'A' Troop summer camp Newquay 1958

A Troop assembling at Midland station en route for Par, Cornwall, summer camp 1958, and adorning the Sheffield Telegraph next morning.

l to r as best I can manage:
Stephen Harston, Neil Struthers (front), Stephen (?) Broomhead (Brush), Roger Holder, David Cook,
Ian(?) Ellum, (someone hidden), Raymond Pilley, Dick Ainsworth, John Wallace (front), Alan Ellum,
Frank Smith (standing, rear),?at front, Ian Sallis, Brian Edwards (standing), David Booth,?,
and of course the immortal V.A.Vout.

Par 1. Merlins at Newquay 1958. Raymond Pilley, John Wallace at the back, Dick Ainsworth front

Par 2 Dick Ainsworth at work for the Merlins

Par 3 Raymond Pilley (left) and Brian ('Slim') Wilkes. HQ tents in background

David Cook, Feb 2005