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OEA Email - Nov 2007


*Old Edwardians AGM 2007*


This will take place on Wed 5 Dec 2007 at 19.45 in the Library of the Upper School (followed by drinks at the Aunt Sally on Clarkehouse Rd, from around 20:30). All OEs welcome.


*2008 OEA Dinner*


Diary note - this will be on Maundy Thursday, 20 March 2008. Booking will open towards the end of January.


There will be anniversary tables for the cohorts 1951-58, 1954-61 (who become OAPs in 07/08), 1958-65, 1968-75, 1981-88. Anyone else wishing to organise a table is welcome to contact me.


*KES/OEA Events*


Events scheduled for 2007/8 are listed at


In particular:

-  Concert Upper School Tues 20 November at 19.30 - jazz etc

-  Christmas Celebration Wednesday 12 December at 19.30 in St Marks Church

-  Celebration of the Kyrgyzstan expedition - Wednesday 9 January 2008 at 19.30 in Upper school


All OEs are very welcome.


*Michael Lewis*


Mr Lewis, Headteacher, writes: "You might like to inform OEs of my impending retirement in August 2008 after 20 years here." 




If anyone is wishing to set up a reunion and/or to contact old school friends, it is an easy matter for me to forward (using bcc, ie hiding the addresses of the recipients) an email to anyone of the same year on my email list.




I've added several KESMags of the 1970s to


These are of more general interest than one might expect - there is for instance an article on E V Bramhall by R N Towers.






Don Nicolson (KES 59-66)


Membership Secretary


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