NJB's Spirituals

A while ago Don Bunce mentioned that 2016 was Norman Barnes' centenary year, and that Simon Lindley - who currently conducts the Sheffield Bach Choir - had expressed an interest in performing one or two of Norman's spiritual settings. Donald had saved ten of NJB's manuscripts (in that delightful shade of purple produced by Banda machines in the 50s!) and he lent them to me.

I have edited all ten into pdf documents using the score-writing program Sibelius, and have just passed them on to Simon Lindley. Donald and I thought the spirituals might go on the OE website in case there are any other old boys from the 50s and 60s who might like copies, so I have attached them herewith.

I've asked Simon to let me have details if and when he aims to perform some of the spirituals and will let you know details when I hear from him. With best wishes,

David Hope (1958-66)
  1. NJB By an' By
  2. NJB De Gospel Train
  3. NJB Deep River
  4. NJB I want to be ready
  5. NJB I'm a-going to do all I can
  6. NJB Nobody Knows
  7. NJB Oh Peter, go Ring-a dem Bells
  8. NJB Steal Away
  9. NJB Swing Low
  10. NJB Were You There