'A' Troop Whit camp 1958

Newstead Abbey

1. Aerial Ropeway constructed on site. Don't know who individuals are.
2. Hauling up David Cook to the Ropeway Chair.
l to r ? ?, John Baker, Dick Ainsworth

3. As in 2

4. The Merlins' site. l to r David Cook, Rex Marsden, Dick Ainsworth

5 Ditto

6. Visitors to the Merlins' site. David Cain in blue, David Cook seated, Dick Ainsworth far right (green). others?

7.Game of Stumps. Roger Laughton centre, ?Brewin 'batting'

8. Ditto - Individuals previously identified

9. Visitors to the Merlins' site

10. VA Vout talking with a parent

11. VA Vout and parents at the Staff Site. Boy in yellow is Ian Sallis

1. Dick Ainsworth, the Merlins' water gatherer

2. The Merlins' site at Newstead 1958 l to r Raymond Pilley, Bob Hollands

3 . Raymond Pilley at work - Merlins' site

Newstead 4. l Raymond Pilley, r Dick Ainsworth. Merlins' site Newstead

5 Neil Struthers at work for the Eagles

David Cook, Feb 2005