Entry into Workshops

Before entering a workshop, boys must leave all books and other equipment in the lockers provided. Aprons only are to be taken into the practical rooms. On entry and at all other times, there is to be no running.

Checking of Tools

All tools in cupboards or drawers must be checked by each individual at the beginning of the lesson and any errors reported immediately to the master in charge. Special tool cupboards and machine tool racks are to be checked by the boys responsible for them. Final checking will be carried out by the master.

Any tool broken in use must be reported immediately and must be replaced, unless the breakage is a pure accident.

Machine Tools

No boy is to operate any machine tool until he has been given full instruction in its use by a master. When a machine is working, only one boy may be in charge, no other person is to be near the machine under any circumstances. All machines must be completely switched off and cleaned down after use.


Two boys may work at the forge at one time. They may regulate the fire by occasionally switching on the electric blower. The fire must be kept small and clean at all time.

No hot metal is to be taken outside the concreted area of the forges.

Anvils and other tools must be kept clean both in use and after work is completed.


Pickle baths contain acid which must be handled with care. Boys using this equipment must always handle work with brass tongs and rubber gloves.


No boy may enter a storeroom or office without special permission from a master. In certain cases boys may be selected to work in storerooms for a special purpose.

Circular Saw

This is installed in a storeroom for the use of a master only. No boy may operate this machine at any time.

Gluing and Painting

These processes may only be carried out on the appropriate benches. The brushes must be washed out, returned to their correct place after use and the benches thoroughly cleaned down.


This  may only be carried out under the supervision of a master. The actual pouring of the molten metal must only be done by the master in charge.


In the event of a fire, all gas taps must be switched off and machines isolated. The outbreak should be tackled quickly and quietly. The master in charge will operate any fire appliance personally.


These should be reported immediately to the master in charge and treated in the workshop.

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