Old Edwardians

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List of OEs found via google name searches (sometimes with an extra clue) or other means (eg word of mouth);

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William Taylor (Head Prefect 1912-13); George MacBeth, poet (32-92; Head prefect 50-51); Obituary: John Wright (KES?-47); Sir John Sterndale Bennett (1895-1969);

List of google hits found via variations on "King Edward VII School Sheffield".

OE Dinner

This takes place annually on Maundy Thursday and is generally at Baldwin's Omega just off the top of Psalter Lane. The most recent one (2006) attracted some 170-odd OEs representing the eras of Graham (ie 1930s) onwards. There were at least 15 from the Barton years, and many more from the Clapton years.

See OEA Dinners.