L-driver killed in sports car

By a staff reporter

A YOUNG Worrall man promised his parents he would drive carefully on his way to a Leeds night club - but a few hours later he died after crashing his sports car on the M1.

Phillip John Spencer Beet, aged 20, of Birley View Road, died at Dodworth.

Phillip Beet
- saved for car

Police say that his Lotus Europa crashed into a barrier on the north-bound carriageway, went into the southbound lane, and collided with four other cars.

His passenger, and old school friend, James Lock, of Wadsley Bridge, was only slightly hurt.

His father, insurance agent, Mr. Jack Beet, said his son bought the car only two weeks ago, and was due to take his driving test this Wednesday. "We pleaded with him not to buy this car. It was too powerful. but he had been saving for it for a long time.
"We just knew it was wrong."

His mother. Mrs. Barbara Beet, said: "He was so intelligent yet so naive in some things, this was one of them.
"When he left he told us he would be careful but we pleaded with him not to go. It was like a nightmare.
"Driving was the only thing he admitted he found difficult. He had passed all his exams without even swotting."

Phillip worked in the sales office of Johnson Mathey Precious Metals, Arundel Gate, Sheffield.

[Local Press, July 76]