KES Soccer U14 XI 1957/58

Term 1 57/58 [KES Mag Winter 1957-8]

THE team has had an average season so far; they were a small team and this proved a disadvantage, for far too often they came up against bigger and stronger opponents. Nevertheless they managed to play some clever football and worked hard for their victories.

These have provided close and exciting games, notable being the 1-0 win at Ecclesfield. Their best game was at Oakwood where they held a strong side to a draw. Wileman has led the team well and been an inspiration to all on the field.

F. D. A. B., J. C. H.

TEAM : Foster, Batty, Dennis, McAughey, Styring, Hall, Ashcroft, Blythe, Hirst, Wileman, Solway, Abdy. SCORERS : Wileman 8, Abdy 3, Hirst 3.

KES Soccer U14 XI 1957/58

Ed Styring, Nigel Abdy, Alan Foster, Nick Dennis, Mark Blythe;
Mr J C Hemmings, Batty, Peter Wileman (capt), Graham Hirst, Mr F D A Burns;
Adrian (Ado) Hall, John Ashcroft, Tom McAughey, Paul Solway.

Photo courtesy of Nick Dennis

RESULTS v. Owler Lane Won 3-2 v. Barnsley Lost 0-7 v. Ecclesfield Won 1-0 v. Manchester Won 3-1 v. Maltby Lost 2-6 v. Nether Edge Lost 1-3 v. Chesterfield Lost 1-7 v. High Storrs Lost 0-1 v. City Grammar Won 3-1 v. Oakwood Drawn 2-2 v. Manchester Lost 3-4 v. Rowlinson School Won 10-2 v. City Grammar Won 4-0 Won 6, Drawn 1, Lost 6.

Term 2 57/58 [KES Mag Spring 1958]

RESULTS this term were not very good, but during the term there was a considerable improvement in the standard of play, particularly in the defence where covering and tackling were very much better and where the half-backs began to distribute the ball more carefully.

Wileman set a very good example in his efforts at centre-forward but lack of shooting power among the other forwards made his task too difficult on many occasions.

The forwards are small and are therefore at a disadvantage on heavy grounds, but would do much better if they tried to be more direct in their approaches to goal.

J. C. H., F. D. A. B.

RESULTS (Season) Played 16, Won 5, Lost 8, Drawn 3.

Jan. 18 v. Rowlinson School, won 4-2. Feb. 1 v. Rotherham G.S., lost 3-8. Feb. 4 v. Chesterfield G.S., lost 0-3. Feb. 15 v. Owler Lane School, drawn 2-2.