KES Rugby 1st XV 1954/55

[Mag Spr 55] THE Lent Term has been disappointing in that it has not produced the desired results, but there should be no despondency as the standard of play is slowly improving.

Jim Green, Roger Brooks, Martyn Roebuck, Gareth Beynon, K Mallett, W A F Wright, Nick Daglish, S R K Cox, J P Catchpole, Norburn, David Clinton, Mike Smith, Phil Richardson.
J V Rooks, Bert Harrison, Protheroe, Nick Wellings, D G (Graeme) Milne.

(Photo courtesy of Mike Smith; names via MS and David Elliott)

The weather, injuries, and examination calls have all contrived to dislocate the fixture-list and the matches themselves. The main weakness seems to lie in defence and only hard and efficient tackling by Protheroe and fine kicking by Milne have saved the team from ignominy. The three quarters have lacked penetration and the wings again starved but we have seen some good openings by Cox. The half-backs have been moderate but Rooks with his good handling has converted unpromising passes into promising three-quarter movements. The forwards, ably led by Smith, have played well but here again defence has been weak, and line-out play could also be improved. Beynon has played well as wing-forward but tends to play rather close to the letter of the law. Generally the play has shown welcome signs of improvement but there is very little backing-up, consequently the team does not work as a smooth running unit. The fixture list for next season is not so full as this season's so the faults can be remedied by more practice and it is only by practice that these faults can be remedied. The First XV must have more serious practice if it is to become proficient and to attain a higher degree of success in the future. We owe our thanks to Mr. Harrison and Mr. Towers for all their painstaking care in coaching and their constant support and under their skilful guidance Rugby should go from strength to strength.

N. G. W.