 goals to 3 was all the more creditable because Mousley retired hurt before half-time and took no further part in the game.

The Sheffield Club gave us a hard game. They played with the wind behind them in the second half and the School were unable to hold them completely. Against such a strong team we did well to hold the score to 6-2.

No one who played at Repton will forget the journey. Bad organisation and late trains resulted in our arriving at Repton at 4.30 instead of 2.30. Though tired and hungry, we immediately went on to the field and played a hard game against a strong Repton A team. It was not until the final stages that Repton broke through our defence to score two more goals and so deservedly win by 3-1. When the final whistle went, the moon was already up, and we had to hurry to get back, very tired, but well content with the show we had put up.

The result of this adventure was further illnesses, and it was only through some hard work by Wreghitt and Burkinshaw- that we were able to get a team together during the half-term holiday to play Barnsley. With such a side we had no chance against a fast, clever team, and lost by 11-1. Strangely enough, Dawson in goal played a very good game.

Bootham were a little fortunate to beat us. A bad defensive error resulted in a goal against us. In spite of almost continuous pressure in the second half we failed to equalise. Woodhouse beat us easily, but though they were the better side they were given three gift goals, through bad mistakes by our defence.

Against Manchester, the team, still with its five reserves, gave one of its best displays. Manchester started off full of confidence and soon scored. But the School fought back to win 2-1, Wreghitt winning a goal from 25 yards- the best shot of the season.

The bad defensive errors already mentioned must be eradicated, if we are to win matches. Generally too the team must speed up; quick—into the tackle, quickness in moving into the open space, and quickness in making the pass must be practised.


v. Headmaster's XI (home) Won 5- 3
v. Rotherham G.S. (home) Draw 0- 0
v. Ackworth School (away) Won 3- 0
v. Lincoln School (away) Lost 1- 3
v. Sheffield Club Lost 2- 6
v. Repton A. (away) Lost 1- 3
v. Barnsley G. S. (away) Lost 1-11
v. University A. (home) Won 4- 3
v. Bootham School (home) Lost 2- 3
v. Woodhouse G. S. (away) Lost 1-5
v. Manchester G.S. (home) Won 2- 1

I.R.D. [I R Davies]


At the moment of writing the 2nd XI have maintained an unbeaten record. Their hardest match was probably that against a Staff team (supplemented by two boys), when several masters were persuaded to get their gear out of cupboards where it had lain unused for several years. In the first part of this match the staff were leading, thanks to two good goals by Carlisle, who consequently established his claim to a regular place in the 2nd XI. Both Staff and boys are hoping it may be possible to arrange a return match.

The team also expected to have a great tussle with Barnsley, but unfortunately they arrived one short and were decisively beaten, despite a gallant battle, particularly in the first half. The much smaller Bootham side played very well and overcame a 2-goal deficit, but our greater weight finally won the game.

The first game against Rotherham showed a weakness which the team has not yet overcome-not being able to convert a mid-field superiority into a sufficient number of goals. This has partly been due to the unsettled nature of the team. While the 2nd XI expects to be a nursery of the future 1st XI, it has been quite usual to have four or five of its best players taken away to play for the 1st XI during this term. Consequently the team has varied considerably, but the following twenty-three boys have played the stated number of times in the first seven games: Bailey (2), Bradshaw (2), Brown (I), Carlisle (3), Crowe (5), Cowan (I), Fenton (1), Flowers (I), Forsyth (5), Gill (4), Hallows (7), Illingworth (2), Kenny (4), Lewis (7), Mason (2), May (2), Needham (4), Parkin (5), Parnham (6), Peterken (4), Prideaux (1), Stanfield (1), Thornton (1). It will be noticed that only two players have played in every game.

Lewis has made a capable Captain and shown how determination and quick recovery can upset a threatening attack. He has been ably supported by Parnham in goal, who unfortunately sometimes mars brilliant saves by letting in a " sitter." With Illingworth playing for the Ist XI, Hallows has filled the centre-half position with credit. Needham has come on considerably since the first match and is a very promising wing-half. The forwards have been more unsettled than the defence, with Forsyth, Peterken and Carlisle sharing the centre-forward position and between them scoring most of the goals. If we could combine their individual merits we should have an ideal centre-forward.


v. Rotherham (away) Won 2-1
v. Ackworth (away) Won 10-0
v. Staff A. (home) Won 5-3
v. Training College (home) Won 5-1
v. Barnsley (home) Won 5-1
v. Bootham (away) Won 4-1
v. Chesterfield (away) Won 4-I



The team has been moderately successful and enjoyed some good games, but will do better when the full-backs have learned to position themselves and to tackle more quickly.

The inside forwards are improving but are rather slow to settle down in the first few minutes of the game.

A. Thomas has acted as captain and has set a very good example to his team both on the field and in training sessions.

The team is to be complimented on its attendance at training classes.



Sept. 27 v. Rotherham G. S. (away) Lost 9-1
Oct. 4 v. Southey Green S. (home)
(Combined U. 14 and U. 15)
Won 2-0
Oct. 11 v. Lincoln School (away) Drawn 1-1
Oct. 25 v. Barnsley G. S. (home) Lost 5-1
Nov. 1 A " Team v. S. Anselm's Bakewell (away) Won 7-0
Nov. 15 v. Chesterfield G. S. (home) Drawn:3-3


Played, 6: Won, 2: Lost, 2: Drawn. 2: Goals For. 15: Against. 14.


The team has lost some of its best players to the 1st and 2nd XI's, and has been handicapped by illness. As a result the games played so far have ended in defeat. Nevertheless, two of the games were very close. The defence has played soundly, but the forwards have played too individually, and have not combined together. The inside forwards particularly must learn to run into position and use the open spaces.


Sept. 27 v. Rotherham G.S. (home) ... Lost 1-0
Oct. 25 v. Barnsley G. S. (away) Lost 10-0
Nov. 15 v. Chesterfield G. S. (away) ... Lost 5-2


DAWSON (Goalkeeper). A sound reliable goalkeeper. He has kept goal well.

MASON (Right Back). A sure tackler and has good anticipation, especially in covering up. He will find it an asset to use his left foot.

BIRKINSHAW (Left Back). He has improved as the season went on. A strong kick, a sound tackler and useful with his head. He must learn to stick closer to his wingman. He also will find it an asset to kick with both feet.

NEEDHAM (Right Half). He has earned his place in the team through his relentless tackling and good distribution of the ball. He must learn to keep to his position.

FURNISS (Centre Half). A tower of strength in defence. A fierce tackler and very good with his head. He must learn to restrain the vigorous sliding tackle in the penalty area.

HALLOWS (Left Half). A useful player good with his feet and head. He must learn to restrain his impetuosity.

MOUSLEY (Left Half). He started the season well. A safe tackler and useful with his head. He has a tendency to give up when beaten. Must be quicker on the ball and open the game out more.

GILL (Right Winger). A speedy winger. He has shown determination and has put over some excellent centres. He will improve with practise and must take chances when the opportunity arises.

PETERKEN (Inside Right). He is a constructive player and has good ball control. He must not try to do too much and hold on to the ball too long.

CARLISLE (Centre Forward). He has plenty of dash and a strong right foot shot. He distributes the ball well to his wing. He will have to learn to use his left foot and with more ball control will make a good leader.

WREGHITT (Inside Left). A capable captain, and a tireless worker both in attack and defence. He has been an inspiration to the team.

CROWE (Left Wing). He has filled this difficult position well. He has scored several good goals through opportunism. A good shot and a constructive player.


v. High Storrs 1st XI, at High Storrs, Sat., .Jan. 10th.

The side was an experimental one as all our right flank had left school at the end of the Christmas term. At the start, the School opened up a series of attacks, but High Storrs soon settled down and at the interval held a 2 goal lead. After the interval, Peterken reduced this lead, and for a time it looked as if we would pull the game round. However, a miskick by one of our defenders sent the opposing centre-forward away, to score a goal. After this High Storrs took the initiative and added one more goal.

Result: K.E.S., 1. High Storrs, 4.

v. Barnsley G.S. 1st XI at Whiteley Woods, Sat., Jan. 17th.

The School were anxious to avenge their overwhelming defeat by Barnsley earlier in the season. The School played good football and frequently split the Barnsley defence, but were unable to put the ball in the net. Barnsley opened their account with a breakaway goal. As the ding-dong struggle continued. Barnsley gradually asserted their superiority and added 2 more goals, to run out worthy winners.

Result: K.E.S., 0. Barnsley, 3.

v. Chesterfield G.S. at Chesterfield, Wed., Jan. 21st.

The game was played on a very heavy ground which made ball control difficult. At the interval, Chesterfield held a one goal lead. On the resumption, the School settled down to play good football and scored two magnificent goals through Crowe and Gill. The School continued to dictate the terms, but were unfortunate when Dawson in saving a hard shot was adjudged to have fallen over the line with the ball.

Just on time the opposing right wing scored a third goal. The School played well enough to have shared the points.

Result: K.E.S 2. Chesterfield G S 3

v. Sheffield Bankers, at Whiteley Woods, Sat., Jan. 24th.

Conditions were against good football as the ground was very muddy, and many chances were thrown away by both sides. It was not until the second half that the School scored when Crown converted a pass from Wreghitt. Soon after Wreghitt scored, and it looked as if the School would at last register a win. However, the Bankers were awarded a penalty and made no mistake with the kick. Then, with a minute left for play our goalkeeper fumbled, and the Bankers obtained their second goal.

Result: K.E.S., 2. Sheffield Bankers, 2.

v. Ackworth, at Whiteley Woods, Sat., Jan. 31st.

The School attacked from the start and scored a good goal through Carlisle. Immediately afterwards, Ackworth were awarded a penalty, which Dawson saved. Wreghitt added a further goal. After the interval, except for sporadic raids by Ackworth, the School attacked continuously, Crowe and Burkinshaw adding further goals. But for the brilliance of the Ackworth goalkeeper, the score would have been greater.

Result: K.E.S., 4. Ackworth, 0.

v. Mr. Allan's XI, at Abbeydale Park, Wed., Feb. 4th.

Both sides played good football and the School had sufficient chances to have taken the lead. As it was. Mr. Allan's XI showing greater steadiness in front of goal, scored first. After the interval they increased their lead by another goal. Soon after, Wreghitt scored for the School, and from then on the School kept attacking, but were unable to break down the opposition's defence.

Result: K.E.S., 1. Mr. Allan's XI, 2.

v. Firth Park G.S., at Whiteley Woods, Sat., Feb. 14th.

Conditions were bad and the ground soon churned up. Firth Park came near to scoring on two occasions, but it was the School who scored first through Carlisle. Wreghitt added another, but Firth Park came back strongly to open their account with a good goal. The ground was getting worse, and defences caught on the wrong foot could not recover. It was not surprising, therefore, that goals came fairly regularly. At half-time the score was K.E.S., 4, Firth Park, 2, Carlisle having added one for the School, and a Firth Park defender having put through his own goal.

After the interval Crowe netted for the School, but Firth Park were by no means finished, and fought back to make the score 5-4. Towards the end, Crowe and Wreghitt added further goals to make the game safe.

Result: K.E.S., 7. Firth Park G.S., 4.

v. Old Edwardians, at Whiteley Woods, Sat., Feb. 28th.

Result: K.E.S., 5. O.E., 2.

Summary, 1947-8: Played 24. Won 9. Drawn 3. Lost 12. Goals for, 64. Goals against, 72.


At one time it looked as if the 2nd XI might remain undefeated throughout the season. Unfortunately the continued call for players for the 1st XI weakened the team just enough for narrow- defeats by High Storrs and Barnsley. This was followed later by a heavier defeat by Firth Park, when at least two of the team were not fit enough to play their best. The team was expecting a hard battle in the return game with Barnsley and played well to cross over at half-time one goal up. In the second-half our team obtained three more quick goals and seemed to have settled the match. However, they were then shown that the game is not decided until the final whistle, as our opponents quickly obtained five more. It would not help to describe the mistakes made by individuals, but the whole team must bear the responsibility for losing the match. Both the local teams who defeated us set an example in the way they played together and were quicker on to the ball.

Since the last report, the defence has not changed very considerably. Parnham has been as cool as ever, and usually very good with a tendency to make an occasional bad slip and a hesitation in coming out of his goal when necessary. Lewis has captained the team regularly, and set a good example by his determination and energy. He was usually partnered at back by Jackson who improved towards the end of the season, and played his best match against Firth Park. Hallows continued as a very sound good-tackling centre-half, until he was promoted to the 1st XI, and Bradshaw took his place. It is hoped that with more experience, Bradshaw will make a very successful pivot and be able to control the game, contributing to the initiative of attacking movements to the same extent that his firm tackling has disrupted many threatening attacks. We were sorry to lose Kenny who had become a very promising wing-half, and hope that in his future football he will learn that it is often better to pass the ball before an opponent tackles, rather than to risk a dribbling match with him. At the end of the season we `vere pleased to welcome P. G. Dickens, the Under - 15 Captain, who shows every promise of becoming a really constructive and hard -working wing-half.

The forward line has been very much more unsettled, partly because of the calls of the 1st XI, but also, let us admit it, because there is a great dearth of good forwards in the School. We hope that the junior boys in the School (as well as the seniors) will take notice of this and try to overcome this weakness. Looking back over this season, it is surprising to find how boys who were not even being seriously considered for the 2nd XI at the beginning of the season, have won a regular place in the 1st XI before the end. If you are keen and want a trial, you must let the captain or myself know, and we will try to arrange it for you. Also next season it is hoped to arrange a few matches for a 3rd XI and thus give some games to those who are too old for the Under 15 XI and not quite good enough for the 2nd XI. Of the forwards, since the last report, Forsyth alone has played regularly, and often quite successfully-I think that he has not played quite as well as he is capable, and hope that next season he will be able to find the top of his form. Crowe was usually the other inside-forward, able to seize every opportunity to score, and the team was much weakened when he was promoted towards the end. N. Tebbet played most regularly at centre-forward, and we are sorry that he has left School. After playing well in several games, Gill was promoted to the 1st XI. On the other wing, Stanfield played two very good games and it was most unlucky for the School and for him when he received an injury, just after he had been picked to play for the 1st XI for the first time.

The following list of players states firstly the number of times they have played since the last report and then the total number in the whole season:—Bailey (0, 2), Bradshaw (5, 7), Brown (0, 1), Carlisle (0, 3), Charles (1, 1), Clarke (1, 1), Cowan (0, 1), Crowe (3, 9), Dickens, P. G. (3, 3), Fenton (1, 2), Fletcher (2, 2), Flowers (2, 3), Forsyth (5, 10), Gill (2, 6), Hallows (3, 10), Heeley (1, 1), Illingworth (0, 2), Jackson (5, 6), Kelly (3, 3), Kenny (3, 7), Lewis (6, 13), Marriott (l, 1), Mason (0, 2), May (1, 6), Mousley (2, 2), Needham (1, 5), Parkin (1, 7), Parnham (5, 11), Peterken (0, 4), Prideaux (0, 1), Tebbet (4, 4), Silk (1, 1), Stanfield (2, 3), Thornton (1, 2). Our thanks are due to J. E. Dickens, for having so cheerfully supported the team and run the line at most of the matches during the season, and also to the Football Secretary, Burkinshaw, for having arranged the details of the matches for us.


r. Junior Technical School (away)



v. High Storrs G.S. (home) 



v. Barnsley G.S. (away)           



c. Ackworth G.S. (home) 



c. Firth Park G.S. (aŤ-ay) 



v. Old Edwardians 2nd XI (home)




Played 13, Won 10, Lost 3. Goals for, 65, against 26.


Played 6, Won 0, Drawn 0, Lost 6, Goals for, 5; against, 34.







Derby G.S.

High Storrs G.S.

Barnsley G.S.

Southey Green

Firth Park G.S.











Played 12. Won 3. Drawn 2, Lost 7. Goals for, 20; against, 37.