Rugby 1st XV 1964/65

AT THE outset of the season the 1st XV suffered two major setbacks. Towards the close of an evenly fought game with the Old Boys, Roger Williams, one of the many promising newcomers to the team, sustained a leg injury which kept him from playing for the rest of the season; and three days later a very strong Worksop College side handed us a crushing 53-0 defeat. [Rob Williams says that he played against the OE's and broke his leg. He doesn't recall a Roger Williams.]

Rugby 1st XV 1964/65

Dave Beman, Colin Wilkinson, Steve Harrison, Tom Cooper, Dick Dodd, John Hallam, Mick Winter, Mick Williamson

Mr Fordham, 'Nos' Bilson, Paul Timperley (Capt), John Sanderson, Fred Faulkner

Rob Hutt, Eddie Grant, Tony Heathcote

Although the former could only be regretted, the latter was turned to good account. First class fitness became the aim of every player, team-work became the watchword and of the next eight games seven were won, reducing each time our debt of points until it stood at only 7 points. Then, however, a crop of minor injuries robbed the side first of one and then another of six key players, and our slender resources could not carry the burden. The spirit truly was willing ... Nevertheless, it has been a good season, with team spirit rising to new heights and many memorable games lodging themselves in our personal histories.

Who, for instance, of those involved, will ever forget the recovery that robbed Dronfield on their enormous snow-strewn pitch, the generous applause of Wakefield when at last we proved ourselves capable of winning, or the rampant forward play that all but successfully assaulted Mount St. Mary's first half lead.

It is usually unwise in a game that depends as much upon teamwork as rugby does to mention individuals, but I am quite sure that the whole club would regard silence as unjust in the case of a few. Paul Timperley has proved himself a strong and dependable captain and been both the inspiration and the outstanding example of the team's high standard of play. Tom Cooper has lent a refreshing trans-atlantic flavour to the game and become a true "character" in the team, whilst M. G. "Fitness" Bilson has led his pack with both visible and audible encouragement.

Finally, of course, our thanks must go to the admirable Sanderson who has worked behind the scenes as tirelessly as he has done on the field, to ensure that both we and our opponents arrive on the same pitch at the same time.

J. S. F.


v. Dronfield G.S.

(A) won 8- 6

v. Dronfield G.S.

(H) lost 0 - 10

v. Maltby ...

(A) lost 0-13

v. Doncaster T.H.S. (H)

lost 5- 6

v. Central T.S.

(A) lost 5-16

v. Old Edwardians

(H) drawn 13-13

v. Lady Manners G.S.

(A) lost 0- 8

v. Worksop College "A"

(A) lost 0-53

v. Sheffield Colts

(A) lost 5-15


v. Mt. St. Mary's 2nd XV

(H) lost 6-14

v. High Storrs G.S.

(H) won 12-10

v. Don Valley H.S.

(A) lost 0-50

v. City Grammar ...

(H) won 19- 5

Played 18, Won 7, Lost 10, Drawn 1.
Points for 142, Against 247
NOTE : Of the 33 boys in the senior school who play rugby, 26 have represented the School in the 1st XV this season.

v. Rowlinson T.S.

(H) won 15-11

v. Q.E. Wakefield 3rd XV

(H) won 11- 6

v. Mt. St. Mary's 2nd XV

(A) won 19- 0

v. Don Valley H.S.

(H) lost 3-11

v. City Grammar

(A) won 21- 0