KES Memorabilia

Eric Sivil's Reports (E W Sivil GM, 1929-36, Junior School & Senior School)

Don Gabbitas' Reports (D E Gabbitas, 1943-50, Junior School & Senior School)

School Prospectus 1936 (Staff List, Rules, Fees, Scholarships etc)

School Rules, c Sept 61

Workshop Rules c Sept 58 (Michael Colley)
Kafka Exam July 1964 (Michael Colley)

Letters offering Places etc at KES

Letters From Barton

Letters From NLC

Some comments by NLC on reports


Press Articles

Article entitled "SCHOOL'S HEAD LEAVING" about Barton's departure, Sheffield Telegraph or Star c 1950

Article entitled 'MYSTERY PICTURE'S ARTIST TRACED' about Clarence Helliwell, Sheffield Telegraph or Star c 1956

KING EDWARD VII GRAMMAR SCHOOL, SHEFFIELD, by Colm Brogan (The Yorkshire Post, Tuesday November 21, 1961)

Articles from mid-60s concerning loss of Grammar School Status:
1. 'The Future of KES' by Peter Harvey (Star/Telegraph);
2. 2 Letters to local press, one from Dr McCaig;
3. Mention of Dr Knowles;
4. Letter from Dr McCaig to Dr Knowles

Letters to the Star, early 65: Grammar v Comprehensives, Freedom of Speech, demotion of prefects etc

Article entitled 'SIXTH-FORMERS IN VAN AS CAR DEALERS!' about John Phillips, Paul Goodlad, Keith Shivers and Brian Wilson, Sheffield Telegraph or Star c 1973

Article entitled 'L-driver killed in sports car' about Phillip Beet, Sheffield Telegraph or Star July 1976

Article entitled 'Look back in Anger' about Rony Robinson, KES 52-59; Sheffield Telegraph 1-3-2002

Article about reunion for 1953 exit, Sheffield Star 2-10-2003

Article about restoration of Air Raid Shelters, Telegraph 22-7-2005

Sheffield Telegraph Article, 14 Oct 2005 - The Centenary