KING EDWARD VII SCHOOL         9.4.60.


These were to have been held on Saturday, May 7th, but owing to a combination of reasons,. this date is proving unsuitable. As Cricket Fixtures have been made for the rest of the term, it is doubtful whether we shall be able to hold the Athletic Sports Meeting on the usual lines. If we are able to, due notice will be given.


We should appreciate it if parents would inform us in advance when it is necessary for a boy to be absent during the term on account of the necessity of accompanying parents on holidays. If possible we should be glad if holidays could be arranged within those of the School, but it is realised that particularly to-day many parents have little choice in the matter. Pre-warning of a boy’s absence is useful, however, and proper care can then be taken of his belongings left in the building.


Swimming Sports - School Bath: Friday, June 17th, at 4.30 p.m.

School Examination - 1, 2, 3, 4(4), 5: Mon. June 27th to Fri. July 1st (approx.)

A' Level: Mon. July 4th to Sat. July 16th,

‘O’ Level: Mon. July 4th to Fri. July 22nd.

Term ends: Fri. July 22nd.

Autumn Tern begins: Tue. September 6th.


Owing to the resignation of Mr. H. Redston with effect from the end of May, and the unexpected departure of Mr. M. J. Pipes, the Physics Department for the greater part of the Sumner Term will be placed under extreme difficulties. Although the vacancies have been advertised several times already, we have not been successful in filling then to date, and it may be that we shall not succeed in doing so owing to the extreme shortage of Physics Masters. This will not be helpful for boys who are taking examinations. We shall naturally do all we can to assist them, but we must rely on their full co-operation. I hope that the parents of boys who may be affected in this way will stress the need  for this.

THE SCHOOL CONCERT - Thursday, May 19th, 7.30 p.m., Victoria Hall:

The School's musicians again present a varied programme of music for your enjoyment. The Choir of over 140 voices, supported by the Orchestra., will sing a stirring TE DEUM by HAYDN and several smaller pieces, including specially arranged NEGRO SPIRITUALS and an amusing 'RANT' for voices, piano and percussion by PITFIELD.

The full Orchestra of 70 players will play a movement from HANDEL'S WATER MUSIC , ELGAR'S 4th POMP & CIRCUMSTANCE MARCH and DVORAK'S 6th SLAVONIC DANCE; and smaller groups will play, among other things, a SUITE for TRUMPET & STRINGS by GIBBONS, a movement of MOZART’S BASSOON CONCERTO, and a SUITE FOR BRASS. WARLOCK'S CAPRIOL SUITE (for piano-duet), piano and violin solos are other attractive items.

Many people look forward to hearing the MADRIGAL GROUP at these Concerts, and they again provide a group of madrigals and chansons.

We shall end in the manner of a 'last night of the proms' with a FANTASIA on BRITISH SEA SONGS by Choir and Orchestra, in which we hope you will join for the final 'Rule Britannia'. We hope you will share with us in our enjoyment and bring your friends.

TICKETS (ADULTS 2/-, CHILDREN 1/-) will be available at Wilson Peck, Ltd., Fargate, from. Saturday, April 30th, or from the School Office from Monday, May, 2nd.