KES Rugby Colts 1956/57

[KES Mag Winter 1956/57] THE season has seen a great shortage of Fifth Formers on the Rugby field, although this has been balanced by a large contingent from the Fourth year. Nevertheless, the team has been lacking in age, physical strength and an experienced nucleus. This can account to some extent for the lack of success. There has been a steady improvement, however ; whereas a very strong Doncaster side inflicted a heavy defeat at Doncaster, the return match was much more closely contested, while the match against Mount St. Mary's produced good rugby and only a narrow defeat.

J Marshall, Mike Fearne, B A Wilkes, Steve Hartley, R K Harrison, Chris Nicholson, Griffiths.
A L Vickers, J H Sharpe, Bill Abbott, Tony Waller, R. Rowbotham, R V Lee.
Mr P. D. Arculus, B B Sykes, Roger Laughton, Ian Wiggett (Capt), Andrew Struthers, James Daglish, Mr E. R. Wastnedge.

(Courtesy of Mike Fearne)

The forwards are developing into a very competent pack and are particularly good in line-out play and loose scrimmages. There is still something to be desired in set scrums. The real weakness is in the back division where there has been a marked reluctance to tackle. Perhaps evening courses in tackling may bring an improvement next term.. It should be mentioned that the full-back position has, after some experiment, been filled, and the positioning, tackling and kicking in that position only serve to emphasize the defensive weakness of the three-quarter line. With halves settling down, and the three-quarters mending their ways, next term could be successful.

I. W.

[KES Mag Spring 57] THE season's scores have been unimpressive; much progress, however, has been made, especially in the forwards where Nicholson's experience as a hooker proved useful. He also set an example by always being up with the play and as an opportunist. In the second row, Sharpe and Abbott made an all-out effort which resulted in good loose scrummaging, and they are to be complimented on their excellent line-out play. Vickers as a prop and Wilkes as lock are reliable as tacklers and kickers. Until his illness, Lee was regularly a prop, being most dangerous with his quick breakaways. His regular partner has been Struthers. Laughton at wing-forward was good in the open, usually leading the dribbles, and also fell on the ball with certainty. This valuable asset was gradually acquired by most of the team, particularly, in the backs, by Hartley and Daglish, whose defensive kicking and tackling also deserve mention. With the repositioning of Daglish and the introduction of Hartley, a slight improvement has been apparent in the back division; alas, more is required, for the excellent tackling and falling of Marshall at full-back proved the only sound defence.

Fearne has shown himself to be a good scrum­half, although he must learn to let the ball out with greater speed and precision. On the wings, Waller and Rowbotham had both size and a certain amount of speed in their favour. Sykes, in the centre, successfully demonstrated his covering abilities and was probably the most consistent three-quarter. Griffith has been satisfactory in various positions of the back division, while not really fulfilling his early promise, and Harrison has been dependable as reserve forward. Practices in the Gym. have been successful and popular.

I. W.

Wiggett has been a knowledgeable and enthusiastic captain. He has set a high standard of performance and good manners while still entering wholeheartedly into the spirit of the game; much of the success of the forward play may be attributed to his leadership.

E. R. W., P. D. A.

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