KES Colts Rugby 1954/55

[KES Mag Winter 54/55] IN terms of games won, the Autumn Term has not been a good one. Boys coming to Middle School Rugby from the second year were few in number, and the bulk of the responsibility was laid upon the old hands. In addition, the 1st XV have been very weak and have taken several of the best players each week. On two occasions a full side was fielded. One of those teams won by a 20 point margin and the other held Worksop to 16-0.

Dancer, Fairclough, Goddard, Creasey, Belk, Horsefield, Howe, Vickers, Borwick, Gould, Waterhouse, Bryan Morgan.
Sara, Ellin, Mr."Bill" Wastnedge, Avis, Bruster, Chris Nicholson, Dean.

(Photo courtesy of Bryan Morgan)

Strength was there in the forwards and they held their own against every pack they met, Belk doing good service from the wing forward position and Ellin in the loose. Dancer should make a good line-out forward. The backs were not so good. Bruster was efficient but rather slow in getting the ball away and the three-quarters lacked penetration. Creasey, however, shows promise as a defensive full-back. The result was that, although games were very even, we lacked the attacking backs to take us over the line.

Under the circumstances, the team need not be despondent. With harder running, and keener marking and tackling, next term should be successful.

E. R. W.

[KES Mag Spring 55] THE team has had a barren term, owing to the bad weather. Only three matches were played, against Thorne and Stockport at home, and against Stockport away. The Stockport team was too heavy and strong for us in both games, but we were pleased to avenge the defeat which we suffered last term at the hands of Thorne. This was a commendable victory with K.E.S. forwards dominating the game and the backs showing more thrust than at any other time in the season.

The constitution of the team has been fairly static, although new figures have been emerging. Borwick has shown ability forward, especially in line-outs and Gould shows promise in the back row. Creasey has further fulfilled his promise at full back and with practice in positioning, after another year's experience, should prove to be very useful. Bruster and Dean have filled their regular positions at half back, but Bruster is still very slow in getting the ball out. The three-quarters still lack that precision and incision which leads to tries and their positioning and tackling must be improved.

The team has had to rely, generally, upon the "old guard" for its drive and inspiration, and it is hoped that the present third forms will rise much more to the occasion next season when they must take the brunt of the work.

E. R. W.