A DEARTH of cricketing talent in the senior school during the last two years has led to the policy of introducing promising young boys to the rigours of 1st XI cricket. Improvement on last season's performance was hardly unexpected, and this season's results have tended to go in cycles with some unbeaten periods, and then a succession of losses.

First XI 1963/64

Dave Beman, Dave (Monza) Sleigh, Derek Williams (Head Prefect), D. Lewis, John Richardson, Dave Hodgkin;
Rog. Crowson (now deceased), Peter Clark, Roy Priestley, Paul Timperley;
John Linfoot, John Everatt, Dick Bird (now deceased)

The team this year has been a balanced one, which, on paper at least, should have done better than the results show. The reasons for this can be found in a lack of real batting technique amongst the older members of the side and a lack of experience from the younger members both in bowling and batting.

Clark, Hodgkin and Priestley should all make class batsmen in the near future. They have plenty of time in which to develop their technique and scoring strokes. Richardson, although he has a great deal still to learn, could make an attacking opening bowler of quality; his talent only needs to be developed and, as his cricket matures, he should be a great asset to the side. Crowson has played some useful attacking innings but Blake and Lewis have never quite fulfilled the promise they showed at the beginning of the season. Bird, though a slow scorer, showed admirable patience and a sound defensive technique. Timperley disappointed with his fast bowling, which, though sometimes hostile, was generally far too inaccurate. A slow left-arm bowler is always a useful asset to any cricket team, and Everatt in this capacity showed considerable promise, varying his flight and pace skilfully.

During the Whitsun holiday, the school team, accompanied by four of the more adventurous souls on the staff enjoyed three days based on Windermere in the Lake District. Our most successful day was the Thursday when we fought an honourable draw with Penrith Grammar School, not a ball being bowled by either side! Socially, the trip was a great success and revealed some unknown facets of the characters of both boys and masters. Two queries remain. Who tried to find a cheap parking space and had his car impounded by an angry hotel keeper and who slept in two beds in one night in two different rooms and was sublimely unconscious of this?

1st XI Cricket Tour (Windermere) 1964

Left to Right "Doc" Linfoot, Paul Timperley, John Richardson, Dave Hodgkin, Dick Bird, Roy Priestley

Photos + Names courtesy of Paul Timperley

Prospects for the future must be encouraging for there is a great deal of talent in the lower parts of the school. Crowson, who will captain the side next year, has already demonstrated a shrewd cricket sense and I wish him luck in what could easily prove to be a most rewarding season for school cricket. He is a very good fielder in the covers, and under his example, the team should liven up in the field, although the standard has been quite good at times this season.

Finally, I should like to thank Mr. Robinson, Mr. Hemming and Dr. Knowles for supporting and encouraging a side often in adversity but one which never lost a very high team spirit. The personal debt which the captain owes to them is a great one.


Linfoot has modestly refrained from mentioning his own contribution to School cricket over three seasons with the 1st XI. He has not been blessed with the best of fortune as captain, nor has he been able to recapture this season his outstanding batting form of last year, but his example of zest for the game and personal charm and courtesy has done much to uphold the standard of the school in the game. He will be greatly missed next year and we wish him all success in the future.

J.C.H., B.K., T.K.R.

1st XI Cricket Tour (Windermere) 1964

Left to Right: Dick Bird, Dave (Monza) Sleigh, John Linfoot, Derek Williams, D. Lewis

Photo courtesy of Derek Williams

1st XI Cricket Tour (Windermere) 1964

Nearest Boat : Bird, John Linfoot, Bending Person, Dave (Monza) Sleigh, D. Lewis, Derek Williams;
Middle Boat: back of Roy Priestley;
Far Boat: Paul Timperley (shirtsleeves), Rog Crowson, ?.

Photo courtesy of Derek Williams


Played 19, Won 3, Lost 9, Drawn 6, with one match abandoned.

v. Worksop College         
Worksop: 123 for 4 dec. School: 60 for no wicket (Blake 40 n.o.) DRAWN.

v. Wintringham G.S., Grimsby         
Grimsby: 47 (Priestley 5 for 4. Timperley 3 for 10.) School: 50 for 4 (Crowson 20 n.o.) WON by 6 wickets.

v. Abbeydale G.S. 
School: 71 (Lewis 21) Abbeydale: 72 for 4 wickets. LOST by 6 wickets.

v. Old Edwardians       
Old Edwardians: 142 for 6 dec. School: 125 (Linfoot 33, Richardson 20). LOST by 17 runs.

v. Clitheroe Royal Grammar School
Clitheroe: 108 for 9 dec. (Timperley 3 for 21, Richardson 3 for 12). School: 50. LOST by 58 runs.

v. Ermysted's G.S., Skipton         
Skipton: 112 for 6 dec. (Priestley 3 for 14). School: 42. LOST by 70 runs.

v. De La Salle College      
School: 100 (Priestley 44). De La Salle: 65 (Beman 4 for 9, Priestley 3 for 14, Timperley 3 for 33). WON by 35 runs.

v. King's School, Grantham .
School: 144 for 8 dec. (Linfoot 83, Hodgkin 36). Grantham: 72 (Everatt 3 for 17, Linfoot 3 for 10) WON by 72 runs.

v. Staff        
School: 80 for 7 dec. (Hodgkin 37). Match ABANDONED because of rain.

v. High Storrs G.S.
School: 70 for 8 dec. High Storrs: 40 for 4. DRAWN.

v. Firth Park G.S.        
School: 119 for 5 dec. (Clark 55 n.o.). Firth Park: 40 for 3. DRAWN.

v. Mount St. Mary's
Mount St. Mary's: 66 for 7 Richardson 3 for 18) DRAWN.

v. Doncaster G.S.    
School: 34. Doncaster: 35 for no wicket. LOST by ten wickets.

v. Manchester G.S.        
School: 90 (Hodgkin 45). Manchester: 94 for 2 wickets. LOST by 8 wickets.

v. Bradford G.S.      
School: 56.Bradford: 57 for 3 wickets. LOST by 7 wickets.

v. J. S. Parson's XI     
Parson's XI: 151 (Taylor 3 for 39, Linfoot 4 for 21). School: 103 (Crowson 26). LOST by 48 runs.

v. Nottingham H.S.       
Nottingham: 262 for 3 wickets dec. School: 66 (Clark 22). LOST by 196 runs.

v. Hymer's College, Hull    
School: 113 for 7 dec. (Clark 36, Crowson 34). Hull: 78 for 6. DRAWN.

v. Sheffield Collegiate       
Sheffield Collegiate: 143 for 2 wickets dec. School: 128 for 9 (Fielding 37, Linfoot 28, Priestley 22 n.o.). DRAWN.


  Innings N.O. Runs Highest
Linfoot 17 0 277 83 16.3
Hodgkin       16 2 193 45 13.8
Clark 15 3 163 55 n.o. 13.6
Priestley       14 1 167 44 12.8
Crowson 16 2 147 34 10.5
Bird 10 2 68 17 n.o. 8.5
Beman     11 1 65 17 6.5
Richardson 11 2 57 20 n.o. 6.3
Blake 18 1 105 40 n.o. 6.2
Timperley 13 3 62 10 n.o. 6.2
Lewis 13 1 73 21 6.1
Everatt 11 4 32 10 4.6

Also batted: Fielding, Taylor, Kippax, Hempshall, Sleigh, Hudson.

  Overs Maidens Runs Wickets Average
Priestley 48.4 15 121 13 9.3
Beman  32.2 9 90 9 10.0
Timperley 126.4 31 371 24 15.5
Linfoot 73 19 233 14 16.6
Richardson 105.1 33 289 15 19.3
Everatt 73.2 22 211 10 21.1

Also bowled: Taylor, Hempshall, Hill, Hodgkin, Crowson.

Full Colour - Reaward: C. J. H. Linfoot.

Half Colour -- Reaward: S. J. Blake, P. S. Timperley.

New Colours: R. Crowson, D. M. Hodgkin.

Certificates - R. N. Priestley, P. C. N. Clark, J. D. Everatt, D. G. Beman, D. Lewis, J. S. Richardson.


ALTHOUGH the results show that the Second XI did not have a very successful season, the reason for this is not easy to find. There were the usual number of leavers to the 1st XI but on paper the team was strong for every game.

The difference in the team's performances at home and away is remarkable. On the docile Whiteley Woods pitch, every game was either won or drawn; away from home on fast, sometimes hostile wickets, every game was lost or drawn.

On his day nearly every batsman made runs, Bird, Kippax and Fielding were the stars, each claiming at least one fifty for the team.

The brunt of the bowling fell on the pace attack of Hempshall and A. Taylor, with J. Brown and Beman helping later in the season. Most of the wickets were taken by pace because of the shortage of spinners in the senior school but the inexperienced Bradley proved to be a very useful partnership-breaker with his off-spin.

The fielding was of a high standard near the wicket with Hudson, Kippax and Taylor outstanding but the outfielding on occasions was slack.

Finally the team would like to thank its scorer Clark for his services, Messrs. Knowles, Lunn and Twyford for their support and encouragement and also for putting up with what must have been one of the most boisterous school teams in recent years.

D. L. S.


Played 10, Won 2, Drawn 4, Lost 4.

v. Wintringham G.S.    
Wintringham 130 (Bradley 3 for 20) K.E.S. 106 for 7 (Fielding 57 n.o.) Drawn.

v. Old Edwardians       
K.E.S. 94 (Burns 21, Bird 20) Old Edwardians 95 (Hempshall 4 for 20, Taylor 3 for 43). Lost.

v. De La Salle College        
De La Salle 49 (Taylor 6 for 12) K.E. S. 50 for 6 Won.

v. King's School, Grantham
K.E.S. 131 for 1 dec. (Bird 75 n.o., Fielding 38) K.S.G. 98 (Taylor 3 for 33, Bradley 3 for 17) Won.

v. Mount St. Mary's 
K.E.S. 157 for 6 dec. (Kippax 51, Wosskow 39, Wiggett 24 n.o.) Mount St. Mary's 101 for 6 Drawn.

v. Doncaster G.S.    
K.E.S. 55 Doncaster 56 for 3 Lost.

v. Manchester G.S   
M.G.S. 65 (Hempshall 4 for 6, Kippax 3 for 10) K.E.S. 45 Lost.

v. Queen Elizabeth's, Wakefield .
Wakefield 128 for 8 dec. (Richardson 5 for 38) K.E.S. 103 for 8 Drawn.

v. Nottingham H.S. 
Nottingham 128 (Beman 3 for 33, Brown 3 for 20) K.E.S. 29 Lost.

v. Hymer's College, Hull         
K.E.S. 168 for 6 dec. (Hodgkin 58, Richardson 30 n.o., Kippax 22) Hymer's 100 for 6 (Richardson 3 for 45) Drawn.


Considering that four of the team were claimed throughout the season for higher service with the First XI, and that, owing to a knee injury, Mottram played in only one match, the results were very satisfactory. A chance was thereby given to boys who would not otherwise have played; Dunsford as a batsman and Hodgkinson as a bowler made the most of this opportunity. The Manchester match, won in the last over, provided the best cricket: a real team effort.

Fielding was the side's weakest point. Lack of concentration and too much chatting in the slips led to dropped catches and general untidiness in the field. Warn's wicket-keeping hardly reached last year's outstanding quality.

Unexpectedly, Wright proved the leading batsman with a string of consistent scores, achieved by determination and a growing confidence. Burns started well but suffered an unfortunate loss of form. A succession of failures undermined Hemming's confidence. After a series of lapses of concentration Warn at last played a pleasingly mature and determined innings of ninety minutes at Hymer's.

The bowling lacked variety. Bradbury took 23 wickets and bowled fast but without much control. Hodgkinson was the most improved cricketer in the team; his accuracy and steadiness were notable. Rotchell flighted his spinners well and turned the ball considerably; he was not bowled often enough. Richards bowled intelligently, but without turning the ball. Wright's captaincy was thoughtful, though his decisions were sometimes unexpected.

Lastly I must record my thanks to a side who were the most pleasant team I have taken in my six years here.



Played 9, Won 4, Drawn 1, Lost 4.

v. Myers Grove
Myers Grove 31 (Bradbury 5 for 8, Mottram 4 for 10). K.E.S.: 35 for I (Burns 23 n.o.) Won by 9 wickets.

v. King's School, Grantham       
K.S.G.: 69 (Bradbury 3 for 23). K.E.S.: 72 for 6 (Burns 24). Won by 4 wickets.

v. Mount St. Mary's
Mt. St. Mary's: 71 (Bradbury 7 for 17). K.E.S.: 72 for 9 (Wright 17). Won by 1 wicket.

v. Doncaster G.S.       
K.E.S.: 60 (Wright 17). Doncaster: 61 for 6. Lost by 4 wickets.

v. Manchester G.S. 
K.E.S.: 134 (Warn 22, Richards 23). M.G.S.: 85 (Bradbury 4 for 8, Rotchell 4 for 28). Won by 49 runs.

v. Wakefield G.S.       
K.E.S.: 45 (Wright 22). Wakefield 48 for 2. Lost by 8 wickets.

v. High Storrs . .
K.E.S.: 56 (Wright 24). High Storrs: 57 for 5. Lost by 5 wickets.

v. Nottingham H.S.         
K.E.S.: 81 (Wright 31). Nottingham: 85 for 7 (Hodgkinson 3 for 22). Lost by 3 wickets.

v. Hymer's College, Hull   
K.E.S.: 132 (Warn 19, Hemming 21, Cartwright 30 n.o.). Hymer's: 130 for 8. Match drawn.


The results given below yield the following statistics: Played, 8; Won, 4; Lost 3; Drawn, 1. An analysis of the trend of results showed that there has been steady 'progress' downhill, from four wins to a draw and from this to three losses. The constant feature of the wins is that the other side was got out cheaply and the runs knocked off by our batsmen. It is noticeable, however, that on only one occasion did we score more than 100 runs. The implication, and the truth, is that the side was better at taking wickets than at making runs, and, even when runs were made, they depended on the quality of the other side's bowlers. The batting has been enthusiastic but hardly distinguished for its quality; all members of the side had faults, which they all appreciated when results proved them, but which only a few did something serious to eradicate. It is probably true that good batsmen are not born but made, and a great deal of the process can be self-manufactured. All credit must be given, however, to Turner and Milner for making runs for the most part with some semblance of batting style. Good bowlers are often not made but born, and natural ability did a lot for the bowlers, especially for Scott, G. C. and Wilson, the captain of the side, who took many wickets; a noteworthy feature of the season was Wilson's hat-trick against High Storrs. They were well backed up, on occasion, by Milner, Farrand and Woodhouse, with their varying styles. There is in the side considerable promise for the future, but this report must sum up the past season as being mixed in results but enjoyable, both for the players themselves, who showed a good spirit under Wilson's energetic captaincy, and for the masters in charge.

G.H.C., J.S.F.


v. Wintringham G.S.       
Wintringham: 59 (Woodhouse 3 for 8, Wilson 3 for 12). K.E.S.: 62 for 6 (Turner 32 n.o.). Won by 4 wickets.

v. King's School, Grantham .
King's School: 55 (Farrand 4 for 3, Scott, G. C. 2 for 12). K.E.S.: 57 for 5 (Milner 22). Won by 5 wickets.

v. Mount St. Mary's         
K.E.S.: 104 (Scott, G. C. 25, Woodhouse 20). Mount St. Mary's: 73 (Scott, G. C., 5 for 17, Wilson 2 for 7). Won by 31 runs.

v. Doncaster G.S.  
Doncaster: 29 (Wilson 6 for 9, Scott, G. C., 4 for 9). K.E.S.: 31 for 6. Won by 4 wickets.

v. Manchester G.S.
Manchester: 129 for 9 dec. (Scott, G. C., 3 for 21, Milner 4 for 44). K.E.S.: 88 for 9 (Turner 23). Drawn.

v. High Storrs G.S.
High Storrs: 77 (Wilson 5 for 15, including a hat-trick). K.E.S.: 20. Lost by 57 runs.

v. Nottingham H.S. 
K.E.S.: 40. Nottingham: 41 for 7 (Wilson 4 for 18, Scott, G. C. 2 for 17). Lost by 3 wickets.

v. Hymer's College         
Hymers': 78 (Wilson 4 for 18). K.E.S.: 52 (Turner 15). Lost by 26 runs.


An unusually wide choice of players and a reduction of fixtures through bad weather meant it was virtually impossible to field a settled team this season. Johnson, Peace, Davies, Lee, and Holland formed the nucleus of regular players, and during the season the appearances of Thorpe, Repen, Slack, Ulley, Clark, N. D. C., Clarke, J. B., Thompson, Bramall, Wood and Stewart added a variety of talent. It was not unusual to find eleven all-rounders in the team. Against Myer's Grove as many as nine of them bowled. The bowling was generally competent, but second spells tended to be erratic. The potential they revealed in net-practices was rarely realised in the field, where too often the middle batting collapsed, little or no effort being made against spin bowling. Games were lost when a few more runs from the capable batsmen would have secured victory. Only Peace, who played an energetic role as vice-captain, Davies, the wicket-keeper, and Lee scored consistently. Davies seems to have established a record with his nine not out in one and a half hours against De La Salle. In a team whose catching and fielding were good Lee, Peace, and Repen were outstanding. In spite of the mediocre results morale was always high, and the team's enthusiasm produced some very enjoyable games. Johnson's captaincy improved with every match, but as a batsman he was beset by bad luck much of which could have been avoided had he taken care to play himself in properly. The team as a whole should have learnt many invaluable lessons from the different conditions they faced. It is to be hoped that they will remember them and improve on the success of this season.

C.I.C., A.G.J.


Played 7, won 2, drawn 2, lost 3.

v. Myer's Grove        
Myer's Grove: 41 (Peace 4 for 10, Slack 3 for 6). K.E.S.: 43 for 9. Won by I wicket.

v. De La Salle       
De la Salle: 89. K.E.S.: 78 for 8 (Johnson 15, Peace 14, Ulley 12, Wood 10). Drawn.

v. Myer's Grove . 
Myer's Grove: 53. K.E.S.: 19 for 8. Drawn.

v. De la Salle       
De la Salle: 29 (Thorpe 4 for 8). K.E.S.: 30 for 4 (Peace 13 n.o., Davies 9 n.o.). Won by 6 wickets.

v. Doncaster 
K.E.S.: 42 (Peace 12). Doncaster: 45 for 6 (Repen 2 for 7). Lost by 4 wickets.

v. Manchester G.S. 
M.G.S.: 112 (Clarke, J. B. 4 for 12). K.E.S.: 71 (Thorpe 16, Davies 14, Clark, N. D. C. 10) Lost by 41 runs.

v. Nottingham H.S.       
K.E.S.: 56 (Lee 12, Clarke, J. B. 13 n.o.). N.H.S.: 57 for 7 (Johnson 3 for 6). Lost by 3 wickets.

FOOTNOTE. At the end of the 1964 season we have lost two of the most stalwart members of the Cricket Staff, and I would like to express my sincere thanks to Messrs. Cowan and German for all the interest they have shown, effort they have expended and time they have given up to School cricket during the past few seasons. Mr. Cowan's skill as a coach (even to the extent of using a shooting stick as a bat!) and Mr. German's ability to establish such good personal relations with all the teams he has managed (even to the extent of being persuaded to take action and static photos of all their members!) have already become legendary.