Here is the picture left with two boys outside Doncaster Art Gallery - the picture which caused a mystery, until recognised by the artist, Mr. C. Helliwell, art master at King Edward VII Grammar School, Sheffield, as his work.


LAST night the artist of a mystery drawing deposited at Doncaster Art Gallery by a stranger, joined the hunt for its owner.

The artist, Mr. C. Helliwell, art master at Sheffield King Edward VII Grammar School, had seen in yesterday's "Sheffield Telegraph" the story of how a stranger asked two small boy outside the gallery to hold the picture for a minute. before disappearing. He realised the drawing was one of his own.

From his home at Little Gringley, near Retford, he wrote to Doncaster Art Gallery director, Mr E. F. Gilmour, telling him all he knew of the picture's history.

Turned sleuth

He also decided to turn sleuth to help trace the ownership of his drawing, since he gave it to a friend living in the Doncaster area 10 years ago.

The drawing of an Algerian Arab farmwarker is useless to Mr. Gilmour, as he cannot dispose of it, or hang it in the gallery.

Mr. Helliwell told the "Sheffield Telegraph" last night: "1 drew it while serving in Algeria during the war, and gave it to a friend in 1946. After that I have no knowledge of it. I thought it was a good drawing. If Mr. Gilmour desires I will take it off him and look after it."

He said he was serving with the Royal Armoured Corps in 1944 when the 12in. x 15in. picture was drawn.

"I do not want it hanging in the gallery, at all costs, he added.

[Sheffield Star or Telegraph c 1956]