KES Cricket 1957/58


Throughout the season the wickets were pudding-like and the outfields slow but these conditions were not in themselves reasons for a succession of miserably low scores. The batting of the side was brittle and undistinguished. There was never a sense of purpose about it, indeed suspense was a feature of every innings. The feeble calling and hesitant running were a sad commentary on the cricket of the side. Batty, after changing his stance, improved beyond all recognition and ended the season with a wholly creditable performance at Nottingham. Blythe batted diffidently ; he must overcome certain frailties in his basic technique. The bold batting of Britton was most welcome at Stockport and Oakwood but in other games he batted with alarming ineptitude. Taylor always started nervously but he judged each ball on its merits and displayed some pleasant attacking strokes in front of the wicket. McAughey and Dennis were included for their batting but both suffered from many early dismissals and did not develop as might have been hoped.

KES Cricket U14 XI 1957/58

John Britton (ex-Athelstan), Ed Styring, Alan Wesley, Trevor Godley, Tony Bedford, Nick Dennis;
Mr P D Arculus, P H Betts, Peter Wileman (capt), Mark Blythe, Mr A F Turberfield;
Stu Wilkinson, Roger Bailey, Dudley Taylor, C T Batty, Tom McAughey.

Photo courtesy of Nick Dennis, names via ND and David Cook

Bailey and Bedford, in a last wicket stand at Barnsley, had the distinction of more than doubling the score and virtually winning the match.

Bailey was a promising fast left-arm bowler ; he needs to concentrate on attacking the stumps and maintaining a length. Bedford with a controlled easy action bowled steadily but often without bite. The medium-paced delivery of Betts kept the runs down and tested our opponents. Wesley and Styring bowled with wild enthusiasm.

This was a poor fielding side ; many catches were put down and there was a marked absence of anticipation. Only Batty, Britton and Wileman showed the required qualities. Taylor kept wicket competently.

The captain, Wileman, lacked the decisiveness expected of him ; his field placing was often unimaginative and his command over the team uncertain. He earned respect, however, for his excellent batting and fine slow spin bowling, nowhere more evident than in the final match of the season. Altogether a pleasant although uninspired team.

P. D. A., A. F. T.


Played 6. Won 4. Lost 2.
K.E.S. 53 ; De La Salle College 54 for 4. Lost by 6 wickets.
K.E.S. 52 ; Barnsley G.S. 47. Won by 5 runs.
K.E.S. 64 ; Stockport G.S. 50 (Wileman 6 for 18). Won by 14 runs.
K.E.S. 72 for 9 dec. ; Firth Park G.S. 75 for 5. Lost by 5 wickets.
Oakwood T.H.S. 60 ; K.E.S. 61 for 9. Won by 1 wicket.
K.E.S. 67 ; Nottingham H.S. 54 (Wileman 8 for 19). Won by 13 runs.