KES Mag Winter 57/58


As nine of our players had already some experience with the Under 13 team last year, we began the season with a better chance of putting up a good showing against our various opponents. The team has done well to win two matches, both against good Rugby schools. I hope that this may encourage them to go on to try to win more. Practice is essential, for much greater skill is needed on our part, both in attack and defence. At times the three-quarter attack has lacked the dash which could carry it through the opposition. Tackling is improving. J. S. Parson has captained well; he handles the ball nicely but must learn to run straighter. M. A. Hall (Vice-Captain) has been a tower of strength and has led the forwards very effectively.

KES Rugby U-13s 1957/58

KES Rugby U-13s 1957/58

Jim Booth, David Mingay, David Hebden, Roger Harrison, B. I. Rollin, Peter Turney, John Kirkman, Brian Edwards.

Tom Cook, Peter Bell, Martin Hall, John Parson, Paul Whyman, David Booth, Mr. Burke (Economics).

Bob Hollands, John Pressley, Philip Hickson, Ian Barrow, Richard Ainsworth, J. S. (Fred) Holland, Scott Housley.

(Photo courtesy of David Booth, names via David Cook)

More support is needed from the First Forms if we are to turn out a full Second Form side next season. Fewer than 15 First Formers are playing regularly at present. We would like to thank masters who have coached the team and refereed games, and also those parents who have braved Castle Dyke weather to encourage the team to victory; we are very grateful for their support.


TEAM from: J. S. Parson, M. A. Hall, R. Ainsworth, I. W. Barrow, P. N. Bell, D. A. Booth, B. R. Edwards, R. D. Harrison, D. Hebden, P. Hickson, J. S. Holland, R. A. Hollands, S. S. Housley, J. H. Kirkman, D. Mingay, J. S. Pressley, B. I. Rollin, P. B. B. Turney, P. Bradley, S. Broomhead, G. G. Dodds, R. S. Maxwell; played in the match against Worksop.

KES Mag Spring 58


Two newcomers to Rugby and to the team have distinguished themselves, both in the three-quarter line. J. M. Booth has run and tackled well, and P. R. Whyman, now the fastest player in the team, scored two tries in his first match. M. A. Hall has continued to give spirited leadership to the pack. If sometimes outclassed by opponents of superior skill, the team has always kept going cheerfully and has played in the spirit of the game. Defensive play has been very determined, the attack rather weaker, and, at times, lacking in co-operation. With further determination to remedy weaknesses this team should do well in the future.


v. Worksop College Pygmies (A) Lost 25-0
v. Doncaster G. S. Under 13 (H) Won 6-3
v. Queen Elizabeth G. S., Wakefield, Under 13 (A) Lost 54-0
v. Mt. St. Mary's Under 13 (A) Lost 27-0
v. Lady Manners G. S. Under 13 (H) Won 12-0
v. Mount St. Mary's Under 13 (H) Won 8-5
v. Lady Manners Under 13 (A) Lost 6-0

(Season) Played 7, Won 3, Lost 4.