Under-13 Cricket 56/57

THE chief feature of our short but effective season has been increasing confidence and understanding, leading to sound teamwork. Wileman captained the side very well, showing intelligence and drive, and batting excellently, his 30 not out in the final game being a delightful knock. Several of the team showed sound batting technique, especially Wilkinson, who kept wicket effectively, and Parson. We bowled very well indeed in all matches, highlights being Bailey's 6 for 37 in the first match, Bedford's 5 for 20 in the third game, and Bailey's 4 for 10 and Scott's 3 for 9 in the last match.

John Parson, Mark Blythe, Tony Bedford, Trevor Godley.
Dudley Taylor, Peter Wileman, Mr. P. R. May, Stu Wilkinson, Tom McAughey.
Dave Scott, Dave Cook, Roger Bailey, Richard Dimbleby.

An interesting point, which augurs well for next season, is that there were always more First than Second Form boys in the team on each occasion. With better fielding and a greater willingness to hit the bad balls as hard as possible, we should have improved on figures which are in any case satisfactory.

P. R. M.


Played 4. Won 2. Drawn 1. Lost 1.

(H) Oakwood T.H.S. 102; K.E.S. 30 for 6. Drawn.
(A) De La Salle College 64; K.E.S. 65 for 5. Won.
(A) Oakwood T.H.S. 63; K.E.S. 34. Lost.
(H) De La Salle College 47; K.E.S. 50 for 6. Won.