[Probably Sept 1961]


A boy is under School discipline on his way to and from home and School and the games field, while at School for any purpose and while a member of a School party or team. At such times he must wear the specified uniform and behave in a manner that will bring credit to the School: any misconduct committed in the holidays or outside school hours (including while travelling on public transport) may well have repercussions, too. Each boy should support School functions, even when he is not directly involved and should in every way aim to maintain and enhance the high reputation established by earlier generations.


1. Boys should be in their Form rooms not later than 8.50 a.m. and 2.00 p.m. Except in bad weather, boys are not allowed in the School buildings before 8.35 a.m.

2. If a boy is unable to reach School at the set time, he must report to the School Office as soon as possible However delayed he may be, lateness is no excuse for absence.

3. Parents should inform the Headmaster if a boy is ill and likely to be absent for more than three days. After all absence through illness an explanatory note should be sent to the Headmaster when the boy returns.

4. Leave of absence for reasons other than illness must be requested in advance in a note to the Headmaster. No boy can afford to miss lessons, and it is hoped that these requests will be made only rarely. Routine dental and other appointments should be made in holiday or out-of-school time


All correspondence on any matter - absence, illness, homework, requests - should be addressed to the Headmaster. Please indicate the name, initials and Form of the boy concerned. Appropriate information will be passed on to the Form or Subject Master.


1. The choice of subjects is determined by the abilities and interests of the boys and there will be opportunities to discuss careers and courses at meetings of Staff, parents and boys.

2. Parents are urged to see that boys spend the full time on their homework: this is an essential part of their  schooling and not an optional extra. The time varies from about 1.25 hours (First Forms) to 2.25 hours (Fourth and Fifth Forms) and is at the discretion of subject Masters for Sixth and Seventh Forms. Any doubts about the amount set should be raised with the Headmaster. Similarly, excuses for failure to do homework should be given in writing to the Headmaster before Assembly.

3. Games, Physical Training and Swimming are part of the normal curriculum and all boys must take part unless there is good reason for not doing so. If a boy is to be permanently excused, or excused for a definite period, a written request should be sent to the Headmaster. It is necessary to take a whole afternoon for games, as the playing fields are at a distance: they are not half-holidays on which optional games are played. Attendance is registered as on an ordinary afternoon and any boy who is unable to play does work at school.


1. Boys in the first four years must wear a School blazer, grey flannels and grey pullover. First Form boys must also wear a School Cap. Boys in Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Forms are encouraged to wear the School blazer and grey or dark trousers, but they have the option of wearing a dark suit; sports jackets are not allowed. Every boy must wear the appropriate School tie. Gaudy shirts, pullovers and socks are not acceptable.

If bad weather necessitates boys coming to School in Wellingtons, rubber boots, etc., they must not wear them in School but must change into lighter footwear.

An unkempt or loud appearance is damaging both to the boys' standards and the School's reputation: it is hoped that parents will co-operate fully in this matter.

2. P.E. requirements:-

P.T.: black shorts and gym shoes.

Swimming: non-swimmers - white cotton slips, triangular, with tapes to fasten at -the side.

swimmers - blue nylon or cotton slips.

These should be contained in a polythene or waterproof bag, as there are no drying facilities at the School.

NOTE: For all the above activities it is necessary for a boy to have a towel.

Football: football boots; navy-blue football shorts; football stockings -black with white turned-down tops; royal blue football shirt, trimmed white at collar and cuffs; white shirt.

Cricket: white shirt, white flannels, white plimsolls or preferably cricket boots.

3. Smoking is not allowed while a boy is under School discipline or when wearing any clothing which identifies him with the School.

4. Gambling, card-playing and monetary transactions between boys are forbidden; collections for charitable causes are not to be taken except with the Headmaster's permission.

5. A written request from his parent is necessary before a boy can use a bicycle or motor cycle to school or to the playing-field. They should be padlocked as the School cannot accept responsibility for them. Boys must not ride bicycles on the school premises and step-riding and pillion-riding is forbidden.

Owing to lack of space for parking, boys are not allowed to bring cars to school.

6. If a boy commits any damage to School property, he is expected to report this at once to the Deputy Headmaster or to the Office: this will be charged to him, unless circumstances are entirely accidental.


The Headmaster wishes to emphasise that all property brought to School should be marked. Boys are notoriously careless and the amount of lost property is most disturbing particularly when it is not marked in any way with the owner's name.

There is sometimes a tendency to fit a boy out for his new school with expensive items such as fountain pens, pencils, geometrical instruments, etc. Loss, borrowing or even theft of these gives rise to much trouble. It is better for a boy to be furnished with quite ordinary items for use in writing and drawing at School. He will also need a white apron for Handicraft; this apron, or some other form of protective clothing, is also advisable for Chemistry.

In the same way, it is urged that boys should not bring articles of value to school. If necessity demands this, they must be left in the care of a School Official - either a Master or at the School Office. Similarly at the games field, boys are particularly requested to leave money or valuables with the Groundsman. Changing rooms must be left open, and we cannot be responsible for articles not deposited as requested.

It is most unwise for boys to leave personal property in their desks. Lockers are provided with keys and must be kept locked. Faulty locks or loss of keys should be reported to the School Office immediately.

Attention to these apparently trivial matters often saves considerable trouble later.

All books and text books must also be clearly marked and covered with brown paper. They are the property of the Education Committee: if a boy loses one he must pay for its replacement. On leaving School, all text, exercise and library books must be returned, as must locker keys and other borrowed items.


Dinners are ordered and paid for by the week, in advance, on Mondays or on the first day of attendance if this is not a Monday. Boys below the Fifth Form who stay at school for dinner are not allowed off the premises without special permission from the Headmaster or his Deputy.


Written notification of a boy leaving School should be sent in good time to the Headmaster: a term's notice would normally be expected.

It is hoped that all boys will become members of the Old Edwardians' Association when they leave School. Many school leavers donate a book to the Library- a most welcome gesture: the Librarian would be happy to advise in this matter.

The Headmaster and Staff are always glad to hear news of, and receive visits from, Old Boys.