KES Cricket 1952-53

[KES Mag Summer 53] THIS season five teams have represented the School, but all suffered at the hands of the weather, and indeed the 3rd XI only played two matches. For the second season running the Under 15 were undefeated, and it is hoped that some of the team will get their chance with the 1st XI next season.


The School team has had quite a good season, winning seven of the fifteen matches played. At the start it was realised that the side would not be as big physically as previous teams, but this did not prove as big a handicap as was expected.


S. C. Tiddy, D. G. Milne, C. B. Laycock, D. Woodthorpe, J. S. G. Smith, T. G. Cook, D. G. Bullard, D. D. Howarth, D. J. Kirkman (scorer);
J. B. Staniforth, Mr. C. H. Harper, D. M. Turner, J. Weston.

Photo + Names courtesy of Terry Cook

Let it be said at once that the bowling was far stronger than the batting. Turner and Milne have opened the bowling, and both have been able to make the ball rise off a good length. Towards the end of the season Milne has been bowling fast and hostile. We are lucky to have him again next year. As the averages show, however, the mainstay of the bowling has been Staniforth. He has kept an immaculate length and has turned the ball sharply whenever the pitch suited him. Watson has again given him the best of support behind the stumps. Staniforth has a cricket brain and should make a first-rate Captain next year. On occasions Bullard has hurled some violent missiles in the direction of the batsman, whilst J. E. Smith and Howarth have also bowled.

As for the batting, unfortunately I. H. Jones, the captain, has had a poor season. He has invariably tried to play too many balls to leg, with the result that he has been caught " plumb in front " several times. However, he has taken several acrobatic catches in the slips and he can take much credit for the fact that this is the best fielding side the School has had for some years. The picking-up and throwing-in has been first-rate, and the hostility of the field has at times been most impressive. Turner has scored the most runs. His innings are not good to watch because he plays at and .misses far too many balls, thereby causing his colleagues much anxiety. By the end of the season we were all hardened to this, and could enjoy the anguish of the bowlers and certain umpires who expected him to be out at any time. Milne has played some good innings, but he will not play forward, and is nearly always bowled by a good-length ball. Cook has shown a great improvement and should get many runs next year. He is a first-rate fielder.

The middle of the batting has been shared by Laycock, J. S. G. Smith, Tiddy and Howarth. They have each on occasion played good knocks, but have not collectively scored as many as was expected of them. Weston has struck some good blows, and Staniforth has hit one or two fine cover drives. Woodthorpe came into the side late in the season, and has shown definite promise.

The main criticism is that the School has not looked for runs. Full tosses and half volleys have been gently patted back to the bowler, and when the ball has been hit, it has not been hit hard enough. That is why we were in difficulties against Manchester, Leeds, Bradford and Nottingham. These teams treated every ball on its merits, and hit very hard when necessary.

However, once again we have played for our own enjoyment and the honour of the School and, we hope, have acquitted ourselves creditably.


April 25 (A) Cheadle Hulme 75 (Staniforth 5 for 23), K.E.S. 74 for 3. Won.
May 6 (H) Rotherham G.S. 64 (Staniforth 7 for 23), K.E.S. 66 for 2. Won.
May 13 (H) K.E.S. 38. H. E. Pearson's XI 40 for 4. Lost.
May 20 (A) K.E.S. 99., Mount St. Mary's 102 for 6. Lost.
June 24 (H) University 70 (Staniforth 8 for 33), K.E.S. 71 for 8. Won.
June 27 (A) K.E.S. 57, High Storrs G.S. 36. Won. July 1 (H) K.E.S. 119, Y.M.C.A. 43. Won.
July 6 (A) K.E.S. 82 (Turner 39), Manchester G.S. 86 for 3. Lost.
July 7 (H) K.E.S. 153 for 7 dec. (Turner 60), Bradford G.S. 105 for 7 (Staniforth 5 for 42). Drawn.
July 8 (H) K.E.S. 41, Leeds G.S. 44 for 1. Lost. July 11 (H) K.E.S. 170 for 5 dec., Notts. Amateurs 109. Won.
July 15 (A) K.E.S. 148 for 4 dec. (Turner 70), Sheffield Collegiate 140 for 6. Drawn.
July 22 (A) K.E.S. 72, Q. Elizabeth G. S. 73 for 3. Lost.
July 23 (A) K.E.S. Ill for 6 (Cook 41), Nottingham H.S. 105 for 6. Drawn.

Full Colours have been awarded to D. G. Milne.


1. D. M. Turner 16 3 399 70* 30.70
2. T. G. Cook 12 6 149 41 24.83
3. D. G. Milne 14 2 167 40 13.92
4. S. C. Tiddy 6 2 43 19 10.75
5. D. D. Howarth 10 1 92 22* 10.22
6. I. H. Jones 15 0 148 23 9.87
7. J. B. Staniforth 9 2 60 28 8.57
8. D. G. Bullard 7 3 30 20 7.50
9. J. S. G. Smith 12 1 80 22* 7.27
10. C. B. Laycock 13 1 70 17 5.83
11. J. Weston 9 0 32 22 3.55

Also batted—J. E. Smith 4—1—7—4, D. Woodthorpe 4—1—16—8, D. Andrews 2—1—13—10', B. Thomas 1—0—4—4, C. C. Rigby 1—0—0—0, D. J. Kirkman 1—0—0—0.


    Overs Mdns. Wkts. Runs Ave.
1. J. B. Staniforth 162.5 53 46 407 8.85
2. D. G. Milne 121.4 40 30 282 9.40
3. D. M. Turner 108 38 19 236 12.42
4. D. G. Bullard 41 12 9 119 13.22

Also bowled—D. D. Howarth 21—7—3—50, J. E. Smith 12—1—2—52, B. Thomas 9.4—5—2—17.

Catches.—J. Weston has stumped 6 and caught 4. J. S. G. Smith has stumped 1 and caught 4. I. H. Jones, J. B. Staniforth and T. G. Cook have taken 5 catches. D. G. Bullard, D. M. Turner, D. D. Howarth, D. Andrews, D. Woodthorpe have each taken 2 catches.

C. H. H.


Arundel v. Sherwood. July 4th.

As is usual in Sheffield on a Saturday, Arundel won the toss and put Sherwood in. Play proceeded quietly with some steady prodding by Rigby and some fine mis-hits by Madden. They were both dismissed by Bailey, however, and then whilst Beale defended stubbornly, Baker and Tiddy (35) got some quick runs. Cook upset things by running through Sherwood's long tail and the innings closed for 109.

When Arundel batted, Jones (28) proceeded merrily whilst Rowbotham regarded the affair as a five-day Test. After both were out, Bailey made the game his own affair and scored a neat 31, enabling Arundel to win comfortably by 6 wickets.

C. H. H.


OWING to persistent demands made by the 1st XI, and later by examinations, the 2nd XI has not been able to build a permanent team, nor even to maintain a good permanent nucleus. Their record for the season was: Won 2, Lost 3, Drawn 5. An attempt to build a team of promising younger players around a solid core of older and more experienced boys led to an opening partnership which, while often producing good stroke play, lacked the physical power to score runs quickly. As the season progressed and Rigby, in particular, developed more power, this shortcoming was largely removed, so that at High Storrs, Rigby scored most of his runs by forceful shots rather than behind the wicket. Earlier in the season, Rowbotham tried to ease the situation by playing Styring in the middle order and himself at No. 1. Unfortunately the experiment was not a success, and the team was short of a second opener for the rest of the season, although Styring did have some success both at No. 2 and lower down the order.

The middle batting was not very reliable, although on occasion Jackson showed some free scoring ability, and Baker used his feet to spin bowling in a way which was most pleasing in these days of anchoring the back foot and pushing down the line of the ball. Thomas, too, had some success and K. A. Taylor in the one match he played at Nottingham made a very valuable 15, when with J. E. Smith he put an end to an initial collapse of the batting. A general criticism of the batting is that boys would not move their feet, and all of them showed a nerve-racking tendency to " flash " outside the off stump.

The opening attack has been very varied both in personnel and quality. J. E. Smith, when not playing with the 1st XI, has been a hardworking stock bowler with a firm belief that each ball should take a wicket, and a look of surprise when it didn't. He might, with success, shorten his run up. Cousin, who showed promise as an inswing bowler, appeared to lose confidence half-way through the season and resorted, with some success, to off-spinners. He showed great resource in his variation of pace and use of the crease, and should prove a valuable attacking bowler with both the new and old balls. Thomas has an action which generates pace off the pitch and, when he has realised that good length is preferable to speed, he should become a regular wicket-taker. Andrews has been a steady opening bowler who has not always met with the success he deserved. Good spin bowlers are notoriously rare in school cricket, but the 2nd XI has persevered with Moss as a left-arm natural spinner. He is not unduly worried by the big hitter and must now develop flight and give up some of his speed. The bowling generally was quite good, but far too many balls were wasted outside the off-stump. Wickets are taken largely by the good length ball on the stumps.

Fielding has not been of a very high standard, and this accounts for the team's not being able to press home an advantage on several occasions.

Rowbotham acted as Captain and wicket-keeper until illness prevented his playing, and should be congratulated on his performance in both these capacities. Cousin, who took over the captaincy, showed a good knowledge of the game, and by good handling of the bowling and careful changes on the field, kept his team on its toes and the batsmen thinking all the time.

Many boys who played cannot be mentioned here. Some, such as Cook and Woodthorpe, made their way into the 1st XI. Others could not retain a place in the 2nd. All of them should be thanked for turning out when required.

Second XI Colours have been awarded to Cousin, Rigby, Baker, J. E. Smith and Rowbotham.


(H) Cheadle Hulme 113. K.E.S. 41 for 4. Drawn.
(A) Sheffield Training College 50. K.E.S. 44. Lost.
(A) Worksop College 121 for 5. K.E.S. 60 for 7. Drawn.
(A) K.E.S. 76 for 4. Central Technical College 31 for 4. Drawn.
(A) Rotherham G.S. 56. K.E.S. 57 for 8. Won.
(A) Mount St. Mary's 95. K.E.S. 69. Lost.
(H) K.E.S. 160 for 5. Wakefield Q.E.G.S. 74 for 5. Drawn.
(A) High Storrs 30. K.E.S. 32 for 3. Won.
(H) K.E.S. 80 for 8. Chesterfield G.S. 41 for 8. Drawn.
(A) K.E.S. 76. Nottingham H.S. 77 for 3. Lost.

E. R. W.


Only two of our four fixtures have been played, owing to rain. The team has been chosen from: Mottershaw (Captain), Vincent, Tebbet, Cousin, J. M. Jackson, Spir, Gill, Thompson, Woodthorpe, Barr, Patchett, D. Anderson, Hobson.


v. Eckington G.S. (A). Lost.
v. Central Technical School (A). Lost.

D. C.


THE team has had a good season, having won five of the eight matches played and drawn three. Three matches had to be cancelled. In two of the drawn games we were just unable to take the last wicket before the time expired while in the match against Mount St. Mary's we were winning the race against time at 66 for 4, when four of our wickets fell in four balls, and we found ourselves struggling to avoid defeat. As is usual with so many other school commitments, we have not been able to field the same team twice, and only Beynon, Scholey and P. K. Richardson have played in every match.

The batting has been very strong, and in only one match has the whole side had to bat. One match was won by 10 wickets and another by 9 wickets. Bradshaw, P. K. Richardson and Bevnon have been the most successful with the bat, but several of the middle batsmen like Scholey, G. H. Foster, D. Bailey and Hamilton, have done well when required. The left-handed batsmen D. Bailey and E. C. Wragg have been useful assets to the team, but at present their bowling is more effective than their batting, although Bailey is improving rapidly with the bat. The running between the wickets has not been good, and this together with indifferent calling, has cost us several runs.

Although most members of the team can bowl, those chiefly concerned have been Youle and Scholey, both medium paced right arm opening bowlers, D. Bailey, medium paced left arm bowler, E. C. Wragg, slow left arm bowler and Beynon, whose variations in pace have often brought wickets when most needed. P. A. Turner, another slow left arm bowler, took three wickets against High Storrs, but his control of length has not been good, and he is liable to be expensive. A special mention should be made of Scholey's bowling, for he has been the unluckiest of them all, and the number of wickets he has taken does not do him justice. The bowling as a whole has improved considerably, and the good length ball has become much less a rarity.

The fielding has been above average, but not as good as I expected. Several catches, particularly those taken by Bradshaw in the slips, have been very good, but too many others were dropped at vital stages of a game. E. C. Wragg's catching and ground fielding have been excellent, while G. H. Foster, P. A. Turner, P. K. Richardson and Bryars all deserve a mention. The general alertness in the field has not been all that it should be but the " backing up " has improved considerably.

Beynon has captained the side for every match, and the team have responded very well to him. He has been a very good example to the team in every department of the game, and his field placing has been of a high standard. The bowlers have made his task easier by bowling to the field as set, and he has not had to make many changes. A small fault has been a tendency to delay a change of bowler, with a resultant loss of time rather than runs, but this should correct itself with experience. A fault which could be applied to the whole team in the field has been a failure to " watch the clock," and in the match against High Storrs at least two more overs would have been possible if we had not wasted valuable time earlier in the innings.

The weakness of the team has been the lack of a good wicket-keeper. Beynon himself started in this position, but his bowling and fielding were wasted behind the stumps. Crapper, who has kept quite well for most of the matches, is not sufficiently active as yet, while Hamilton tends to dive for the ball instead of moving his body into the line of flight. Watkinson did keep for the match against Rotherham, but the pitch made his task extremely difficult and provided no fair test of his ability.

The keenness and team spirit have been excellent, and the practices have been well attended. Even those boys who have only played occasionally have practised regularly, and this has enabled us to field a good team for every match. In addition to those already mentioned, Loversidge, an opening batsman who has not been quite on form this season, Cooper, R. S. Andrews and D. E. Baxter have all played for the team; the last three unfortunately are primarily bowlers who have not been required to bowl.

On the whole, I think the team can look back with pleasure and satisfaction on the season's cricket, and each member has gained valuable experience which I hope will be of benefit in future seasons with the senior teams.


April 25 (H) Cheadle Hulme Sch. 96, K.E.S. 99 for 6. Won.
May 2 (A) K.E.S. 76 for 7 dec. High Storrs G.S. 28 for 9. Drawn.
May 9 (H) Stockport G.S. 72. K.E.S. 74 fop 4. Won. May 20 (H) Mt. St. Mary's 89 for 8 dec. K.E.S. 66 for 8. Drawn.
June 27 (A) Rotherham G.S. 35. K.E.S. 37 for 0. Won.
July 4 (H) Chesterfield G.S. 54. K.E.S. 57 for 1. Won.
July 18 (H) K.E.S. 90. Greystones School 64 for 9. Drawn.
July 21 (A) Nottingham H.S. 73. K.E.S. 74 for 4. Won.

W. O. C.


THE games this season have been very similar to the weather—occasional bright periods. During these bright periods the cricket has been most exciting. The first keenly fought game was against Mount St. Mary's, where both sides produced good bowling. In that match Walton, who took six wickets for eighteen runs, appeared to have all the opposing batsmen " at sea," until the advent of the tea interval when our hosts were 26 for 8. On the resumption however, the result of a hearty meal showed itself in the loss of both length and: direction, and Mount St. Mary's won by two wickets.

Throughout all the games the bowling has been good with Walton and Pike performing extremely well. The batting however has been our weakness. Apart from Ratcliffe, Walton and, in the last match longden and Sallis, the team has shown a marked inability to hit loose balls. The fielding, which at the beginning of the season was poor, with many dropped catches, improved considerably. Sallis and Newsom have taken some good catches and saved many runs. Hill behind the wicket, has had many fliers from Walton to contend with, and except for the Chesterfield match, he has taken the ball quite cleanly. He has however, a tendency to stand too close to the wicket when taking fast bowling.

The outstanding performance of the season was the taking of ten Chesterfield wickets by Walton in ten overs and at a personal cost of only twelve runs. His efforts would have been fruitless had it not been for the last wicket stand by Evison and Newsom who hit off the remaining twelve runs required to win the match.

Ratcliffe, a sound defensive opening batsman, has been unfortunate in not having had a consistent partner to stay with him. His captaincy of the team has been thoughtful, but rather cautious, especially when runs are needed quickly. He has used his bowlers well, but has not had the assistance of another fast bowler to support Walton. The slow left arm bowling of Pike has played a prominent part in many games. He has the ability to pitch the ball up to the batsman with nagging accuracy. Given more variation in pace and spin, he should develop into a good all round cricketer. Newsom and Evison have bowled quite well in a team that this year has been a bowling, rather than a batting side. Walton's figures for the season of 23 wickets for 87 runs were closely followed by Pike with 15 wickets for 74 runs. Ratcliffe had a batting average of 16, and Longden who batted only once, scored 51 not out.

The team has played interesting and exciting cricket, from which all have gained in experience and enjoyment. Our thanks are due to everyone who has played this season, and to our regular scorers, Fairelough and Hartley.


May 2 (H) High Storrs 68 for 7 dec. K.E.S. 55 for 4. Drawn.
May 9 (A) Eckington 105 for 4. K.E.S. 58 for 5. Drawn.
May 20 (A) K.E.S. 39. Mount St. Mary's 42 for 8. Lost.
June 27 (H) K.E.S. 77 for 5 dec. Rotherham 40 for 9. .
July 4 (A) Chesterfield 42. K.E.S. 44 for 9. Won.
July 21 (A) K.E.S. 94 for 3. Nottingham H.S. 79. Won.

A. W. S.