KES Football

KES Football 1st XI 1938-39

?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?;
?, P J Wheatley, T R Buckley (captain), ?, ?;
Marlow?, ?.

Photo courtesy of Dorothy Buckley

Notes on back say:
"King Edward VII School, Sheffield England, 1st XI Soccer Team 1938-39
T. R. Buckley (captain) centre, middle row."


KES Mag March 1939



We have had one of the most unsatisfactory seasons of the last few years. We started with a young and inexperienced side ; illness and injuries have taken a rather unfair toll of our older members, and playing conditions have generally been far from good.

After an unsuccessful Autumn Term, however, Buckley's efforts have begun to have their reward this term, when the standard of teamwork has become very high and the side has given some excellent performances. In fact, we may justly claim that the season's performances as a whole would have been vastly different, if we could have had a more settled side throughout the Autumn Term.


G. BAIN, G. W. SWIFT and J. D. MARLOW, goalkeepers.

Until his injury, Bain kept goal very well. His pluck and courage makes up for his lack of inches.

Swift, although playing in only a few matches before he unfor­tunately broke his arm, showed exceptional ability. Combines pluck with wonderful anticipation.

After Swift's injury, Marlow took over the goalkeeper's job very well. With little more anticipation he should make a good goalkeeper.

J. R. BROUGHTON, right-back.

Kept out of the side through illness until the latter part of the season ; since his inclusion in the side has given a welcome stiffening to the defence. Must remember that a defender's object is to get the ball away.

R. F. JEFFRIES, left-back.

Has steadily improved throughout the season into a useful full-back. Must learn to kick with his right foot and to watch his passes and clearances more closely.

†T. R. BUCKLEY, right-half and centre-forward.

As captain, has had a difficult task to do, and has done it well. Has made a poor side at the beginning of the season into a side able to hold its own against its strongest opponents. His play has always been an inspiration to the rest of the side. .

*M. PARKIN, centre-half.

One of the most improved members of the side. He has developed into a very solid defender. Must overcome his tendency to clear the ball anywhere or to kick into touch and remember to pass to an unmarked man.

†P. J. WHEATLEY, left-half.

One of our towers of strength ; has latterly had a tendency to concentrate rather too much on attack, though he has scored many very good and useful goals.

F. W. COLQUHOUN, right-wing.

An enthusiastic and hard-working wing forward who never gives in. Must learn to centre and pass more accurately. His ball control could be further improved.

*R. C. MOFFAT, inside-right.

A clever inside forward ; with a' little more sprightliness would be very good indeed. Has a good right foot shot which should certainly be used more often.

*K. C. HUTTON, centre-forward and right-half. Has had a trying time at centre-forward for most of the season. Since moving to half-back his real football ability has been brought out.

†P. RHODES, inside-left. A tower of strength in the forward line ; has been troubled by injuries throughout the season which have slowed him down considerably and kept him out of the side too often. Has been sadly missed by the other forwards in many matches. But we still know we can expect big things from him.

G. R. GILFILLAN, left-wing. One of our cleverest footballers, who has always tried to play the best type of football. His play has a neatness unusual at his age. Should now try to concentrate on speed.

† Old Colours. * New Colours.