OEs Football

Ian Nunnington (KES 76-82) has supplied the following info (Jan 2006).

The Old Edwardians Football First Team playing in the County Senior League dissolved about 5 years ago. The remnants of the team formed the HSBC team in the same league, while the rest (older ones) still play for the Over 35's.

This was mainly due to lack of interest. We did play the school team in a friendly to try and muster support (probably 7 or 8 years ago), but unfortunately due to a combination of playing at quite a high standard and the youth of today not being committed to playing football on a Saturday afternoon, the team folded.

The present Over 35's team has a strong squad at the moment, but any new faces would be welcome.

Present players having KES connections include: Ian Nunnington, Patrick Hackney, Andrew Kay, Nicholas Baker, Paul Roebuck.

The results can be followed on the FA website, http://full-time.thefa.com/FULL-TIME.do. Pick from the menu on the left, FIND YOUR LEAGUE, and search for Wragg Over 35's League in the letter W. Presently OE's are in Division 2A.

Please email if you are interested in playing.

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