KES Rugby Colts 1955/56

[KES Mag Winter 55/56] For the Colts XV this has been a more successful term than their last, although there were only three recruits from the whole of the Fourth Year. This latter fact, coupled with the constant demands of the 1st XV meant that on no occasion have we been able to turn out a team at full strength in a school game.

Mike Fearne, Chris Nicholson, James Daglish, Goddard, Sharpe, David Davison, Borwick, Gould, Ian Wiggett, Bruster, Griffith.
Fairclough, Mr P. D. Arculus, Bryan Morgan (Capt), Creasey, Mr E. R. Wastnedge, Ellin.

(Courtesy of Bryan Morgan)

As usual, we have shown our main strength amongst the forwards during loose play, but tardiness in heeling and slow service from the base of the scrum have meant that the back division has rarely been able to function with speed and penetration. The strength of the back division lay in the right flank and this was quickly spotted by opponents, who marked it keenly; thus preventing attacks from developing since they had little or nothing to fear from the left wing. The trouble has been that those boys who showed promise as backs have, only too often, failed to come up to standard in school games. However, positioning, kicking and tackling at full-back have been very adequate and many attacking moves have originated from that position in recent games. The team as a whole has fallen on the ball very well, but shown a marked reluctance to tackle and pass. We believe that the general standard has risen this term, and this was borne out by the further decreased deficit in the game against Worksop College.


[KES Mag Spring 1956] Bad weather prevented most of this term's matches from being played and only three fixtures were completed. A very hard game at Rowlinson Technical School at the beginning of term resulted in a draw; at Stockport; where Bruster retired with a broken finger in the opening minutes, the match was lost; and a defeat was suffered against Thorpe after a very closely fought and robust game.

It is impossible to speak of progress made during the term, but it has been pleasing to see Fearne emerge as a promising winger and Daglish and Davison return to something like their earlier form. It is to be hoped that the enthusiasts will, before next season, spread the "gospel" to members of next year's Fifth Form where the shortage of players is likely to be felt most strongly.

E. R. W.